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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 20)




Episode 20.

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How did I get myself into this ugly mess? What the hell came over me in the first place? How did I get myself entangled with Tasha? I feel like a stupid jerk, hurting the two women I love so much.
“Mellisa” I shouted but it came out as a whisper as I watch her run out of the room with tears in her eyes.
I ran after her, in a bid to explain things to her, but what exactly would I explain? How do I even start the explanations? She saw me on Tasha, we were making out, although not yet but if she hadn’t come in at the time she did, I probably would have had sex with her.
I caught her by the arm, pulling her towards me, making her face me; her face flushed with tears.
“Mel..” A slap landed on my face immediately. I looked up at her, as I saw pain in her eyes
“Don’t you ever in your entire life call my name ever again” I heard her say as she turned to leave
I pulled her again and this time, a more harder slap landed on my cheeks, as she removed her arm from my hand roughly, walking out of the house into the darkness, as I stood there speechless, oblivious of what next to do.
I ran after Jason, but remained in the shadows, not willing for either of them to see me.
Seeing Mel give those thunderous slaps to Jason, I expected Jason to retaliate but he didn’t; HE WAS A GENTLEMAN
I ran back to the room quietly, I needed to think of a plan B and quick too.
I can’t afford to make Jason think bad of me, that would ruin my chances of being with him forever.
Quickly, I dashed into the bathroom, pouring water directly into my eyes, it immediately made my eyes red, as though I was crying. Bringing out my makeup kits, I worked some magic on my face, and returned to bed, spreading the bedsheet all over me, sobbing noisily.
The door pushed open, as I heard Jason step in. My sobbing became softer but at the same time audible. I heard footsteps as the person walked towards the bed and sat besides my covered self. I felt his hand on my body, as he tried pulling the bed sheet gently away from my body, but I held on more firmly, refusing to let him uncover me as I smiled at how smooth my plan is going.
“Go away Jason” I said sobbing “I already feel worse, don’t make me feel worst, please just go away”
“Am sorry Natasha, its all my fault” I heard him say, he sounded so apologetic
“You are just being nice. I’m very sure you see me as a slut now, just because I couldn’t get a grip on my emotions”
“I would never think of that about you Tasha. I like you a whole lot and I wouldn’t judge you based on something we are both guilty of, never”
“That’s a lie and you know it”
“Don’t make me feel bad Tasha”
“You, not looking me in the eyes, would make me feel like a monster”
I smiled to myself, as I removed the bedsheet, looking so pale and sad…
Seeing Tasha looking so pale broke my heart. She was someone I wanted the best for, I should have controlled my own emotions. I was beginning to find her attractive, she’s a good girl and her attitude is gradually melting my heart but I love Mellisa and she’s the one I need.
I have already done the deed, I can’t treat Tasha badly because of this, afterall its my fault, I should have been a man and walked out the moment I noticed things were getting out of control.
I pulled Tasha into a comforting hug, as she cried in my arms, she must really feel guilty, considering the fact that she and Mel are close friends.
“You are back? So soon?” I heard Alicia said, immediately I entered the room but I ignored her, I was too upset to answer
“What’s wrong? You don’t look too good, did something happen over at Jason’s?” She asked again
“I don’t want to talk about it” I fired back
“Just chill Mellisa, I ain’t gonna force you to say something you don’t wish to say. I’m backing off right now” I heard her say, as she gets comfy under her blankets.
I walked over to the window, looking out into space as I saw the image of Jason on Tasha, flashing through my mind, fresh tears pouring out of my eyes, down my cheeks.
I don’t know why I was feeling this way, but all I know and feel is just pain and hurt. I felt betrayed, I felt my heart tearing apart from inside of me; I WAS HEARTBROKEN
Looking over at sleeping Alicia besides mum, I sniffed in the pains, cleaning my eyes off the tears, I had cried enough for Jason Smith and it was time to move on now.
Being the daughter of a millionaire always had its advantages, as all I needed for that issue to be forgotten, was just a phone call. I was back on top of the game, ready to strike in a different way this time around.
Today, being the last friday of the month, was usually for extracurricular activities; SPORTING
I couldn’t be more psyched about today, as I get to flaunt my sexy body in my bikini and sweat suit.
And more importantly, today happens to be Jason’s first experience of an extracurricular activity.
I packed my bikini into my bag pack as today was a swimming competition amongst the senior classes, stepping out of my parents’ mansion, I headed for school.
