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[STORY] IT’S NOT LOVE (Episode 05)



It's Not Love StoryEpisode 05.

In few seconds, Musa returned with Raphael, he tried to revive his wife, the way he could but all to no avail. Great fear overshadowed him as he watched his wife lie lifelessly on the cold floor.
“Bridget! Bridget!” he screamed but she wasn’t showing any sign of revival. When Raphael figured that things had gone out of hand because Bridget wasn’t responding to his calls, he carried her to his car and speedily drove off to the nearest hospital in sight.
Few minutes later, they arrived at a hospital not far from their house. Raphael hurriedly carried his wife on his hands and headed towards the emergency ward that was clearly in sight. Immediately he entered inside the ward, he alarmed the nurses and doctor on duty to help attend to Bridget. Without wasting time, the nurses started administering treatment on Bridget and told Raphael to wait at the reception.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t wait because he had other plans, who will believe that Raphael who was so possessive of his wife, had a lover, for the passed four years Raphael had a lover who bore him two sons, her name was Stephanie, that morning he wanted to be with his sons as he had promised his lover that he was going to spend “Boxing” day with his two sons.
What an unreasonable and heartless man Raphael was; so he would rather go to stay with his mistress for the whole day with the excuse that he wanted to be with his sons, than stay with his unconscious wife who was seriously battling with her life in the emergency ward. Too bad!
To make matter worst, he left their little daughter with the security man. Oh what a horrible father, it was obvious now that the reason he had caged Bridget was because he doesn’t want her to find out about his double life.
Raphael left stylishly without informing the nurses or the doctor but thank God, Bridget’s parent were worried when they didn’t hear from her all morning. They had tried to get Raphael on the phone but he wasn’t taking their calls.
Bridget’s parent came over to the house and was so shocked to find their grand daughter with the security man, they almost had heart attack when the security man told them about what had happened to Bridget.
The aged couple inquired about the hospital’s address from the security man and the next minute they left with their grand daughter to the hospital where their daughter was admitted.
When they arrived the hospital, they were disappointed when the nurse narratted how Raphael left with out notice. In other words, he abandoned thier daughter.
All through that day, Bridget battled for her life and all the medical officials that were assigned to her did all they could to revive her that day but she wasn’t responding to treatment. so many medical test were run on her, They put her in coma and prayed that she hopefully wakes up the next day. All fingers were crossed as everyone waited for a miracle to happen the following day.
When Bridget’s parents inquired about what had happened to their daughter, they were shocked with the doctor’s reply
“Bridget had lost a pregnancy and there’s a possibility that she might not concieve again, she also lost so much blood,. It’s like she was undergoing so much stress and tension, as she had developed hypothyroidism. And when she wakes up there’s a possibility that she would develop a severe pelvic pain but that will be taken care of, all we want Is for her to wake up soon”
On the other hand, Raphael had arrived at his mistress house and pretended as though his wife wasn’t in the hospital fighting for her life because of him. He played with his two sons, forgetting that he had left his first daughter with the security man.
The most annoying thing was that Raphael wasn’t even bothered. The height of unbothered attitude he exhibited after that incident was quite disappointing, considering the fact that Bridget was his lawfully wedded wife.
Now it was obvious that he was a cheat and a liar and that’s why he always thought that Bridget was lying to him.
In the early hours of the next day, the doctors came to check up on Bridget, but she was still unconscious. Bridget’s father was at the hospital all night while Bridget’s mother went home with her grand daughter. Bridget’s father, closely observed how the doctors and nurses, gave his daughter some medications and he checked up on her from time to time. At around 10am the next day, Bridget regained consciousness and Bridget’s father called his wife to give her the good news.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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