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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 24)




Episode 24.

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I can’t believe that Mellisa actually agreed to come to see me tonight. I finally have a reason to dress up for this stupid party. Quickly I texted my home address to her as I dashed into the bathroom to clean up properly. Picking a dress turned out to be the hardest job ever as I just couldn’t get a good outfit for tonight. Come to think of it, why am I so tense?

I just want to look my best for her tonight. Once again, I searched through my wardrobe to get an outfit but still failed in deciding the best one.


Why didn’t I think about her before. I immediately logged in to video call her and luckily for me she was online.

€ Hi Big Sis €

¥ This one you video called me today, am I safe? ¥

€ Am sorry that I have not called since but i left on sunday, didn’t I? €

¥ So that’s an excuse for not calling ever since? ¥

€ Of course not sis. Okay, am sorry, you win. So, how is my favorite niece doing?€

¥ We are doing good, wanna see her?¥

€ Please€

She lifted the phone to enable me have a look at the cute little bundle of joy sleeping in her cradle.

€ She’s so cute€

¥ I know, right? Like her mum¥

€ Yeah! Beautiful like her mum€

She hid her face as a blush appeared on her face.

¥ Thank you baby. So what’s up?¥

€ Must something be up for me to call my big sister and check up on my baby niece?

¥ I know my baby brother too well. So tell me¥

€ I need to pick the best outfit for the party tonight€

¥ Why are you troubling yourself over an outfit?¥

€ Shouldn’t I look good for my own party?

¥ She’s coming over, ain’t she? ¥

€ Who? I don’t know what you are talking about. Can you just help me pick an outfit for tonight? €

¥ Only on the condition that i get to see her later tonight¥

€ Okay €

¥ He finally agrees. My baby brother is in love ¥

€ The outfit please €


I really need to pick an outfit for tonight and I can’t bring myself to calling Gabriella or Jake but I was desperate, too desperate.

I picked up my phone to call Gabriella, she picked up after the second ring.


☎ Hi Gabriella


☎ Baby girl, am really sorry for my outburst the other time. I was upset and you know how I can be when am upset

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That’s no excuse to how you talked down on us. You treated us as trash, like some unwanted piece of sh*t and we are fed up

☎ Am sorry. It’s just that my love for Jason is driving me crazy. You guys are the only friends I have. My best friends

You said it yourself that we are no longer friends

☎ Please Ella. We are a team. We have been one since forever. Please forgive me

Are you going for the party tonight?

☎ Should I?

You should. There won’t be any Mellisa or Tasha character in the picture. Just you and him and you’d have the opportunity to flaunt your beautiful body in front of him

☎ Picking an outfit seems like mission impossible right now

It should be. After all, am the expert at fashion (chuckles)

☎ Does this mean we are cool?

You still have to call Jake. He’s pretty upset but personally, I have missed you

☎(chuckles) me too

I was invited too, so am coming over. We could both dress up at your place

☎ Is your boyfriend going to attend?

Greg won’t miss a party (chuckles)

☎ (laughs lightly) I’ll be expecting you then. Thanks love

You are welcome always

☎ Am hanging up now

Me too

☎ Stay safe

(laughs) bye Bella

☎ (hangs up)

In an hour’s time, Jake and Ella were at my house as we dressed up in the most expensive and most sexiest dress we could find. Looking over at ourselves in the mirror, I grinned at the magic Ella had done; She was indeed a fashion queen.

My dad and mum entered one of the cars headed to the party, whilst Ella, Jake and I rode in another.

The Smith’s house was beautifully decorated as the maids and stewards directed us to a large room, built specially for occasions like this. A long dinning table stood in its magnificence and beautiful as flower vases, pots, cups, mugs, plates and soups decorated it.

We passed through a door to another room, different round tables covered with white cloth stood at strategic spots of the room. A small stage like pavement was built in front, as some classical musical instrument was occupying the space. The room was indeed beautiful, befitting the Smith’s status.

I sat with my parents at one table, Ella went to meet her parents, same as Jake. The room was graced with soft music coming from the keyboard, as some musicians performed lightly. I sat, patiently waiting for Jason to come out but it seemed he was taking his time.

Mr and Mrs Smith soon came out to join the guests as they sat at the center of the room. My eyes searched for Jason but he was nowhere to be found.

“Let’s head to the dining” Mr Smith announced after about thirty minutes of seating.


Gradually, everybody headed to the dining table as I followed behind my parents.

Was Jason not going to attend his own party or what?

“Is our son not going to attend his own welcome party?” One of the guests asked, I didn’t really look at him because I was focused on something more important

Mr Smith laughed heartily “His mum just went to bring him now. According to him, he has a special guest he needs to attend to. You know kids of nowadays”

Laughter erupted amongst them. What the hell was funny to them?

Jason was attending to a special guest? What special guest?

I saw Mrs Smith step into the room, face full with smiles. Behind her was the celebrant, but there was somebody besides him, face full of smiles.

I looked over at Ella who returned the shocked expression. What’s going on here?

Let’s start guessing
Who do you think the special guest is?
I know most people would say Mellisa but what if she isn’t the one?
And if it really was Mellisa, bringing her to the dining table, was that really a good idea on Jason’s part?

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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