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[STORY] HER JOURNEY (Episode 04)




Episode 04.

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In few minutes, Agnes was already in side the market, it was raining heavily and Agnes was sighted in the rain, she was drenched and shivering in cold. she had went to everyone she thought could help her but no one did. The once that were willing to help were broke and the once who had, felt unconcerned.

One hour later, Agnes returned to the hospital, this time she felt defeated and hopeless, she sighted the doctor immediately she walked in to the hospital and she walked up to him to inform him that she couldn’t get the money, she pleaded with the doctor to treat her daughter.
“Doctor, I promise I will pay, I am not a lazy woman, I work hard everyday, I promise, I will pay, Please help me” Agnes pleaded.

“Madam, do you know how much people are owing this hospital?, I have took pity on many patients in the past, who couldn’t afford their bills but what did I get in return? disappointments upon disappointments. Madam I’m not the owner of this hospital, the last time I took pity on a patient, I regretted it, infact I’m still regretting it. You won’t believe the patient absconded after he recovered, I had to pay the hospital bill with my own money because I authorized the treatment, so you see, I don’t want to be disappointed again” The doctor explained.

“Doctor I will not run away, I will pay I promise you, please help me” Agnes pleaded again but all her pleads fell on deaf ears as the doctor was not moved one bit.
” Please madam go and look for the money, I can’t do anything for you, we don’t have time, the earlier the better, don’t say I didn’t warn you, your daughter’s life is at risk, if anything happens to your daughter, don’t blame me or the hospital”The doctor concluded.

Agnes suddenly became speechless as she stared at the doctor, hot tears was flowing down from her eyes, the doctor walked away afterwards, and then Agnes sat on the hospital’s floor, her body was covered with goosebumps, her clothes were now dried but she felt cold.
“God why is all these happening to me?, Please don’t take away my daughter, please, I am so exhausted and I don’t know what to do anymore” She thought in tears


A middle aged woman had been observing her, she heard all that the doctor told Agnes. she knew something was wrong. The woman walked closer to Agnes.
“My dear, dry your tears, don’t cry, the doctor is not your God and the God I know is good all the time, what God can not do does not exist” the nice woman said, she paused and held Agnes on her hands and lifted her up from the bare floor.

“you are just going through a dark phase that will soon pass and Please Don’t give up there is hope and a colorful future stay focus, have this mentality of not giving up, you have to fight life like a soldier” The woman added and then Agnes remembered her vow to make kings out of her daughters, she stood up from the floor, she wiped her tears and thanked the woman for bringing her back to her senses and the woman hugged her.

“What is the problem, my dear?” The kind woman finally asked.
“My last daughter is critically ill, the doctor said I need to deposit 50,000 naira or at least 25,000 naira before he commence treatment on my daughter but I have just 4,000 naira on me and I have gone to everyone I know but no show” Agnes responded.

But to Agnes greatest surprise, the aged woman dipped her hands into her hand bag and counted a whooping sum of 50 thousand naira and handed it over to Agnes.
“Here, go and pay the bill” The kind woman entered.
“This will clear the whole bill, oh Thank you so much ma, God bless you” Agnes responded in tears.

” Go ahead and make the payment, your daughter will be fine, go now” The woman concluded and Agnes ran down to the cashier to make the payment.
Immediately the doctors began to attend to Chloe.

After payment, Agnes ran down to the waiting room to meet up with the kind woman.
“I hope she haven’t left” Agnes thought. Immediately Agnes sighted the woman sweet smiles covered her face, she sighed softly in relief. Agnes walked closer to her and she began to thank her for her generosity.

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“The doctors are attending to my daughter right now, what will I have done if you didn’t took pity on me but I promise you ma, I will pay you back but it will take a while because I don’t make much from my work but I will double my hustle so I can pay up on time” Agnes entered and the woman smiled.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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