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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 26)




Episode 26.

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I never knew loving someone could feel this good, and the best part of it all is the fact that it wasn’t a one sided attraction. I could sense him stealing glances at me all through our lectures, as I couldn’t help but smile and blush at him. Making our relationship public wasn’t something I was ready for at the time but knowing I had the attention of Jason Smith was overwhelming and I couldn’t help but laugh at everything that has transpired till this very minute.

Of a fact, I love Jason a whole lot and I can do anything and everything to make him happy. Am willing to go through any ordeal for his sake, that’s how much I loved him.

Deep down, I knew it won’t be easy getting Isabella and Tasha off our backs but Jason already did the needful, he chose me over them and am going to stick by his side no matter what.

At the close of school, Alicia dragged Jason to the school’s canteen, in the guise of getting some drinks from the vending machine but I know better. Jason was about getting the ‘sister’s talk’.

“Hi Mel, can we talk?” I heard a voice that sent shivers down my spine. Looking over at her pale face, I couldn’t help but feel pity for her.

What exactly does she wants to talk about? Should I walk out on her? Is talking with her right now advisable?

“Hi Tasha” I greeted with a smile on my face. I saw her eyes light up with joy as she smiled back at me.

“Mellisa, I know I have been a very bad person and a bad friend to you and I want to apologize from the depth of my heart. I am truly sorry for everything” her voice laced with deep sadness

“I honestly don’t know what to say but the truth remains that I feel your pains dear and I understand exactly how you are feeling right now” I said with all sincerity from my heart

I saw a tear drop escape her eyelids as she quickly blinked it away.

“Jason really loves you Mellisa and its you he wants. No matter what any of us does or says, he’s still going to choose you over and over again. Of a fact, I envy you a whole lot and I just wish he could give me half the attention he gives you but that’s just mere wishing and its never ever going to happen. I don’t hate you and I don’t blame you for this. I also don’t see you as the one that snatched Jason away from me; he was never mine in the first place. The main reason I am here is to ask for your forgiveness, not necessarily friendship, your forgiveness is all I need, please” I could sense the depth of sadness from her voice. I knew it took more of her will power to do this, as her eyes welled up with tears

“Natasha” I called out softly, holding her hands in mine “I don’t hate you and I most definitely did not hold any grudge against you. There’s nothing to forgive because no sin has been committed and I still want our friendship to strive. I am sorry that things turned out this way and I wish you the very best life has to offer” I said, squeezing her hands lovingly

“Thank you Mellisa” she said almost in a whisper, gently removing her hand from my grip, as she turned around, walking away from me

“Natasha” I called out

“Yeah” She replied, turning around as I smiled at her, spreading my arms wide for a hug. She smiled back at me as we held each other in a warm friendly embrace, before she walked out.

“What was that about?” I heard Alicia’s voice from behind me, as I turned swiftly to meet her questioning gaze

“Nothing. Can we go now?”

“Mel!” She called out my name, her look unchanging as she sought answers to her question

“Where’s Jason?” I asked trying to change topics

“He’s waiting outside”

“Then, let’s go”

“What did you both discuss?” She was annoyingly adamant as she refused leaving the spot she stood

“Nothing Madam Alicia” I said dragging her out into the school’s compound.


It was no longer rumors but an open secret that Jason Smith was dating Mellisa Bradson, the daughter of a nobody, a bastard that ended up being an adopted daughter of the Bradsons.

Isabella Bradson decided to give in to defeat as she listened to her best friends’ advice.

Tasha was living a quiet life as she was now a mutual friend to both Mel, Jason and Alicia.

Life was finally fair to Mellisa as everything began falling in perfect harmony.


“Don’t you dare walk out on me Jason” Mrs Smith screamed after her son, who was descending the stairs in a rush.


“Just let us be, Mum” Jason screamed without looking back at his mother.

“It would be over my dead body that you’d marry that bastardized orphan”

That remark suddenly seemed to make Jason stop on his track as he looked at his mother with a shocked-angry expression. His mum took her time in walking up to her son as she looked over him.

“There are millions of girls out there, girls with great backgrounds and from recognized families. Why do you choose a nobody over these girls? If getting them to talk to you or agree to your proposal is a problem, tell me and I’ll have that fixed immediately”

“Did you pick a wife for Damien or a husband for Mabel? Tell me, did you?”

“At least they didn’t bring home a disappointment”

“Mel is not a disappointment mother”

“And I say she is. The whole town is talking about this rubbish and you are not even concerned about it. Listen up young man, I give you 72 hours to end whatever it is you have going on with that good-for-nothing bad luck of a girl. 72 hours and nothing more. If after 72 hours, whatever you think you have is still ongoing, I’ll be forced to take drastic actions”

“Are you by any chance, threatening me mum?”

“I am too old for threats Jason. You have 72 hours and that’s it” She said, walking out of the house in anger.


Letting Mellisa go is the last thing on my mind now and it wasn’t even an option. I rather get disowned and disinherited than let Mel go but I know my parents too well and that’s my major fear.

When my back is against the wall, there’s only one human being I can think of running to for help; MABEL.

