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[STORY] PANDORA’S BOX (Episode 02)




Episode 02.

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After the event at Uncle Drew’s library ,Calista and I didn’t see all through the weekend till Monday at school. We only stole glances at eachother , neither of us having the courage to speak .
The event kept on playing in my head ,My best friend a witch .. like how is it possible. Did she come from a family of witches? still pounding in my world of thought when I heard someone coughing behind me. Turning around i locked eyes with Calista
“so you don’t want to talk to me right ” Her gaze avoiding me .
I dragged her to the corner with the least human ears.
“You never told me you could read Latin ” and you also a witch I added
“Well I never knew officially, I do see spirits” she gave me a questionable look before continuing
“Our teacher that died, I saw her soul leaving her gradually before she died, like her soul was fighting to remain in the body ”
“My body stiffened, why didn’t you tell me this ” I barked, we are best friends .
“I wasn’t sure but now I understand ,we need to go back to Uncle Drew’s library to read that diary ” she added holding my hands so tight.

After school ,we boarded the Next available bus and made a trip to Uncle Drew ‘s home. He was on his table looking all desperate and scared with what looked like a parcel on the other side of the table, he didn’t notice our present till Calista knocked down some piles of book down .
I have never seen the fear in his eyes before, it’s like his life was at danger at least that’s what I felt.

“Please we would need that note to read on a few things ” Calista asked

“Sure it’s over there ” uncle drew pointed still studying the letter on his table .

I looked at Calista asking if she could feel his soul leaving but she just shaked her head as we went to another table.

” in virtute autem sens ” was written on the cover of the dairy .

“The book of souls ” Calista whispered .
It looked like a dairy of someone who has encountered it and decided to study it .
While reading we came across a particular line that read

” a soul is never lost but transferred to another body with the right ritual performed by de pythonissam ”

just then Uncle Drew walked in

“De pythonissam is Latin for the witch ” while he sat down and stared at us .

He cleared his throat before continuing ” In ancient time, The were a group of clan who were called videns Morten (the death seers) they were tasked in collecting lost soul and preserving them .They also held a great secret of how to transfer our souls to another body. Over the years many have tried but end up losing their memories during transformation .

“Who are those that tried? ” i asked

” fratrum Mortis ” The brotherhood of death and they just sent me a note.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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