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[STORY] HER JOURNEY (Episode 03)




Episode 03.

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Soon, Agnes began to realize that bringing up three children alone will be a difficult task. She almost gave up as she was not meeting up with their needs. Upon how hard she worked she still couldn’t provide everything her daughters needed.

Never in her life did she ever dream of becoming a single mother. single parenting means twice the job, but Despite the daily challenge of caring for her children, Agnes still considers her daughters as blessings and not a burden. She always felt bad each time she failed to meet her children’s needs.

Agnes tried everything she could to meet up with her children’s needs, she took up more odd jobs and worked hard all day. But one-day, something unfortunate happened. Agnes was at the market when one of her daughter, Paulina came to look for her at the market.

Agnes was in smiles when she sighted her daughter in her school uniform. She thought Paulina came to get money for their lunch. But as she took a closer look at her daughter, instantly, she perceived that something was wrong. Agnes’s smiles suddenly disappeared.

“Paulina my child, what is wrong? Where are your sisters? You don’t look happy” Agnes asked at once. Paulina didn’t respond immediately. The little teenage girl was staring at her mother and wondering if her mother was prepared for the news she was about to share.

“Paulina, talk to me, what is it?” Agnes repeated curiously.

“Mummy, Chloe fainted at school and was rushed to the hospital, Benita is with her” Paulina finally responded.

“What” Agnes entered immediately, she almost lost her breath due to shock but she tried her best to comport herself. In split minutes, she was already on her way to the hospital with her daughter Paulina. When Agnes got to the hospital where Chloe was admitted, she was even more devastated at the sight of her daughter lying unconsciously on the hospital bed, for a moment, she thought her daughter was dead, she began to weep bitterly.


One of the nurses had to tell her that her daughter was not dead and she told Agnes to see the doctor for more information. Agnes headed straight to the doctor’s office and introduced her self.

“Oh you are Chloe’s mother! Welcome madam, I have been waiting for you, your daughter is critically ill, we want to run some medical test on her before we commence treatment, but you have to deposit 50,000 naira right away, to enable us run the medical test and commence treatment immediately, please do that immediately as we don’t have time” The doctor entered and Agnes swallowed saliva and sweet fear gripped her immediately.

All the money she had on her was not even up to 5000 naira, how can she deposit 50,000 naira immediately. She was forced to speak up. The last thing she want was to lose her last daughter.

“Doctor, the only money I have on me is 4000 naira, please help me, don’t allow my daughter to die, please help me, I promise I will look for the money but first attend to my daughter, please help me” Agnes entered almost in tears.

“I’m sorry, madam this is hospital procedure, you must make the payment first before anything can be done on your daughter, at least pay 25,000 naira, so we can run the medical test and commence treatment immediately” The Doctor concluded and politely dismissed Agnes.

It’s a pity that Agnes’s tearsful confession that she couldn’t afford the 50,000 naira hospital’s bill didn’t melt the doctor’s heart. As Agnes headed back to the hospital ward where Chloe was admitted, tears rolled from her eyes uncontrollable. She thought of reaching Collins but there was no way of reaching him.

Going to Ibadan would be of no use as time was already against her. Agnes kept wondering what she will do, and finally she decided to go back to the market and see if some of her friends will lend her the money, she had muttered few prayers within her and she had asked God to help her and save her daughter. she told Benita and Paulina to stay with their sister while she go in search of the money.


“I will be back shortly” She told her daughters and left .

To Be Continued……. . . .

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