☎ Hi sis

Hello baby brother

☎ (chuckles) I am no longer a baby, you know

Hey what’s wrong?

☎ Wrong? What do you mean?

You sound off a bit. Something is bothering you and I know, so don’t even think of lying to me.

☎ (laughs lightly) You always seem to know me better than I think you do

Yeah I do. So tell me. Wait! Is it about that girl mum called me about?

☎ (scoffs) Typical of mum to call you

Come over to the house, so we can talk about it well

☎ Thanks big sis

You are not serious

☎ How is my favorite niece doing? I have missed her a whole lot

She’s fine. We are expecting you today right?

☎ No but I’ll be there tomorrow morning. I’ll just have to get ready for the trip immediately.

Stay safe. Love you (hangs up)


I know Jason is having a very hard time with his family because of me and I was worried for his sake. His phone has been switched off since morning and I only get to see him in school on school days and the weekend just got started.

Jason goodness! I have been trying to reach you for some hours now, where have you been?

I am fine babe. How are you doing?

I’m fine now that I have been able to reach you. But is everything okay? Like, is there anything you wish to tell me or feel I should know?

As a matter of fact Cece, there’s something you ought to know

Cece? Who is Cece?

I meant to say Mel

Mel and Cece don’t sound alike Jason

Am sorry for calling you that

Who is Cece?

Let’s meet at Big Jack’s coffee shop in thirty minutes please

Okay (hangs up)

Cece? Who was Cece? Why did he call me Cece? Was she some sort of ex or betrothed?

Answers to my unending questions await me in thirty minutes, as I got dressed and ready to leave the house.

“Going out!?” Alicia asked as she stepped into my room. I nodded a yes as I continued with my dressing.

“You don’t look too good, did someone offend you?”

“No” I blurted out angrily

“That sounds like an angry Mellisa to me. What happened?” Her voice was laced with genuine concern as it melted away all the anger I felt.

“We were talking and out of the blues, he called me Cece” I said, sitting, besides her on the bed

“Cece!? Who is Cece?” She asked, turning to look me in the eyes

“Questions that I need answers to, myself”

“That name doesn’t sound familiar. Is there any Cece in your class?”

“There is no Cece in my class and am pretty sure there is none in the school”

“Well, let’s not jump into any conclusions now. For all we know, Cece might be a cousin like Anna or a niece or a friend. What we should do right now is ask him and hear his defense. Where are you heading to now?”

“He asked us to meet at Big Jack’s coffee shop”

“Don’t forget to grab my king-sized burger on your way back”

“At a time like this, you still think about food” I said standing up, walking to the mirror to get my hair in order


“What else should I think about? How can I even think of anything on an empty stomach”

“Okay ma’am. Good to go?” I asked, swirling around for her to have a look at my dress


“See you later Ali” I waved at her before leaving the room.


“I thought you said in thirty minutes?” I asked as I reached the table, Jason sat at.

“Yeah I did but wouldn’t want to keep an angel like you waiting, so I came earlier” He said with a wide smile, one I couldn’t help but return back.


Deciding if whether to tell Mel the truth about our past lives was ideal or not, proved to be the toughest decision I was ever faced with.

On one hand, her knowing the whole truth could help make things easier and prevent another disaster and on another hand, it could worsen things.

I watched her make herself comfortable besides me, placing our orders, as she smiled lovingly at me.

Calling her Cece was an honest mistake that I can’t even think of a way around it now. I know one of the major reasons she’s here is to ask who Cece was and how was I going to answer that?

“Dating Mellisa in this present lifetime would spell doom for the both of you. Your love always kills her and cuts her life short. You can’t beat destiny. You can’t avoid destiny. You can’t outrun destiny. Don’t play with fate child!” Nnana’s voice echoed in my head as I looked at the perfect beauty in front of me.

“I will protect her with my life” I heard my voice, as the conversation I had with Nnana replayed in my head.

“You said that before but she ended up protecting you with her life” Nnana said, looking me in the eye

“Not this time Nnana. I know better now and I will do everything within my power to protect the love of my life. I have lost her before, I won’t loose her again, not in this lifetime”

“Your love is fated to kill her. Be selfless and leave her. Run away from her and save her from death”

“There have got to be another way Nnana”

“There’s no other way. History would repeat itself if you continue this journey” Nnana warned

“Hey babe” I heard Mellisa as she shook me a bit roughly. I looked over at her, as I smiled reassuringly.

“What are you thinking about? You just zoomed out on me, whilst staring into space”

“Did I?”

“Yes, you did”

“Have the orders arrived?”

Just then a waitress walked over to the table with a tray in hand, placing it on the table before walking away.

“The orders are here. Now, tell me everything I need to know”

“Do you really want to know who Cece is?” I said after taking in a deep breath

“Yeah” she said with a nod

“Ceceliana is the woman I loved and got married to in the former life”

“Former life? As in a past life?”

“Yeah and Ceceliana reincarnated into this present lifetime.

“I don’t know Jason, but I honestly don’t believe in that thing called a past life”

“You are Ceceliana!”.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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