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Episode 01.

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As a young girl in her early twenties, I have always dreamt of meeting a man i can fall in love with and who will love me back. I always wished of meeting a Perfect man, that I will end up with , the perfect man will be the father of my unborn children, and we will spend the rest of our lives together.

In my head, a perfect man is usually handsome with a good physique, well dressed, rich, educated, romantic, well mannered and he must be tall and God fearing at the same time.

Everyday I hope and pray to meet my prince charming, life was moving and so was my age, I even graduated from the University and was posted to Lagos for my youth Service and there I met Emeka, he was a good looking guy. I met him at a wedding in Lagos. He sat at a table across from me and kept smiling in my direction. I was irritated at first, and then I became intrigued. I was not surprised when he came over later to introduce himself.
“My name is Jessica” I told him and He smiled softly.
“Jessica” He repeated nodding his head.
“Nice name” he added.

We didn’t talk for long, just basically introduced ourselves and exchanged numbers so I didn’t get a chance to hear him say a lot.
He called me a few days later and we arranged to have dinner.

He picked me up in a very polished car and even opened the door for me. Our date was getting off on a good start and I thought, okay, he ain’t bad at all. All through our drive to the restaurant, Emeka barely said anything except an occasional giggle or grunt. I thought he was just being shy, so I let myself dream of how lucky I was to land a good looking guy, with good manners and cash on top of it. This was a fairy tale.
“Emeka is SO PERFECT” I thought with my heart dancing for joy. I had no idea that Emeka was NOT SO PERFECT
When we started having dinner, I insisted he told me about himself so he did. And that was when I heard him speak.

He made a sentence and I wondered
“Did he just say that?”
’ I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt but when he kept slipping throughout dinner, I knew my dream was over. The dude couldn’t speak good English! I became so disappointed immediately.
“there’s no way I can date this guy, this is definitely will be our first and last date” I thought to myself.

Yes I know that I was too judgmental and selective but you will not blame me. I was young and adventurous and I just didn’t want any guy to embarrass me in front of my friends.
how many educated ladies can claim that they will not mind a man who’s English is not up to scratch? Even when I stylishly asked few of my friends if they would date a guy who was deficient in English language and I got some interesting responses.

When I asked my best friend Linda, if she could date a man who can’t speak good English.
” no, o. Didn’t he go to school?” No, Jessica, I can’t date a man like that please” Linda said at once
When I asked my childhood friend.
Mirabel. She replied salvagedly
“If he is Rich, I will manage, na English we go chop”
I laughed so hard but deep down that statement didn’t go well with me.
I can never date a man solely for his money.

There’s no way I will date a man like Emeka, even if he has all the money in the world.
I was also born with a silver spoon and money has never been my problem.
” all I want is a perfect man” I thought to myself.
But a small voice kept saying within me
” If Emeka is kind and God fearing, date him”
But I ignored that voice.

” I can’t date him. It would be too embarrassing to introduce him to my family and friends. As educated as I am, how do you expect me to date an uneducated man? Never” I told myself.
Just as I was trying hard to forget and ignore Emeka, he wouldn’t stop calling my phone but I kept rejecting and ignoring his calls.

Ever since we had that date, he was trying everything possible to communicate with me but I wasn’t taking his phone calls, I knew why he was calling too much, he wants to ask me out but it was obvious that I was not interested.
And i tried every trick to avoid a conversation with him, but still Emeka kept calling my phone.

To Be Continued….. . . ..

A Story Written By Christabel Nwoko

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