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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 28)




Episode 28.

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The door to the huge mansion pushed open, as Jason strolled in majestically. He saw Mrs Smith seated on the couch, legs crossed, sipping from her mug, as her eyes were fixed on the young man walking towards her.

Jason, on the other hand, ignored his mum’s stare as he continued walking, headed for the stairs.

“I didn’t bring you up to ignore an elder when you see one” Mrs Smith’s voice filled the room, once enveloped by silence.

Jason stopped on his tracks, his head bowed as though contemplating if he just made the right decision; not greeting his mum.

“Good evening ma’am” he greeted without looking back

“That greeting lacks respect. You don’t greet an elder with your back against him or her” She queried, standing up to her feet.

Jason gave a loud, deep sigh before turning to face his mum. He retracted his steps, walking towards his mum, as he looked her in the eye.

“Good evening ma” he greeted again

“You look pale child” She sounded worried, as she lift her hand, in an attempt to touch his face.

“I’ll be fine mum” He said, escaping his mum’s touch, as his mother looked at him with teary eyes.

“I heard you came to take your things” She said, taking her hand back down

Jason nodded as his mum sighed loudly, trying to blink away the tears that’s threatening to fall.

“So you really want to leave me all alone to myself in this huge house?” Her voice was teary as the tears flowed gently down her cheeks.

“I can’t leave Mellisa mum” Jason said softly. The sight of his mum crying was already breaking his heart.

“Do you love her that much!?” She asked calmly as Jason nodded a response.

“And you are sure she loves you wholeheartedly” She asked, as Jason gently wiped her face with his handkerchief.

“Her eyes tells of the depth of the love she has for me. We love each other mum” His voice was cool, calm and soft

“Am sorry for trying to make you take harsh and unwise decision. Mabel talked with me and I had some hours to think over everything. I shouldn’t have put pressure on you like that. Political or financial status doesn’t matter in marriage and I shouldn’t impose a total stranger on you just because of family background. If you love her that much and you are confident she’s the one for you, I give my full support”

“You are joking, right?” Excitement filled Jason’s voice as he held onto his mum’s eyes

“I’ve have never been good at jokes telling” she replied with a smirk

“I love you mum” Jason half screamed, pulling his mum into a warm tight embrace

“So, after school tomorrow, I get to meet my future daughter in-law right?” She asked after they disengaged from the hug.

“You want to meet Mellisa?” He asked with eyebrows raised

“Of course. Or am I not allowed to see her?” Her lips curved into a smile

“She’ll be here by tomorrow” Jason replied happily as he jumped up like a little boy

“Great. I’ll be expecting her then. Now go freshen up and come down for dinner”

“I’ll be down in a minute” he said, as he dashed up the stairs.


What!? (Mel half yelled into the phone as she immediately recollected herself)

☎ Am very serious babe. I was surprised when she told me that she wanted to meet you

Are you sure about this?

☎ She gave her support Mel and we should be grateful for that, don’t you think so?

But tomorrow is too soon. Let’s push it to weekend so I can get myself ready

☎ Are you nervous?

Very nervous and scared

☎ Alrite. We would meet my mum in two days time

Thank you babe

☎ i should be the one thanking you for everything

I love you

☎ I love you more

So what’s up

☎ well…

The two lovebirds conversed deep into the night talking, about nothing in particular but refusing to drop the call either.


They finally decided to drop the call and give themselves a few hours of sleep before the start of school the next day.


The sun soon came knocking at the door of the sky, as it was warmly welcomed, allowing it flaunt its magnificience. Students were seen getting ready for school and parents were getting themselves ready for work.

“Good morning class” Mrs Betty greeted the class

“Good morning” the students responded cheerfully

“I bring goodnews to you all this morning. Come friday, we all would be performing our drama in front of the whole school. You guys have all been working very hard and am so very proud of you all but we are going to have to double our efforts so as to deliver the very best on Friday. On that special note, rehearsals are starting immediately and we are going to be rehearsing without any scripts this time”

Just as she said, everyone got busy on stage, rehearsing and getting ready for the big event. The school bell finally rung, gladening the hearts of the students as they got themselves ready to leave for home after a long tiring day.

“I’ll see you in school tomorrow” Mel said, a smile on her face as she stood in front of the small gate leading to the compound.

