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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 25)




Episode 25.

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“Who do we have here? Is that Anastasia I see over there?” Mr Smith asked, excitement laced his voice
“Yes Uncle” The girl squeaked as she strolled down to meet her supposed uncle, giving him a hug and kissing his old cheeks
“What are you doing here tonight?” He asked again
“Don’t tell me I also shocked you?” Her soft voice spoke out
“Am glad I’m not the only one shocked” Jason replied as he made himself comfortable besides his mum
“Everyone meet me stubborn niece, Anastasia” he introduced as I breathed a sigh of deep relief
“Uncle! I’m not stubborn. Good evening everyone” she greeted as she sat besides Mr Smith and directly opposite Jason. Her smile was beautiful and contagious as well.
Anastasia was his cousin, not a girlfriend.
With Alicia’s help, I was able to get dressed for the party but sneaking out became really difficult as Mum decided to hang out with her daughters longer than we saw necessary. Finally, she left us alone as I was able to successfully leave the house, entered a cab and headed for the Smith’s mansion. The lights from the house was enough to illuminate a whole town. The sound of soft jazz filled the air.
I rubbed my palms together, out of nervousness rather than cold. I stood in front of the gate, after paying off the taxi driver, contemplating whether or not to go in. I decided to continue with the mission as I picked up my phone to text him.
°Am here°
•Took your time. I’ll be out in a bit•
°It’s cold outside°
•I’ll be out there in a bit•
In less than five minutes, the huge gate creaked open as he stepped out looking dashing that I felt I was under dress for him
“You look really pretty Mel” he complimented
“You are just trying to be nice. This is the exact same way I look every single day”
“Exactly my point. You look beautiful everyday and you don’t need a day to look more beautiful because you are already too beautiful”
“That’s a bit cheesy Jason” I said trying to hide my blush
“Party already started” he said as we strolled into the huge compound
“So I’m late? Sorry for coming late”
“You are actually early because it gives us more time together” He stopped on his tracks, as I looked up at him with questioning eyes.
“There’s somebody I want you to meet, two people actually” he said pulling me with him as we walked into the most beautiful garden I have ever seen in my entire life.
“Anna!” He screamed at a girl seated on the bench underneath a huge tree
“Is she the one?” The girl asked, getting up from her seat
“The one for what?” I asked, confusedly
“So she’s the boyfriend snatcher right?” Her eyebrows were raised, expression spoke of anger
“Boyfriend snatcher?” I was getting scared now
“Yes bit*h! So you feel you can snatch my man from me and go unpunished right?” Her voice was raised as she moved closer to me
“There must be a misunderstanding somewhere. I am not snatching anybody”
“My name is Anastasia, Jason’s big cousin sister. Nice meeting you” her voice was unbelievably calm now
“What!?” I was visibly shocked
“Ignore anything she says. We are age mate, she is just a week older” Jason said, laughing and I wondered what was funny. I was just harassed and they are joking over it.
“Even if its a day, am still your big cousin sister, get that into your head”
“I don’t understand. For a minute, you accused me of snatching your boyfriend and now this. Am confused” I said breaking up their family conversation
“First off, I can’t date Jason even if he were to be the last man alive” she said, a wide smile on her face
“That’s harsh” Jason said pouting
“And secondly, I was just pulling your legs dear. Jason told me about his girlfriend and I wanted to see for myself and after I saw you, I wondered what magical spell he used in winning your heart”
“Girlfriend” I almost coughed on it
“Yes or are you both not dating?”
“Anna, did you hear that?” Jason asked from nowhere
“Hear what?”
“Daddy is calling. Go answer him”
“Seriously? I didn’t hear him. I’ll talk to you later hon” she said, waving and smiling at me before running off
“What just happened?” I asked as we sat on the bench just vacated by Anna
“You just met my favorite cousin right now. She’s a bit crazy but extremely fun when you get to know her” he said with a smile on his face
“I see. And the girlfriend part”
“I love you Mellisa”
“Are we dating?”
“Mellisa… “
“You shouldn’t go about telling people we are dating when actually we are not. You already have a girlfriend, you shouldn’t be cheating on her”
“Am not dating Tasha or anybody, its you I want, its you I need. And am asking officially now, please be my girlfriend” he said, as I watch him drop on one knee.
I looked at him, his eyes pleading for a yes but I couldn’t say yes to him, I just couldn’t. Am going to say a no and leave this place now.
“Yes!” I heard myself say
What are you doing Mellisa. Say no to him now.
