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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 27)




Episode 27.

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“Ceceliana is the woman I loved and got married to in the former life”
“Former life? As in a past life?”
“Yeah and Ceceliana reincarnated into this present lifetime.
“I don’t know Jason, but I honestly don’t believe in that thing called a past life”
“You are Ceceliana!”
What was going on? Past life, reincarnation, what is he talking about?
“Jason, if you don’t wish to tell me who Cece really is, its okay by me. I won’t ask okay”
“Alliandro!” He blurted out
“Who is that?”
“That’s me in our past life. We had a beautiful daughter together”
At this point in time, I was genuinely worried and scared for him.
“Do you need to see a doctor? Should I call somebody?”
“Am not crazy Ceceliana, please believe me!”
“My name is Mellisa, not Cece whatever you call it. What’s up with you Jason? What’s all this talk about a past life?”
“I can’t loose you twice. I won’t survive it” he sounded sad as he held firmly onto my hands, a tear drop escaping his eyelids
“Twice?” I asked, trying to comfort him with the warmth of my hands
“Yes and I understand how all of these might sound confusing and strange to you but it’s the truth”
“And I don’t recall any of these because… “
“The universe doesn’t give knowledge to both parties in order for them to make new decisions and tread different paths and an opportunity to try to live differently”
“And can you prove this? Can you prove any of these things you say?” I asked, as his grip loosened and my hand was free from his firm hold
“Not all things deserve a concrete prove or explanation, just like love”
“Even if I should believe anything you just said, and accept the fact that there had been another lifetime, where we fell in love and got married, what has that got to do with this present lifetime? We could just say our love is so pure that it happened again”
“Is that how you see it?” He asked with his eyebrow raised, looking me dead in the eyes.
“That’s the only way to see it Jason. We had a beautiful daughter together right?” I asked as he nodded “I don’t see a problem here then”
“The problem here is that in the former life, you died whilst trying to save me and the probability for this to reoccur is more than 90%”
Jason arrived California safely, as he headed for Mabel’s home. He was warmly received and welcomed by Mabel and her small family.
They had late breakfast before Mabel’s husband left for work, leaving Jason with his niece and sister.
“So what is all of this about?” Mabel asked, after making herself comfortable on a sofa
“Well, I think its only right for you to know the whole tale, from genesis” Jason replied after a deep sigh
“Down to revelation” She said with a chuckle
“Well, it all started after I turned 16. I had terrible nightmares, flashes of image of a particular girl I have never seen once in my life…. “
“Wow! That’s a whole lot of information. I think I would need time to process all these data, but a past life?”
“It’s okay if you don’t believe me but its the truth”
“Am not saying I don’t believe you. As a person, I actually feel that life doesn’t just come to be. Like, have you ever seen a face before, for the first time and felt like you have known him or her for a really long time or have you been to a place and feel like you have been here before or had that strangest feeling that you had already lived a particular day before and its just happening again? Though, no laws have been put in place to clear doubts and questions but the fact remains that there is more to life than this present life we see. If really, you and Mellisa had something in your past life and that resulted in her death, I would seriously kick against you both continuing any relationship in this present lifetime”
“But I love her a whole lot and the only difference between this lifetime and the former is that, in this lifetime I have the needed information to prevent any mishap from happening”
“You are being selfish Jason and just maybe that’s what the universe wants to teach you”
“Selfish? Am selfish? How am I selfish? For trying to be with the one I love, you call that being selfish?”
“If you love her that much, you will do everything in your power to keep her safe, no matter how much pains and hurt you feel. Sacrifices are an important attribute of real love”
“What guarantee is there that she would die if we stay together? Even if we get separated today, she might still die”
“Its all up to you in the end, but do you really want to take chances with her life?”
The tension in the room could be sensed, even by a stranger who just walks in. The last question numbed Jason, as his lips could not form the needed words for a suitable reply. Mabel, on the other hand, sat comfortably, patiently waiting for a reply to her tactical question.
The cry of the baby from the nursery, came to Jason’s aid, as Mabel left immediately to attend to her little daughter, leaving Jason in his world of thoughts.
☎ Mabel
Yes mum. Good evening mum
☎Good evening dear. Have you seen Jason lately?
Shouldn’t he be home with you?
☎ For two days now, Jason has not been home, neither is he at any of the other mansions, even his suite is vacant. Am scared that that boy might have done something very stupid
Scared? Why should you be scared? After all, you gave him an ultimatum to breakup with his girlfriend. Contrary to do so, would incur your wrath
☎ He told you?
