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[STORY] IT’S NOT LOVE (Episode 01)



It's Not Love Story

Episode 01.

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Bridget was found in a beauty salon, she was sighted waiting for her turn, there were some ladies waiting for their turn too, they were all there for a new hair do and they were making small talks as they were all sighted sitting comfortably, in the colorful shop.
These ladies were chatting away, and they were obviously lost in their conversation. Bridget’s husband,
Raphael had travelled that morning and Bridget had thought she could get a new hair look.
Suddenly, Bridget’s phone began to ring, she picked the call and had a short conversation with someone at the other end of the phone.
The caller was no one else but her husband, Raphael.
“My husband’s trip was cancelled? And he is already on his way home, oh no, I will just leave here now” Bridget thought and stood up almost immediately to leave.
She called out to the hair dresser, Miss Tricia and told the lady that she was going home, the few new friends she just gained at the salon felt concerned when they heard her talking to Tricia.
“Going home? Why? after waiting for an hour, you will just go back home just like that? Tricia is almost done and it’s almost your turn” One of the ladies said while Bridget smiled sheepishly, without saying a word to the nice stranger.
Even Tricia tried her best to persuade Bridget to wait.
“Ma, I’m almost done, please wait, after I’m done with this customer, you are next” The hair dresser entered but still Bridget declined. Ever since she dropped the phone call, she instantly became tensed, her countenance changed. She knows what awaits her, if her husband gets home before her.
Bridget wished she could open up and tell anyone that cares to know, that her husband was on his way home, and if he doesn’t meet her at home, there will be trouble, Raphael doesn’t like it when he comes home and doesn’t meet Bridget at home, it always causes big issues.
Bridget wasn’t permitted to step out of the house, without her husband’s permission, she doesn’t even visit her friends and family anymore, as Raphael had banned her from doing so. Bridget always felt, like she have a leash on her neck, because Raphael doesn’t like to know, that she was heading out.
For he wants to be everywhere she was; be it at the salon, women church meeting or fellowship.
Bridget’s social life was closely monitored. Her husband was always hovering around.
That was the first time in years that she came to the salon with out Raphael, other times, when she visit the salon to make her hair, her husband will either be inside the salon, reading a magazine or newspaper or just within the vicinity of the salon.
Bridget was an independent woman before she married Raphael but immediately after marriage, Raphael stylishly stopped her from working and he even promised to set her up with a good business, but five years had passed and everything was getting more weird, but everyday Bridget consoles herself with the fact, that her husband loves her so much and that was why he was over possessive
Immediately Bridget left she became the topic of the day, as other ladies who wondered why Bridget left the way she did, began to throw words at the hair dresser.
‘Tricia I can’t believe that woman left after she waited patiently for her turn and you didn’t even stop her, you have just lost a customer that woman must be angry with you, I believe that’s why she left, you are so slow today” One of the ladies entered.
But Tricia was forced to speak up.
“That woman is not angry oh, it must be her husband, I have never seen a man like that, I was even surprised when she didn’t come with her husband today”
Every one was confused, Tricia could see the look of confusion on everyone’s face
And Tricia continued
“that lady is in bondage oh, her name is Bridget, she is married, and its seems like her husband is very wealthy, but I Don’t even wish for that kind of marriage, I prefer to remain single for the rest of my life, instead of getting married to such a man. I always wondered why that woman always comes to the salon with her husband, at first I had thought that they were so in love with each other but I have found out that IT’S NOT LOVE but another kind of abuse, most times, that lady always invite me over to her place for home service, one day she told me her husband would never allow her come to the salon alone and that her husband was very busy and couldn’t come along with her either and that’s why she always invite me over, for a moment I had thought she was ill or something, I noticed she always called me to come to her house whenever her husband wasn’t in and I will quickly make the hair and leave. One day I was fixing her hair when we heard a car honking at the gate and madam Bridget sighed and went into panic mode like the mode she was in before she left now, Her husband entered and went straight to the room, next thing he yelled at her to come, she stood up and went to the room to meet him. A minute later, I was hearing her voice, it was like she was crying. On the other end the husband was screaming the roof down, he pounced on her, the next thing her husband came out of the room and walked me out of the house. And ever since then, she only comes around with her husband to make her hair, the last time they were here, I was taking my time to make a beautiful style for madam Bridget, you won’t believe, the man yelled at her to tell me to hurry up that he wants to leave or else they will leave and stop by the barber’s shop and get her hair cut, the man is over possessive and very harsh too, I wonder how that poor lady copes” Tricia narratted and everyone was so shocked.
“This is so sad, that woman is in bondage oh, I Don’t think such man will allow any one of his wife’s family to visit, no friends, no social life. This is so sad, now I understand why she quickly warmed up to me, when I walked in, she is a very lonely woman, what is marriage turning women into?, is this not modern kind of slavery?” One of the ladies entered
“Now I understand, why that woman became so tensed immediately her phone rang, she is a troubled woman, she is a prisoner in her so called matrimonial home, I was just admiring her classic car when I walked in, I even admired her designer clothes too, and my eyes were on her latest iPhone, oh my God, how can a man who does all this for her woman also take away her freedom? This is so sad ” another lady concluded.
At the other hand, Bridget felt so elated when she got home quite on time before her husband arrived. She pretended so well like she had never left the house all day.
It was so disheartening to know that Bridget was more excited about getting home on time than thinking about her life and how horrible her husband maltreats her.
It seemed that it will take too long for Bridget to discern that her husband was not in love with her but was just wicked.
But who will blame Bridget, Raphael was the love of her life. Bridget still remembers the first day they met with smiles and the thought still melts her heart. Bridget had meet him in a business seminar and the next thing they got talking and fell in love with each other.

Raphael was the sweetest boy friend but at the same time he was so jealous and insecure. The signs were all there, but Bridget was in such in a hurry to say ‘I do’ that she missed them.

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To Be Continued…. . . .

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