“Thank you Mel. I love you so much” he said, hugging me tightly
“I love you much more” I heard myself say, hugging him back.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked, with those deep sexy voice of his. His eyes were locked in mine as I was lost in the beauty of them
“I guess so” I said, trying to hide my blush.
Dinner went smoothly, but Jason deliberately refused sparing me a glance, though the table was a bit rowdy but he should have at least waved at him, acknowledged my presence but he didn’t.
After dinner, Jason disappeared with that Cousin of his as the parents went into another room to discuss privately, leaving the kids to themselves. Ella was with her boyfriend and Jake was with his girlfriend, I sat there lonely and depressed. I decided to take a walk around the mansion, with the hope of meeting Jason somewhere but it was futile and I was getting tired as well.
Just when I was about loosing hope, I saw that cousin of his, Anna, walk towards me, her phone was on her ear, as she talked and laughed at intervals.
“Hi” I greeted as she was about walking past me. She politely stood besides me, though her phone was still with her.
“Let me call you back babe. Love you” She said into her phone, a smile on her face.
I watched her as she put her phone in her jean pocket, looking at me with a calm expression.
“Hi” she greeted
“Jason’s Cousin, right?” I asked with a smile on my face
“Yeah” she replied with her eyebrow raised, as though asking if we had met before
“Am Isabella but my friends call me Bella. Jason and I attends the same school” I introduced myself to my future in-law
“That’s nice. Pleasure meeting you” she said with an outstretched hand
“Same here” I replied, taking her hand in a friendly handshake. “I don’t know if you could help in telling where Jason is, he kinda disappeared after dinner”
“Oh! Jason is in the garden with his girlfriend”
“Thank you but wait, did you just say girlfriend?”
She nodded as a reply, pointing me to the direction of the garden
“She’s pretty” she added as her phone buzzed. She looked at the phone’s screen and then back at me.
“I have to go now. Nice meeting you Bella” she said, walking away from me as she placed her phone on her ear
“Didn’t I tell you I would call you back?” I heard her say as her voice faded in the distance.
Girlfriend? Jason has a girlfriend? Unbelievable! I have to see things for myself.
Quickly, I hurried in the direction Anna pointed out, headed to see this pretty girlfriend of his.
The garden was huge and beautiful and I wondered where I would start the search from.
“Can I kiss you?” I heard a voice I can never fail to recognize; JASON’S
Quickly, I hurried in the direction of the voice and saw Jason with some girl. She had her back at me and so, I couldn’t see her face clearly.
“I guess so” I heard her say
Before I could do or say anything, their lips were already interlocked as the tear drops from my eyelids, I couldn’t hold back the tears as it came flooding my cheek.
Jason already had a girlfriend!
It was the end for me!
I left the garden and left for home immediately. What was the use when Jason is already dating some girl I don’t even know.
I can’t believe I just made a fool of myself with someone that can never be mine. All I ever did wrong was love him and fight for the feelings I had for him. Was it wrong for a woman to fight for the one she claimed to love?
Today happens to be the best day of my life; I finally got the woman I love and want.
To say the truth, I am very scared, so scared of letting her get hurt again for me. Should I tell her about our past life together? That isn’t the best idea. We would just start our lives afresh without any strings of a past life.
Don’t get me wrong, am not ignoring Nnana’s warnings but am not willing to stay away from Mel anymore, I can’t survive without her. Call me selfish but I rather be regarded as selfish than spend the rest of my life without Mellisa.
The rest of the night went extremely well, as Mel and I had our little moonlight dinner in the garden. I took her home myself with my motorbike but stopped a little distance from her house. We strolled down quietly, stopping in front of her house, as she texted her sister to come open the door for her. I watch her sneak back in, the door closing gently behind them, before leaving for my house.
“Where have you been Jason?” My mum asked the moment I walked into the mansion
“Around” I replied, finding my way upstairs
“This party was thrown for you but you were nowhere to be found all through. What’s wrong with you?” I heard my dad’s firm voice
“I don’t remember asking for a party from you guys and what is this party actually about? To welcome me to the country? I have been in this state for more than a month now, attended school and interacted with different people. So tell me dear parents, what exactly is the use of this party?” I blurted out
“Jason!” My mum half yelled
“Let me answer that for you guys. This party was a camouflage for one of your business meetings, as usual. You guys, would never host a party for me without having any hidden motives. The party went well I presume?”
“Jason!” My dad looked and sounded angry now but I don’t give a damn, I was the one feeling the hurt, not them.
“What dad!”