He tells me everything mum. Mum how can you think of saying that to your own biological son?
☎Do you even know who the girl in question is?
I honestly don’t care mum. She is a poor child, who tasted the harsh side of life quite early. She’s adopted and her adopted family treats her like one of theirs. What exactly is the problem here? Social class? Political status? Family background? What exactly? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about the girl in person? Is she a good girl? Is she respectful? Can she add meaning to my son’s life? Does she really love my son? These are questions you should concern yourself with
☎ You don’t expect Jason to marry the daughter of a nobody
I don’t expect Jason to marry the daughter of a somebody he doesn’t love. Marriage is for eternity mum. Jason should get married to somebody he loves and is sure of, not a total stranger, all in the name of making parents happy. Its his life and his choices, whatever decisions he makes, whether good or bad, we should support him, advice him if possible but not casting him away
☎ (sighs) Is he in California with you?
He was but he’s on a plane back home. He has school tomorrow you know but he’s not coming to the family house though. He plans on moving out immediately he lands tonight
☎ moving out? What do you mean by moving out?
You threatened him mum. He doesn’t feel safe around you. He sees you as a threat to his happiness and joy and at such, he’s leaving the house
☎ And you didn’t talk to him?
I talked with him mum and I realized how stressed out Jason really is. He needs time and family support to make some certain life decisions.
☎ Thank you Mabel. You are more than a daughter most times
(chuckles) that’s because I take after my mum in everything
☎ (laughs) and how is my granddaughter doing?
She’s fine mum. Take care of yourself and think about everything I just said
☎ I will baby
talk to you later mum
☎ bye dear (hangs up)
“Is that how you see it?” “The problem here is that in the former life, you died whilst trying to save me and the probability for this to reoccur is more than 90%” his voice replayed in my head.
“Do you believe in a past life?” I asked Alicia as I entered her room
“Past life?” She asked, raising her head from the computer screen, looking me in the eye “I don’t believe in a past life but I do believe in an afterlife and when I get there, I would be a fairytale princess” she said with a wide smile
“When will you ever be serious?” I scolded as I sat on the bed
“Sorry Mrs Seriousness but its good to laugh always”
“Back to my question Miss”
“There are a lot of evidences to prove that a past life really and truly exists. As a science student, we are taught to believe that there is more than meet the eye but as Alicia, I hope to experience the extraordinary someday”
“Jason claims to have a past life with me”
She suddenly pulled her chair in front of me, curiosity written boldly on her face, I couldn’t help but chuckle at her reaction.
“Now, that’s an interesting point of view”
“Yeah, very interesting”
“Tell me everything”
“He said I was Ceceliana in our past life and he was Alliandro. We fell in love and got married, even had a daughter together”
“What happened next?”
“According to his story, I died whilst trying to save him”
“Yeah! I made a sacrifice for him in the past life and that ended my life”
“Then what are you doing with this information?”
“Absolutely nothing” I blurted out
“What do you mean by absolutely nothing?”
“What do you expect me to do with this story?”
“For starters, getting the deep Intel of the story and knowing how you actually died”
“How I died?”
“Yeah, in your past life. And then thinking of a way to avoid you dying for a second time”
“You are making this look like a creepy haunted tale”
“Its creepy but I don’t know if its haunted”
“In essence of everything you just said, what is the main message you are trying to deliver across?”
“Breakup with Jason?”
“No! Never! How is that going to help with anything. And moreover, I love him a whole lot. This story only proves that we are destined to be together forever”
“Or that one of you is destined to die? Maybe this is even your third or fourth reincarnation and over time, you have always being dying”
“That’s an assumption and it shouldn’t be put into consideration. How am I even going to protect him? His parents are not in any form of political danger and even if they were, they have the financial power to keep themselves safe, so how am I going to fulfill this prophecy”
“Its not a prophecy Mellisa”
“They are all the same thing. Past life, prophecy, whatever, I don’t care. All I know is that, am not breaking up with Jason or leaving him. I love him and that’s it”
“You are being unnecessarily stupid about this Mel. You know what? Just ask him for the real story and if it turns out you died under normal circumstances, then you can decide whether or not to continue. The universe has given you a second chance, don’t misuse it over feelings”
“I’ll talk to you later” I said, walking out of the room.
If you we’re Mellisa what would you do?
Would you breakup with Jason to save yourself of a fairytale you ain’t even sure of? Or stick with him till the end?
If you were Jason, what would be your next step of action? Do you feel Jason is being unnecessarily selfish about the whole thing?

Remember, Jason knows the whole details of the history and poor Mellisa knows only but a bit of the tale.


To Be Continued….. . . .

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