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Episode 04.

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Then one-day, I told Emeka that I was blind and I was surprised on how he reacted, he felt so concerned that I could sense pain and care in his voice.
“Wetin happen?” He threw in and I told him everything even about Gilbert who left me because of my condition.

To my greatest surprise, Emeka asked for my house address as he wants to visit me. At first I declined but he insisted.
“Jessy, can’t I visit you again, you no be my friend? Please na” Emeka said in a low tone that for a moment I felt pity for him, I wonder why I was pushing him away. Even after everything that had happened to me.

And finally, I disclosed my house address and in an hour he was there with plenty goodies for me.
His visit really cheered me up.
I never knew that I will be needing Emeka this much in my life
It was so overwhelming as I wiped few tears from eyes.

My worst night mare ever since Gilbert left me was to end up alone
But ever since Emeka came back into my life, I was hopeful and somewhat happy.
“I’m not in love with Emeka” I have told myself countlessly but I wonder why his presence gladdens my heart.

One thing I have discovered about Emeka was that he has a pure and a beautiful soul.
His presence comforts and calms my fears and no wonder we became extremely close.
It was so obvious that the dude was in love with me, even in my state I could sense his love for me but somehow I felt as if I wasn’t worthy of Emeka’s love.

I always reminded myself how I treated him few years ago when he had asked me out.
I couldn’t forgive myself for rejecting his love just because he couldn’t speak good English but here he was comforting me and loving me even with my disability.

One day, I was forced to tell him to his face “Emeka, please I Don’t deserve your love, and I Don’t want you to feel pity for me either”
And then he opened up to me.
“Nne, I love you so much, no be pity, na love. Please no reject me again, I want to love you today, tomorrow and all the time, please give me chance make i prove my love for you, I fit do anything for you” Emeka confessed and kissed me but I was quick to end the kiss.
I was just thinking about the unexpected kiss when Emeka suddenly popped up the big question.
“Nne, I no wan be your boyfriend, I want to be your man, biko, you fit marry me?” He asked instantly.

And from that day, I was thrown into a state of confusion, Emeka has proved to be a kind man but I wonder if my parents will give their approval, the few times Emeka had ran into my parents at home, I have told them that he was only a friend,
And I don’t think they will allow me to get married in my condition.

“Emeka, you have proved to be a good man and i can feel the love you have for me but the truth is that I’m not ready to settle down because of my condition, if we get married, the burden of taking care of me will fall you and I Don’t want that” I entered calmly and I wished I could just open my eyes and see the face of Emeka as I utter those words to him.
“Please, give me time, to think things through, please” I added
” okay, but I wan tell you say I dey here for you and I love you so much”He added and hugged me.

When I told my parents about Emeka’s proposal my mother seemed excited but my father wasn’t.
“Why are you excited, haven’t you noticed that the guy can’t even speak good english” My father told my mother while I listened quietly.
“But he looks like a good man, he is the only one that ever comes around to visit our daughter, haven’t you noticed?” My mother responded.

“How does that even matter? I Don’t know how Jessica became friends with such person, I wondered if he borrows those expensive cars to impress us, that guy is not right for our daughter, we can’t just marry our daughter off to just anyone, just because she suddenly went blind, i Don’t mind if she remains unmarried for the rest of her life than marrying her off to an illiterate, what will people say? Our friends and family what will they say?” My father continued.

I sensed that my mother wasn’t in support of all that my father had just said but she was silent though.
I felt so bad and confused.
At the same time I was also asking myself if I was in love with Emeka or not.
“Emeka deserves all my love, he is a good man and any woman who marrys him will be very lucky to have such a great man in her life, but I Don’t want to go into a relationship with him now, I know he love me but I Don’t know if I love him or not” I thought

To Be Continued….. . . .

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