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[STORY] IT’S NOT LOVE (Final Episode 10)



It's Not Love Story

Episode 10 (Last Episode).

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Gideon’s parents were wonderful in-laws, no wonder they had a wonderful son like Gideon. Gideon’s parents had noticed that Bridget hasn’t concieved yet during their first year wedding anniversary. They didn’t bother to ask their son, if something was wrong instead they began to pray for their son and their daughter inlaw to conceive.

Gideon’s parents always took Gideon and Bridget’s wedding picture to the church and their faith was so strong. They believed that Bridget will take in as soon as possible. they had no idea that Bridget was sterile, as they had thought it was a just a delay.

Two years later and Gideon had not changed one bit, instead he was more loving and supportive to Bridget.
Exactly three years after their wedding, Something happened, Bridget started feeling strange and couldn’t tell why. For some one who the doctor had told that she will never fall pregnant, she concluded that she was just ill and she decided to visit the hospital on Gideon’s demand. When she arrived and explained her problem to the doctor, a series of tests were conducted on her.

The tests results were out few hours later. Bridget was called into the doctor’s office and she went straight into the doctor’s office.
“We have carried out all the tests and it shows that you are perfectly fine, however, we have a good news for you” the doctor happily said,

“Ok, what’s the news?” Bridget reluctantly asked. The doctor smiled faintly and said; “Congratulations! You are 6 weeks pregnant!”.
“What, doctor the test result can’t be mine, I believe there’s a mistake some where, Doctor have you forgotten that by this time last year, you conducted some fertility test on me and you told me that there’s no chances for me to fall pregnant again” Bridget entered

But the doctor replied ” I’m shocked too, but there’s no mistake, I can’t explain how it happened but the truth is that you are pregnant…. This is must be a miracle and I am so happy for you” The doctor added.

At that moment, the ability to even breath properly was hard for Bridget because her heart kept beating faster than normal. She was utterly dumbfounded and shocked to the brim. There’s no word suitable enough to describe how she was feeling at that moment. She kept chanting within her. “Thank you God”

She didn’t even know when tears of joy started descending from her eyes.
When Bridget finally broke the good news to her husband, Gideon. He almost died of excitement too.
And when Gideon broke the good news to his parents, they were so happy.
“Gideon, your father and i made a vow to God, that if Bridget our daughter in law takes in that we fulfill our vow. Now that God has done, we will definitely fulfill our vow”

Bridget was so impressed with her in-laws when she learnt about how they pray fervently for her and also about the vow. “Such in-laws are rare, now i understand why they didn’t put pressure on me, they were talking to God, on my behalf, oh I feel so blessed to have such great in-laws” Bridget thought in smiles.
The pregnancy was easy and the delivery was swift.
Afterwards, Bridget conceived and bore more children, she had a total of 3 children for her husband Gideon.

Gideon and Bridget had been married for 22 years now and Gideon had never raised his hands on her.
Even after many years of marriage, they still had a deep loving relationship and marriage
Gideon allowed Bridget to fly and to be anything she wants to be. He was so supportive and was her biggest fan. It was due to his support that she was able to build a career for her self.

Bridget was one of the successful professional woman in the world today, she is one of the few women that had made it big in their career because of the support and love she received from her wonderful husband.
Bridget had made it to the headline news like when she was appointed to be the Director general of World bank, She had also won many awards.

when she was interviewed by the press, she couldn’t stop praising her ever loving and supportive husband, who didn’t cut off her wings or caged her up after marriage, instead he was solidly cheering for her as she flied.
Bridget is a feminine QUEEN. She had also held many campaigns against domestic violence and she had also held an outreach to counsel women who were facing all manner of abuse in their marriage.
“If you are always afraid of your spouse, you are being abused, if you are always being battered, please leave while you still can, you might not be as lucky as I was, because I passed through hell and it’s by God’s mercy that I was not consumed” Bridget would always say.

The secret to your success is who you marry

Verbal abuse can turn into physical abuse, Don’t stick around for neither one of them. Don’t justify the behavior of an abuser. If they loved you, they will keep their hands to themselves. You are not a doormat or a punching bag. You deserve better not bruises.

When You want to Choose whom to marry, Try To Choose The Right one ♥️ it’s very important. Don’t
Ignore any red flag. Because what you ignore during courtship will become what you will endure during marriage.

How do you know some one is for you?
1. They bring peace you haven’t found anywhere else.
2. They support your effort
3. They water your growth

And finally, the safest place to be is in someone’s prayers!
Always pray for your loved ones.
– The End

Written by Christabel Nwoko

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