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Episode 09.

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The next day, My father hurriedly had breakfast, he barely responded to my greetings, it was obvious that he was angry at me, after breakfast, he left for that important meeting and like always my mom had sweared a little prayer for him immediately he left.
Later that day, something unimaginable happened, my father’s personal assistant called my mom to inform her that my father had collapsed at the office and that he was being rushed to the hospital.

My mom almost ran mad, we hurriedly left for the hospital and when we arrived the doctor was attending to my unconscious father.
When my mother inquired about details of what had happened.
My father’s PA told us that the investor refused to invest in our company and immediately the investor left, that my father collapsed.
I became frightened but I prayed nothing bad should happen to my father.

Few hours later, it was like heaven heard my prayers as the doctor announced that my dad had regained consciousness and that he needed to see me.
Immediately I headed into the hospital room where my father was being admitted.
He called out my name immediately he saw me.
“Jessica, my child”
“Dad, what happened?you were so strong this morning” I entered immediately.

“My dear, I Don’t know but I just lost all hope when the investor refused to invest in our company, my child we are poor now, this investor was my last hope, all the banks that we owe are already on my neck and I Don’t know what to do, I think I should place some of our properties for sale but I Don’t know how to tell your mother, my child i know lately
you think that I’m insensitive and unsupportive but that’s not true, I mean well, you are my first child and i want your future to be secured, please marry Gilbert, he came from a well known and successful family, I don’t want you to suffer, that Emeka is a nobody, trust me, he is only decieving you” My Father told me.

I was confused, why is life always testing me? I thought. I couldn’t bring myself to argue with my father in that state that he was in.
I just told him to rest and to stop talking.
I was sitting beside my father when my father’s PA and my mom rushed into the hospital room.
“What’s going on? I said immediately and even my father was curious too to know what happened. But it seemed as if they were in a nice mood, my mom’s face was lightened up with smiles

“Mom, what happened?” I asked again. My mother tapped the PA and
Then suddenly My father’s PA announced ” sir, there has been a mix up, the new investor we were actually expecting just called me”
“Investor? I Don’t understand, but I thought I meet Chief. Okocha this morning” My father entered.
” Sir, I Don’t know what really happened but the new investor, Chief Okocha called me now to inform me that he is on his way, and that he apologizes for the delay, and when I called the secretary she told me that we were actually expecting two new investors today and that the man that came earlier today was Mr. Magnus Nwokocha.”

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“Oh really, I see and none of you thought it was important to inform me that we were expecting two investors? All of you are incompetent” My father entered, even though his face was wearing a frown, I just know that deep down my father was excited.
My father tried to get up from the hospital bed to leave but my mother stopped him immediately.
“Honey, What do you think you are doing?” My mother asked
“I’m heading over to the office, didn’t you hear my PA” my father replied.

“Sir there’s no need for that, I told the investor that you were not feeling well and that you were hospitalized, and that the meeting could be postponed but I Don’t know the investor felt concerned and he requested for the name of the hospital where you were admitted, he said he will stop by but I can’t give out such information without your permission…..” The PA added. But my father cut in immediately
“Permission? Please go ahead, I really want to meet this nice investor, he is our only hope now, please Don’t blew up the only opportunity we have” my father concluded.

An hour later, my father’s PA got a call.
“Sir, the new investor is here” The PA said immediately after the phone call.
“Oh that’s good” my father entered. Few minutes later, Three handsome looking men walked into my father’s hospital room and when I looked closely at one of the men who walked in, I almost thought that my eyes was playing tricks on me

Emeka?” I said almost silently, I stared over and over again and yes I was right, one of the men that walked in was actually Emeka. My Emeka.
He smiled at me and I smiled back.
He politely greeted my mother and my father but too bad my father didn’t respond.
My mother warmed up to him but my father asked him to leave immediately.
“Emeka, What are you doing here? Who invited you here? Didn’t I warn you to stay away from my daughter and that includes my family” My father entered immediately.

“Sir, have you already meet Chief Emeka okocha, he is the new investor that we are expecting” my father’s PA announced
“What?” My father entered in disbelief.
“Sir, yes I’m the new investor, … I know that I’m an illiterate… like you told me over the phone but I have educated people that work for me like this two gentlemen that is standing here with me, I can speak good english today thanks to your daughter, I had your number saved on my phone as the CEO of the company where I was to invest but when you called me with that same number and introduced yourself as Jessica’s father I was shocked, the world is a small place, I never wanted to invest in your company, even my financial advisor told me not invest in your company that the company has collapsed already but when you called me and I discovered that you are My Jessica’s father, I decided to invest because I love your daughter so much and I can do anything for her, sir here is the cheque for 500 million naira and I wish you a quick recovery” Emeka said and my Father’s PA collected the cheque and then Emeka turned to me so loving and said “my love I will call you” I smiled and hugged him.


“Thank you honey” I whispered in Emeka’s ears
We kissed and finally he left with the other two men that he came with.
My Father was so speechless and even shocked.
I know he had learnt never to look down on people.
One thing was clear that day, and it was the fact that My father was ashamed and he felt like chewing back every hurtful and demeaning word he ever said to Emeka.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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