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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 21)




Episode 21.

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How dare him? Was he trying to mock my feelings or what? After everything, he has the nerve to utter rubbish in my face. What does he take me for? A fool? He paid my mum’s bills and am eternally grateful to him for that but if he feels that he now controls me or that I am now his emotional slave or something, he must be joking.
I walked out on him, as I headed for the infirmary to get drugs for my headache; MERE SIGHT OF JASON GIVES ME HEADACHE; so annoying.
The school bell rang, as all students who were hanging around the lobby found their way to the swimming room immediately, afraid of the Principal’s wrath.
As I walked into the room, I felt all eyes on me and it was at this point that I realized the full implication of what I just did; Slapping Jason Smith in front of everybody.
I walked to a secluded area in the room, but still felt the eyes and fingers on me, Gosh! I hated this.
“Attention Please! All final year students, please head to the male changing room now” The Speakers echoed the sports master’s voice as all final year students filed to the direction of the male changing room, much to my relief.
“Hey guys, thanks for coming. We all know today is our extracurricular day” Our form master said
Nods of yes was seen amongst the students as he continued with whatever he wanted to say.
“But there’s a twist. Crescent High School are coming over today” The sports master said, hands folded across his chest.
“Coming over, as in today is a competition?” One girl from science department exclaimed loudly as all eyes turned towards the sports master and our form master, expecting a no as a response but unfortunately, they both nodded yes.
“But we were not informed before hand, this is unfair” a guy from my department lamented
“Neither were we. We just got the information some minutes ago” The sports master defended
“Let’s cancel. Rules are rules and the rule states that, both schools have about two weeks to prepare for any competition between them” A guy from science department said.
Well, here’s the deal, Crescent and Dream landers are one of the best schools in the region and at such there’s battle of supremacy amongst us. Our competitions are more of war than fun, although teachers and principal speak of having fun but we know better.
“Canceling is an impossibility guys, considering this is your very last swimming extracurricular activity for high school, except of course, you fail the examination and repeat this class” Our form master said
“So what’s the way out of this” A guy from science department asked
“Thank you Randy. The only way out is to participate and win this thing for us. Although we are not well prepared but am confident we can win this if we put our heart into it”
“We need twelve participants, six representing guys and six representing girls. Jake, Ray, Brian, Chris, Randy and Alex, for the guys while Isabella, Gabriella, Ashley, Flora, Mellisa and Nicolette would represent the girls” Our sports master said
“And in case you are wondering why these names were chosen, these are the best swimmers over the years in dream landers and you guys would agree with me that they are the best options we have right now” Our form master said, clearing away all doubts.
“Now, let’s all get back to the fun while we await war” Our Form master said, causing us all to laugh heartily
“But of course, the chosen 12 should stay behind for some strategic planning” the sports master said as the other students and form master walk back to the swimming room.
We stayed with the sports master for nearly an hour before going back into the swimming room, to await our rivals.
The ‘war’ already started and our competitors were extremely fierce, not giving us room to adjust. They had an advantage, they we’re extremely prepared for today but we, unfortunately were not.
We tried our best and things were coming out quite good. We were already in a tie with crescent and I was up next to represent the girls. I could hear Alicia’s voice above the crowd, cheering me on to victory, I couldn’t help but smile and wave at her before focusing back on the game.
It honestly wasn’t easy, as my opponent was a pretty good and fast swimmer but in the end, I earned a point for dream landers. Isabella was up next and she came up in a tie with her opponent.
Gabriella and Isabella were in the relay competition as they had the best chemistry and truly they surprised us all. Though, at first, it seemed they would lose but in the end, they came out top winning the relay race, earning us double points.
Life scores were now six for dream landers and three for Crescent. It was now up to Randy, Jake and Alex, the best swimmers in our class, no doubt, they were going to win this with their eyes closed.
“Sir!” Caleb ran breathlessly to the sports master who seemed engrossed in the competition, watching Randy and Jake swim the guy’s relay lap with intense focus. He was standing besides us, dream landers’ final year students.
“Speak, am listening” he replied, eyes still on the pool
“Its Alex, sir” Caleb said
All eyes turned towards Caleb immediately.
“What about Alex?” He asked, this time looking directly at Caleb
“He was at the back, eating some junk food as he claimed he was hungry and now, he’s having a running stomach”
“And he’s better now, right?”
“Am afraid not, Sir”
