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[STORY] PANDORA’S BOX (Episode 01)




Episode 01.

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When I was a little child I had this idea of having super power . The spider man,superman and the rest of the super heroes. But I had a special power one that was scary but helpful. On my tenth birthday I had a dream were a man handed a box to me and say ” its time.
From that moment on, I could sense where dead animals were, any time a rat died in our house I could locate the exact position ,bring it out and bury it.

My siblings use to think I’m a freak but what did I care, I was always alone left with my thoughts.
My parents were always busy but usually have time for the family every weekend. Mum use to smile whenever I told her about my week and what I discovered, she never made me feel like a freak.
And on the other hand was Uncle drew, my favorite uncle who never misses my birthday not for anything in the world. Uncle drew was always asking me if I noticed I have any super power, well I told him about it and he smiled and hug me
what sort of Uncle learns that his nephew senses death animal and he hugs him, well that’s uncle drew for you. He is always interested in history and all those creepy ancient things that I find boring.

As I grew older my sense developed, I could sense death from mile away. My first primary teacher Mrs Sharon ,she was posted to my class because Mrs Smith got pregnant.
From the first day she came into the class I could sense death, like something decaying whenever I follow the smell it ends on her desk. Thinking the was a dead rat in her purse I went through her purse but found nothing. Two weeks after she died, my first sense of death!!!

The only one that knew about it was Calista ,we have been best friends since childhood and the only one who doesn’t give me creepy looks whenever I tell her about my funny smells . Calista and I went to see Uncle Drew down town to tell him what happened at school .

” The are a lot of things that you don’t know Andy ,we live in a world of life and death . We sense death and save it while others sense death and save it for destructive purpose. ” Uncle Drew began

Confused I asked for further explanation but he stood up from the table and went to his library and brought out an old note book dated generations ago.. Calista and I stared at each other waiting for who to open the book when Uncle Drew broke the silence by opening the book but then it’s written in Latin all of a sudden the is a wild wind blowing and Calista went blank reading the book written in Latin like a professional .

Her eyes went white and she went cold with an authority as she read it . Uncle Drew didn’t look Surprise but I was, How did my best friend learn Latin, moreover reading it with the right accent.

“She’s a witch ” Uncle Drew spoke out after seeing the confusion on my face
“But how ? we don’t take Latin classes ” I asked .
Uncle Drew smiled ” You will understand with time .

My life went into another chapter without me knowing about it.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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