“Won’t you ask me to come in?” Jason asked with a smirk on his face

“Come in!?” Her voice sounded surprised and afraid

“What’s going on with the both of you?” Alicia asked, as she walked up to them

“Jason wants to come in… ” Mel explained

“To meet your parents” Jason cuts in

“Can you believe that!?” Mel asked with a smile on her face

“I don’t see the problem here. Let the guy in for goodness sake”

“Alicia!” Mel screamed out unbelievably

“Mellisa!” Alicia returned the favor

“Jason!” Jason called out his name, causing the girls to laugh “I thought we were actually doing a roll call” he said pouting

“Let’s go Jason!” Alicia said, taking Jason’s hand

“No! I’ll bring him in myself” Mel stopped them, taking Jason’s hand away from Alicia

“If you say so. I’ll be waiting inside” Alicia said, as she walked inside.


The door to the little home of the Bradsons’ pushed open, as Mel stepped in with her guest. Mrs Bradson was at the dining getting the table ready for her daughters when she suddenly lifted her head to acknowledge the presence of the other daughter as the first already went upstairs to get changed.

“Good afternoon mum” Mel greeted as she hugged her mum with shaky hands.

“Good afternoon dear. How was school today?” She asked with a radiant smile, as her eyes caught hold of the presence of a strange guy

“Good” She replied with a nod “where’s Alicia?” She asked again

“She’s upstairs” Her mum replied, eyes fixed on Jason who returned the gaze with a smile on his face

“Changing?” Mel asked again as her mum nodded a response this time

“Who’s your friend Mel?”

“Uhmm mum. This is Jason Smith”

“Good afternoon mum” Jason greeted as he stepped forward

“Good afternoon. How are you doing?”

“Am good mum. I must confess you are just too beautiful”

“Well, thank you Jason” she replied, her face turning red with blush

“Mum let’s talk in the kitchen for a quick second” Mel said, dragging her mum away from Jason

“Am listening Mellisa. Who is he?”

“He’s my boyfriend” she blurted out, head bowed in fear as her mum looked at her with doubt, uncertainty and shock

“Mum I know what you are thinking but its nothing like that. Well, maybe a bit but am okay. We are okay mum. Just do me this favor and don’t freak out”

“How far has this gone?” She asked calmly

“Officially, its about two weeks”

“And non officially?”

“Since the start of this school’s session”

“And you didn’t tell me anything about it”

“I knew about it mum and we are sorry that you had to find out like this” Alicia said

“Girls!” Their mum half screamed

“He loves her mum” Alicia defended

“Does he?”

“I love him mum” Mel said softly as their mother sighed deeply

“Well, we have a guest and its improper to keep him waiting. Go get change and come down for dinner. Thank goodness your dad is not around”


“Love you mum” Mel said hugging her mum before she left the kitchen.

“I told you everything would be fine” Alicia said with a smirk

“Alicia come fix this table!” Mum screamed from the dinning

“Coming mum” Alicia screamed back “look very pretty okay” she said to Mel

“Okay” Mel replied with a smile.


Lunch went smoothly as Jason answered all of Mrs Bradsons’ question without flaws. The four of them had a splendid time together before Jason left for his house.

Mother and daughters had an heart to heart conversation that lasted all through the night before they finally gave themselves a few hours rest.

The sun brought with it the start of a new day, as everyone got themselves ready for school. Rehearsals were readjusted as the students were preparing for major exams by Monday. Acing those exams means being qualified to take college exams and get admitted into a college, so it was a big deal as all students were brainstorming, visiting libraries and doing more researches. Relationships were put on hold for a while as there was hardly a breathing space for anything.

It was Thursday, the last day to the drama presentation. Everything has got to be perfect as Mrs Betty was running around, putting finishing touches to everything and anything. Actors were rehearsing and memorizing their lines as the whole area was a huge rowdy mess. The noise was deafening as well.

“Five minutes break everybody” Mrs Betty announced over the megaphone

Students grabbed their sodas, hot coffees, juice, and refreshing drinks to cool themselves down. Some thought it as an opportunity to check up on social media, uploading and checking up on uploads, while others just chatted with their friends.

At one quiet corner, Mel and Jace sat, eating a burger when Jason suddenly dropped his burger.

“Is something wrong? Don’t you want to eat anymore?” Mel asked with concern

“No! Nothing actually, am fine” He said after sipping from the can of water besides him.

“Sure!?” She asked as he nodded.

“I think I need to use the restroom” He said, holding his chest as he got up.

He took two steps from his seat, before collapsing down on the floor. Mel rushed to his side, holding him, as she screamed for help, tears already dropping from her eyes.

“Jason! What’s wrong? Talk to me please”

His eyes were opened but he was restless, as he rolled on the floor as though fighting for air to breath. Everyone had already gathered around him as his eyes gradually started shutting to the world.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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