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[STORY] HER JOURNEY (Episode 02)




Episode 02.

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Few hours later, Agnes woke up in the hospital, she began to weep bitterly as she thought of her husband’s betrayal, she was shattered and broken, everything was crystal clear, Roland and his family tricked her, they pushed her away from her matrimonial home, just because she didn’t bare a male child.

It amazes Agnes how her husband, Roland could fake his own death, and how he could walk around and continue his life like is no big deal.
“so our marriage was literally meaningless to him? Everything, really makes me wonder if he ever loved me in the first place” Agnes thought, she sat on her hospital bed in agony, Agnes was going through the most painful emotions that she have ever felt. She didn’t feel this much pain when she mourned Roland’s fake death.
Agnes was shattered, with the new revelation about Roland being alive, She never imagined that Roland could be so heartless and wicked not just to her but to his own daughters.

She was so furious and devastated at the same time. It angers her that Roland could betray her like that, without thinking twice. She couldn’t believe Roland was at ease when he thought of his wicked plan to fake his own death and take a new wife.
“what have I ever done to deserve this sort of betrayal from a man I love and adore” Agnes thought in tears.

From that day Agnes life was turned completely upside down. She had lost appetite for food and she barely smiled, she burst out in tears at the drop of a dime, she couldn’t control tears whenever she was alone. Collins had promised to intervene in the matter and he promised to keep in touch. The kind man gave Agnes and her daughters some amount of money for their up keep.

“Agnes, you have to be strong, I’m sorry about giving you the news that got your heart broken, I’m glad you are out of danger and the doctor said you will be discharged tomorrow and I have cleared up the hospital’s bills… Agnes, I’m sorry I can’t wait till tomorrow, I have a very important meeting at Ibadan today and I’m already running late, but don’t worry, I will speak to Roland when I get to Ibadan, here take this money, it’s for your upkeep, I will talk to your husband, I will keep you posted and please take care” Collins had said calmly and handed a brown envelop that contains good amount of money to Agnes.

“Thank you so much Mr. Collins, I’m so grateful” Agnes entered and then Collins walked away. As Collins left, Agnes can’t stop wondering why Roland her husband could betray her like that, she felt like she was losing her mind. Agnes couldn’t understand why Roland could team up with his brothers and throw her out of her matrimonial home, a home that was filled with beautiful memories.

“Roland and I never quarrelled, we never argued, he always pampered me whenever he comes home, I thought everything was perfect between us, he promised to be with me forever but now i live alone in a future that doesn’t look so bright anymore. i have no idea what to do with myself, i am lost and alone” Agnes continued in her thoughts.

Agnes was so overwhelmed with pain but somehow she vowed to make it big in life and make kings out of her daughters.
“God gave me beautiful daughters and I am grateful, it doesn’t matter if Roland their father doesn’t want them, all I know is that I will never rest until my daughters begin to live like kings, every man born of a woman will hear thier name and tremble, my daughters will not be ordinary people but FEMALE KINGS, men will fear and worship them” She told herself.

The next day, Agnes was discharged from the hospital, and she gradually she began to pick the peices of her life together, and the owner of HEAVEN AND EARTH was with her and with her daughters. Seven months passed and Agnes didn’t hear a word from Collins or her husband. When few people she met also confirmed that Roland was actually alive and that his new wife had bore him a son. Agnes gradually became bitter and vengeful.

Each time she remembered how Roland’s family threw her out, her heart would bleed. “I remembered How Roland’s family treated me inhumanely, even though they knew that their brother was alive, I don’t blame them, Roland was solidly behind them,… So it’s really true that Roland got married again, while I was mourning his fake death, he choose another woman over me and now he had gotten what he wanted, a male child, I have thought of going back to him but not anymore, I have to forget about him, infact he is actually dead to me” Agnes thought

Gradually, Agnes began to channel her pain and anger into her menial jobs, she barely took a break just to take her mind off the bad things that had happened to her, She focused on how she will train her daughters and make them great as she had vowed. The struggle for survival was so much that she was willing to do anything possible to make money.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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