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Episode 06.

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Finally I was so sure about my feelings, and I have decided to give Emeka a chance.
“Emeka deserves it and God approves it” I have told myself.
when I told my parents about my decision my mother smiled while my father kicked against it immediately.
“Over my dead body, I will never allow you to marry that illiterate” my father entered

But my mother signaled me to relax and that I should not utter a word that she will talk to my father. When My father was done talking
I quietly left for my room and when I got to my room,
I put a call to Emeka and we spoke for a while, and then he told me that he was at home and that he wasn’t feeling well and that was why he was home and for the first time ever, I requested for his home address and he was elated, as he disclosed his address.

An hour later, I had arrived at this beautiful duplex, the house was alot bigger than my parent’s house, for a moment, I began to doubt if I was in the right address, and because I wasn’t too familiar with that area I didn’t come with my car, I had arrived in a cab. even when the Cab man confirmed that I was in the right address, I wasn’t convinced and I had to put a call to Emeka for confirmation.

I was so relieved when Emeka came out almost immediately.
As soon as he sighted me coming out from the cab, he rushed down to me and hugged me so tightly and even paid the cab man.
“Nne, I hope the journey no stress you” He entered and I nodded no.
“How are you feeling now?” I asked him immediately
“Nne, I’m alright, na stress, I don relax and I don dey okay” he responded
He then held my left hand as we walk into the beautiful duplex.

When we got inside, Emeka made sure I was entertained and comfortable, he even cooked me a delicious meal and I was so impressed.
I could see that my visit made him so excited and when I finally told him that I was ready to become his woman, he jumped up in excitement.
“My love, you no go regret am, I go always make you happy, I promise you” He told me in smiles.

He brought out an expensive wine to celebrate and I felt so special.
We were having a conversation and sipping our wine, when Emeka’s phone suddenly began to ring and he told me that it was an important call and that he needed to take the call, and that I should not be upset, I was so impressed, he is not educated but he is cultured, well mannered, transparent and loves me so much.
I was so sure that I made the right decision by choosing him over Gilbert.

” Emeka, I Don’t have any reason to be upset, please Go ahead and take your call” I told him in smiles before he finally received the call and spoke to the caller. He was still speaking on the phone when he suddenly let out a scream and I noticed he was so excited as he spoke to the caller but I began to wonder why and then finally he hanged up.
“Nne, you don bring me so much joy for my life, you get good luck, the contract wey I dey hustle for, for more than two months, God don do am, you no go believe say I just win 100 million naira contract” He told me in smiles while i listened in disbelief.

“100 million naira contract? What kind of business do you do?” I asked immediately.
“I get factory where I dey make plank and i also get another factory where I dey produce cement, I just win contract to supply cement and plank and the two contract go cost 100 million naira” He explained and I was more impressed.

“Wow, congratulations” I told him while he hugged me.
“Nne, the first day wey I see you, something tell me say, na you go be my wife and that’s why I dey happy today, I love you so so much” he added while i blushed. For the first time we shared a passionate kiss and cuddled each other before we finally disengaged from each other’s arms.
My father was wrong, all those expensive cars were actually his, Emeka is a wealthy man I thought
but I wondered why he waited for more than two years, for me to reciprocate his love, when he could had gotten, any other beautiful woman of his choice.

It was as if Emeka read my mind, as he cut in almost immediately.
“Nne, all the girls wey I don meet, including that girl wey you see me with for bank that year,.what’s her name again…. yes Chizoba….they all dey after my money, once they meet me, they wan turn me to their ATM but na only you give me levels, for one day, you no even send my money, and I dey very impressed, but it break my heart, all those times when you dey reject me, because even if you want all my money, I dey ready to give you everything because you be my Queen, I no believe say na you dey my house so and you done accept me for your life, God go bless you for me” He Concluded and I smiled and hugged him.

“You be my man now” I said and he smiled.
“So you even sabi speak pidgin sef and you still sabi speak better English, wow, teach me now” Emeka said in smiles and I nodded and I promised to teach him how to speak good english.
“English no hard, I go teach you” I responded and Emeka smiled and held my left hand.
From that day we became inseparable, at every chance I got I taught him how to speak simple English and to my greatest astonishment, he was really eager to learn as he always put more effort into learning, our relationship was beautiful and Emeka made me so happy than I have ever been my whole life, each day I fell more in love with him.

One-day, Emeka and i was on a date and we were about heading out when we ran into Gilbert.
Gilbert was so furious when I introduced Emeka to him.
“Jessica I can’t believe you choose this dude over me, your father must hear about this” Gilbert entered and then he turned to Emeka and warned him to stay away from me, if he doesn’t want trouble.

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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