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Episode 05.

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That night when my father was fast asleep my mother walked into my room and I sensed she wanted to talk some senses into me.
“My princess” my mother said and sat down closely to where I laid.
“Mummy, are you still awake?” I said as i tried to sit up.
“My baby, relax, I just want to tell you something very important but it’s okay you can lay down while I talk” She added.

“My daughter, I want you to listen me, yes I know that your father meant well but I will advise you listen to your heart, why will you remain unmarried for the rest of life when a good man like Emeka is around?, he even proposed to you, he knew you were blind when he asked you to marry him, Emeka has proved himself and to me he is a wonderful guy, it doesn’t matter if he can’t speak English fluently as long as he makes you happy, I know that you might have noticed that I am alot taller than your father but that didn’t stop us because we love each other. it’s not about what’s in the outside but about what’s inside that matters, if you like that guy as much as he likes you then forget about what people will say” my Mother advised while I listened quietly.

Few weeks later, and I was still wondering if I should give Emeka a chance or not.
To me I wasn’t bothered anymore about his inability to speak English, I was more concerned about my future and I noticed that the only thing that was dealing with me was my guilt.
I rejected Emeka when I had my sight but he accepted me when I lost my sight and then one night, I prayed silently and I told God that if I regain my sight, I will definitely accept Emeka but if I remained blind that I will prefer to stay unmarried for the rest of my life.

And the next day, something miraculous happened.
I was so shocked when I woke up and I discovered that I could see the color of my room, and the color of my night wear, even though it was a bit blurry, I felt scared and elated at the same time that I didn’t want to let anyone know what had happened to me.

“What if I go blind by tomorrow? What if the miracle will only last for a day?” I have asked myself but the next day came and go and even more days came and go and I could still clearly see with my two eyes. I was so excited that I decided to share the good news with my parents and of course with Emeka.

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My parents took me to see a doctor and some tests were run on my eyes and the doctor assured us that everything was normal and that he always knew that I will regain my sight but after the surgery, he wasn’t too sure anymore
“Thank God, this is a miracle” the doctor concluded.

Everyone who heard the good news was so excited, even my friends were so excited when they heard the good news, my phone was ringing non stop, almost everyone I know called me to confirm the good news that was spreading everywhere like a wildfire and I will gladly confirm that it was real.
“Please help me thank God I have regained my sight” I will say in pure excitement.

One day, I was thinking about my life and I had concluded that I was going to give Emeka a chance in my life when my phone suddenly began to ring, it was an unsaved number, i reluctantly took the call, and I was shocked when the caller turned out to be my ex…. Yes Gilbert.

“Hello Jessica” he said immediately.
I wondered why he suddenly called my phone. This is the person who broke up with me and ever since then he didn’t even call to know how I was faring.
“Oh, he had heard the good news” I thought.
He wants to confirm if it’s true. I concluded

I was speechless for a while and then Gilbert broke the silence
“My love, I’m happy that you have regained your sight, I was thrilled when I heard the good news”
“Really? Why were you thrilled?” i asked immediately.
“Because I have realized that I was so impatient and I was so self centered, can you please forgive me?” Gilbert threw in
“Yes you are forgiven, if not for anything but for the love we once shared” I told him.

Few weeks later I began to discover that Gilbert wants more. As his calls were becoming frequent.
“Take me back” he told me suddenly over the phone but I told him that I needed time to decide.
I have told myself that Emeka deserves my love but still i want to make sure that I ended up with a man that I love and that love me right back. I had almost forgotten about my vow to God that brought back my sight.
My father was not helping matters as he wants me to reconnect with Gilbert.


“No one is above mistake and Gilbert has apologized and he wants you back, why not give him a chance. Gilbert comes from a well known family and he is successful too and infact both of you were planning for your wedding when the devil stroked and caused you to loose your sight but thank God for his miracles, please forgive him, you won’t believe that Gilbert called me to apologise and he sounded so remorseful I have forgiven him wholeheartedly, No man is PERFECT, there’s many times that I have failed your mother but she is still here with me” My father had told me.

Stay tuned for the next Episode and find out Jessica’s decision!

To Be Continued….. . . .

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