On getting to school, Red was nowhere to be found, which was strange as she always took my bag inside. Maybe, she was already waiting with my cup of coffee in class, but where is Gabriella and Jake, won’t they accompany me to the class? Why is everybody suddenly misbehaving because I missed school for two days. I’ll surely deal with each and everyone of them today.
As I pushed the door into the classroom, I saw Gabriella and Jake comfortably seated, unaffected by my presence, what was wrong with them? I glanced over at my designated seat and Red was not in sight, neither was my cup of coffee. If there’s one thing I hate, its being angry and that’s exactly what I’m feel right now and its annoying.
I walked over to my seat, sitted comfortably, waiting for our sports master to come and give the short speech he usually gives before every sporting activity.
The door suddenly opens, as Jason stepped in, a smile curving on my lips immediately as I was about standing to welcome him when my eyes caught something else; besides Jason was Red. How did this happen? I looked over at Gabriella and Jake, and they too looked genuinely surprised. Mel’s seat was still empty as she was not yet in school. But how exactly did this happen?
That two faced bi*ch fooled me. She made me see Mel as the only enemy, whereas she was scheming her way into Jason’s life ever since and I was stupid for letting her off the hook ever since. I must deal with her, she’s no match for me.
“What’s happening today? Why is everywhere a bit rowdy?”
“Today is extracurricular activity. It is once every month and it varies from time to time. Last month was holidays, last two months was football, last three months was debate, and every student must participate in all” Tasha explained calmly, her angelic smile still plastered on her pretty face.
As we walked into class, I looked out for Mellisa but she was not in class.
The sportsmaster soon came in, delivering his thirty minutes speech about how we should behave and play. I wasn’t really paying attention as I had my gaze fixed on the door.
The school bell rang as every student started filing out, I, too following the crowd as we walked to the changing room. The girls were in one, while the guys were in another.
We soon found ourselves in the large indoor swimming center, as everybody was warming up for the competition.
It was here that I caught sight of Mellisa, she was not looking my way, as her expression was blank. I had to talk to her but what if I get slapped again? And this time, in public. I summoned all the courage and went to speak to her.
“Hey Mel. I understand you are upset about..”
“Upset? Am not upset Jason” she said with a smile on her face, I was beyond shock “I should be the one apologizing for intruding into your privacy like that, I shouldn’t barge in on a couple”
“Couple? We are not a couple” i said defensively
“You owe me no explanation and thank you for what you did for my mum, we really appreciate the kindness” she smiled at me before turning to walk out
“Mellisa!” I called out, pulling her to face me this time, as the tears she has been fighting, walked down her cheeks freely
“What do you want?” She half yelled, voice shaking in tears.
Getting changed, I headed for the swimming room, already occupied with people when my eyes caught something; JASON AND MELLISA TALKING
I hastened my footsteps, to at least be able to hear their conversations.
“What do you want?” I heard her scream, as other students who were standing close by, turned their attention to the ongoing drama in front of them. I looked around for Isabella, and just as I thought, she wouldn’t be missing this free show, as she sat on the dive board.
“Have you ever wondered why I treated you so badly, right from day one, even though our paths never crossed?” Jason was talking, voice raised a bit above normal
“I don’t care Jason” she fired back
“That’s because I have been pretending all along and am fed up” Jason continued nevertheless
“Let me go Jason” Mel said and it was then I noticed Jason’s grip on her arm
“I am done pretending and the truth is staring me hard in the face. I love you Mellisa Bradson”
The whole room broke out with gasps and small talks of surprise and ‘I suspected it’
“I have loved you over two lifetimes now and I still do. I thought I could live without you, stay without loving you, but I couldn’t because am helplessly in love with you and its killing me from the inside. I want you forever, I want you to be mine forever” Jason said releasing his grip on her arm, looking so apologetic, with those sexy eyes of his.
All eyes were on Mellisa, expecting her reply which would eventually lead them to kissing and dating, but Mellisa shocked everyone with her response, even me, as she landed a thunderous slap on Jason’s cheek. She bent down, taking her bag and walked away from everything…
Some people are surprised at how Tasha turned out to be, but mind you we are surrounded with people like that. Only God can save us from #FRIENEMIES
If you were Mellisa, would you have acted differently or done exactly the same thing?

If you were Jason, what would be your next line of action. Remember, it was a public humiliation


To Be Continued….. . . .

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