“I’ll take him to his room uncle” Anna said from upstairs. Our loud voices must have attracted her as she descended the stairs in her nightie
“No, Anna. Its time they know they have been nothing but bad parents. The mum I know and truly recognise is Sister Mabel. She has been there from day one but my birth mum has been traveling to and fro for one business trip or the other. I only get to see you now, because of your health condition, if not for that, you wouldn’t be in the country by now”
“Let’s go Jason!” Anna said, pulling me by the arm, leading me upstairs to my room.
“What’s all that about?” She asked the moment we stepped into the room. She looked so much like Mabel when she’s about scolding me.
“That drama you just displayed”
“Anna… “
“Don’t say anything. You grew up without your parents attention and time, I get that, we all do but the fact remains that they are still your parents and they love you so much so you must respect them. Its a duty and an obligation. You owe them some explanations, disappearing like that on them” she stated calmly as she stood in front of me
“Whose side are u on?” I asked, lifting my head to look her in the eye.
“The right side” She said, as she caressed my face lovingly, just like Mabel would do. All of a sudden, I missed my big sister
“Did Mel reach home safely?” Her question jolted me out of my little trans
“Yeah!” I said nodding
“Goodnight Cousin” she kissed my cheeks before heading for the door
“Goodnight Anna” I replied as she stepped out closing the door.
I laid on my bed, the day’s event replaying in my head, a smile curving on my face as sleep gradually stole its way into my eyes.
I jumped out of bed, as I hurriedly got dressed for school. I have never been this excited for school but here I was, washing up and trying to look my very best for today.
I came downstairs to meet my mum in the dining table, dad was nowhere to be found so I assumed he already traveled.
“Good morning mum” I greeted as I walked to her side and kissed her on the cheek
“Good morning son” she replied with a faint smile
“How was your night?” I asked as I took my seat besides her, grabbing my plate of breakfast
“It was good and yours?”
I nodded in the affirmative as my mouth was full
“Where is dad?”
“He had to travel”
Again, I nodded as I continued eating
“Baby!” She called out softly
“Yes mum”
“Am sorry for not being a good mother to you” Her voice was extremely sad
“Am sorry for what I said last night. Your hard work as well as dad’s is what put food on the table everyday. We are where we are today because of you guys. We can travel whenever and however we want because of the sacrifices you guys made for us. Mabel told me of how dad wanted you to get rid of me, but you kept me nonetheless and had me. You nursed me with so much love and affection and am grateful for that. I love you mum”
“I love you so much more honey”
“I don’t want to be late for school today” I said, as I returned back to eating
“First time I see that you are in a haste. Is something happening in school?”
“His girlfriend is in school” Anna said, once again appearing from nowhere
“Girlfriend!?” Mum exclaimed
“Loud mouth” I said, glaring at Anna as she walked towards the dinning
“What! She ain’t a secret now, is she?” Anna defended herself with a smirk, as she sat opposite me
“What girlfriend are we talking about? Whose daughter is she? When can I meet her?” Mum was sounding excited
“Time for school mum. I’ll see you both later in the day” I said, gulping down my glass of juice
“I’ll be going back to Manchester today” Anna said, taking a bite from her pancakes
“I’ll come see you by this weekend then” I said, picking up my bag
“Is that a promise?” Anna asked with her eyebrow raised, as if in doubt of what I just said
“Nope, its just me being nice” I replied with a smirk
“Jerk!” She cursed under her breath as she stabbed the innocent food in her plate.
“Luv you both” I said laughing, as I kissed them both before leaving the house.
Melissa was getting dressed but she seemed frustrated as her bed piled up with clothes. The door to her room pushed open, as Alicia walked in, already dressed.
“You are not dressed yet?” Alicia groaned
“Can’t seem to pick out the best one”
“I know you guys are dating and all but you shouldn’t make yourself too tense about wanting to impress him because that might lead to low self esteem and you know what low self esteem brings? Depression. So dear sister, relax and be yourself. Wear what you normally wear and if he finds a problem with that, he can as well find his way out through the door”
“Thanks Alicia”
“You are welcome. I prefer the green floral gown more though” Alicia said, causing them both to chuckle
Jason was comfortably seated as he continually stole glances at Mellisa, who couldn’t hide her blush. He threw her kisses and smiles at random, causing eyes to turn in the classroom.
“Maybe they are an item now” some students gossiped amongst themselves.
At the end of the day, Mellisa was at the entrance of the class, waiting for Alicia and Jason who walked over to the vending machine to get some drinks and snacks, when Tasha walked up to her.
“Hi Mel. Can we talk?”
What do you think this conversation is about?
Drop your thoughts on this chapter
Poor Isabella

All she did was fight for her love.

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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