“What do I do now? Who is going to fill in for Alex?” Mr Dan, our sports master asked rhetorically
At this point in time, I was genuinely worried. I wasn’t a freak at winning but its for the best if we did win, I wanted us to win.
Our eyes were immediately focused on the game, If Jake and Randy wins this lap, we would have an added 3 points and that’s like victory for us, as Alex was just a straight lap, one point recorded.
The swimmers were getting closer now, Randy had long given the small flag to Jake who was swimming really fast, which I feel is bad considering he still has a long way ahead of him.
“Slow the pace Jake” Mr Dan whispered to himself as though Jake had extra sensitive ears to pick up distance sounds. Glad that I wasn’t the only one getting scared.
Jake swam faster, increasing his speed as he went, his opponent still at a distance behind him, as he remained focus on his goals. Halfway to the finish line, as expected, his strength was exhausted as he was struggling to keep his pace refusing to slow down, his opponent gaining momentum behind him.
“Slow down Jake. Catch your breath first before you continue” I heard Mr Dan say to himself, as if there was a microphone connected to Jake’s ear.
I kept my eyes on the game, watching, hoping and praying for Jake to make it to the finish line but that was wishing for the moon because he was soon exhausted and his opponent crossed the finish line before him, earning them three points immediately and a tie established immediately.
“We are doomed” Mr Dan exclaimed angrily
“Can I take Alex’s spot?” I heard Jason say
“Can you do it?” Mr Dan said, he looked desperate
Jason nodded, as he walked away from all of us.
Of a fact, I hated Jason and his stupid guts but I wanted us to win this, so I had to cheer him on, but on the inside though, as I looked as though I didn’t care about anything.
The referee blew the whistle, as both swimmers dived into the pool.
I could see Natasha cheering Jason on, clapping, jumping, shouting and yelling out his name; so annoying!
Jason was surprisingly a great swimmer with a good technique, starting off at medium speed and gaining momentum gradually. In the end, he brought the one point we needed to take the trophy home. Everyone cheered him on, as girls used that opportunity to jump on him, hugging and feeling his skin. The game ended much to our favor, as everyone headed over to the relaxation center to eat and hang out before going home as school already closed.
I found Alicia, or rather, Alicia found me and together we headed to the cafeteria to eat, which was less rowdy, ate, hung out for a while before leaving for home since dad was already at the hospital with mum.
Dad did ask about how the hospital bills were paid but Alicia and I, actually Alicia told a very convincing lie as a cover-up and fortunately for us, they believed it.
Mum was to be discharged that evening, as dad was running from one office to the other, getting the drugs arranged for mum.
“I can’t find my diary” I said out loud as I search frantically for it in my bag
“Maybe you left it at home” mum said, sitting up on the bed, watching me search for my treasure.
“No! Mum. I don’t drop my diary anyhow and I can swear I took it to school this morning, I even scribbled on it in the bathroom”
“Maybe it dropped in school then” Alicia said
“I’ll go check then”
“Alicia should go with you. You both could cover more grounds together” Mum suggested
“You are getting discharged today mum. Alicia has to be here to help you out. I’ll meet you all at home”
“Think of the possible places it could have fallen”
I nodded before rushing out of the hospital, headed for school. The time was already 4pm and school was already empty, there were still a handful of students but a large percentage already went home.
Immediately I began my search for my diary. I held it in the highest esteem, as it contained all my innermost thoughts and feelings. Letting another eye find it would spell doom for me as I always sign my name underneath each epistle.
I searched the bathroom, the classroom and cafeteria but there was no sign of it. Could it be someone had already seen and collected it? I hope not, for my sake, I hope not.
The swimming room!
Quickly, I dashed there, searching the seats and pews and there it was, my little baby laying helplessly on the floor; it was a small blue book, with sparkles on it. I picked it up, kissing and cuddling it.
I turned, was about leaving when I heard laughter. I guess some couple decided to hang out here after the show, I decided to ignore them as I continued my journey out of the room.
“I can’t believe the fact that you can’t swim” I heard a voice that made me stop on my tracks ; JASON’S
Who was he talking to? Curiosity, unfortunately, got the better part of me, as I found myself tip toeing to catch a glimpse of them.
“Am serious, I don’t know how to swim” I heard her voice after her short chuckle; IT WAS TASHA
“Well, I can teach you, you know?”
I saw them, Jason in the pool, Tasha seated on the pavement of the pool, legs dangling in the water as Jason swarm close to her feet, splashing her cold water.
“Free of charge right?” She asked as they both chuckle.

This was non of my business as I decided to ignore it and walk away without being noticed but fate had other things in store for me, as I tripped over a baron, the noise echoing through the room; I WAS UNCOVERED AS JASON AND TASHA GLANCED IN MY DIRECTION…

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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