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Episode 02 (Last Episode).

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BY AMAH’S HEART (My Doc’s chronicle)

Looking back to how I got into this trouble that made me visited the hospital where the son of Nebuchadnezzar saw free breast to press.

I used to have this hotness inside my body. It makes me sweat profusely.
I will put the standing fan highest, face it directly to me on stand still anytime I wants to sleep.

In the middle of the night I will hear
“Tawaiiii” on my body.

Is my elder sister slapping me awake.

“Do you want to harm yourself…eeh? Look at how you high the fan…

She will move it back and reduced the speed.

During the day, I will go and put my head in the fridge, or my hands just to cool the heat.
I will take ice blocks from the fridge and be chewing like biscuits.

My people in the house will shout and shout, for where I didn’t listen o.

Ice blocks becomes the next thing on my mind after meal.
The kind of chilled water and beverage drinks I take can freeze the teeth.

Since we only have air condition in the sitting room back then, ones everywhere is cool to their taste they will put it off.
That was how I started sleeping in the parlour. I will high the AC and fall asleep.

Another “tawaiiii” on my body or somebody calling my name with a strong voice hushing me up from my sleep.
They will Chase me back to my room where I’m not allowed to high the fan.

I was thoroughly warned not to eat ice blocks or drink over chilled water before I cause problem for myself.

I didn’t listen. They don’t even understand what I was passing through.

The hot sweat that pours out of my body during hot weather can wash and rinse cloth.
I will be soaked up like Christmas fowl.

I’m always hot. I hated hot weather with passion.
I can’t sleep at night if there’s no light or the generator wasn’t turned on.

I will hand fan myself, changing different position in bed untill the cockcrow.

It appears I was the only one going through such a hot process in the house.

And eating ice blocks, sleeping under fan and air-conditioning was the only way to help myself.

I was getting comfortable sneaking to the fridge to eat ice block, where I won’t be caught.
Sneaking to the sitting room to put on the air condition at night after everyone is asleep.

Doing all manners of things just to keep sanity in check because the hotness I was feeling was driving me insane.

My people in the house didn’t pay much attention to it.
They said it was normal but to me it wasn’t.

Then all of a sudden I started feeling movement on my chest…. inside of my chest.
It turns into itching. Then running nose and cough once in a while.
The catarrh flow and cough started looking all red like blood.
The chest itching was much that I started wishing there’s a way I can put hand inside my chest and scratch…

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The only thing I could do was to tap my chest.
Anytime it starts I will slap my hand on my chest severally just to reduce the irritation.

And as days turned into weeks the whole thing becomes much.
I started a avoiding cold drinks.
Infact I started drinking hot water often.
I noticed anytime I take hot water it will stop at that moment and continued later.

Gradually i break free from my cold water habit and made warm water my best friend.
I started leaving the fan to normal, no more highness.
I still enjoys the AC but not outrageously cooling like I used to.

I still sweat but my major concern was with my chest.
The catarrh with cough later stopped with the help of the hot water small self medication.

But the chest trauma remains.
It wasn’t as it used to but it disturbeds me.
I didn’t even bother telling my people what I was passing through.
Well, like you already know, they warned me and will remind me of the warning they gave which I refuses to adhere to.

It was due to the issue at hand I decided to visit the hospital.

Where the supposed gynecologist decided to tap current.

I took all the drugs and continued with the hot water.

I even googled some of the medications that I bought from the hospital.
I Searched each drugs that I was given on google just to know the effect.

I thought the son of Nebu includes love portion in his prescription.
And just to be on a safer side I decided to Google the whole medicine.
I can be inquisitive and my imagination runs wild.

Within two weeks I felt well again. I finished up the prescription and continue my friendship with hot or warm water.

I take normal cold drinks ones in a while.
But my liquid intake is mainly normal water or lukewarm.

To avoid any form of pneumonic plague that will take me back to the hospital I stayed away from too much exposure and over chilled food and drinks.

My major reason for this write up is focused on what the doctor’s did.

I used to have sharp unbridled tongue like Kaya (on the lioness tale)
My siblings can attest.
I speak out my annoyance, anytime I’m offended, I fight verbally and talk back anytime I’m trying to express my grievances over someone or something.

Since I don’t know how to keep malice, the best way I let you know that I’m offended is through talking.

Once I offload the offence off my chest I feel free and cool.

If I decides not to talk when I’m offended which is very rare for me to do but if i ignored a fault, then just know I have concluded the matter with myself and I.
I have handed both the person and his sins over to God. That’s the end.

What i told that doctor was even small compared to what I had stored up.

I was the one that used my own hand to shoot my leg with cold things, if not what is my business with baring out my chest for the son of Nebu to do as he pleases.

Is more than five years this whole event took place.

I recently flashed back and thank God for saving me from a situation I got myself into and also for wisdom which has always been a guidelines for me.


My major points is “abuse comes in different form and can come from people you don’t expect.

Don’t be scared to shun, fight and speak out when necessary.
You might be saving lives through your words and actions.

Train your kids, both male and female to be respectful to general public but never fail to educate whoever that tries to mishandle either their body or right. Let them speak their truth always.
Make your kids your friends so that they won’t be scared in talking to you about anything.

Even in the medical field, there are still people that abuse the privilege that is giving to them.
They feel like you are at their mercy and can do anything and gets away with it.

Your body your choice and if you feel is being violated during a medical examining don’t swallow it hook and sinker because of fear.
If you can’t call out the person then speak out your offence to his/her face.
Even if is one or two words.
Let such person knows that you know and you are not cool with it.
Please, also stay away from too much cold stuffs.
That thing really dealt with me and it wasn’t funny.

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