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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 19)




Episode 19.

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I left the hospital to get some clothes for mum, as we didn’t pack a change of clothes initially.

I picked up my phone and decided to call Jason, to ask him if he actually paid the bills and to thank him afterwards but the jerk wasn’t picking up and that got me angry.

Maybe he’s busy or something. Why don’t I just go over to his house? Yeah! That’s a much better idea.

“Ali, i have to go meet Jason” i said to my sister almost in a whisper as mum was sleeping in the room and i wouldn’t want to wake her up.

“Which Jason?” She whispered back as i playfully hit her on the arm, an ‘ouch’ escaping her lips as we both smiled

“Jason Smith of course”

“What for? If am allowed to ask”

“I just want to show appreciation”

“Appreciation?” She asked raising an eyebrow

“Yes” I replied amidst a chuckle

“Can’t this appreciation be done tomorrow morning at school?” She asked, her eyebrows still raised, looking suspiciously at me

I couldn’t give a convincing reply as i rubbed the back of my head nervously.

“You want to see him, don’t you?”


“Mel is in love” she squeaked loudly as i motioned her to keep her voice down.

“Am not in love, i just wanted to say thank you for paying mum’s bills”

“Excuses to see and spend time with him” she teased more

“Oh! Stop it, you know he is way above our league. He’s not our class”

“Sure he is. He’s in your class, we are all final year dreamlanders high school students”

“Stop being stupid. I don’t stand a chance with him and you know that” i tried hiding the sadness in my voice but I just couldn’t.

She looked at me for a minute, like a mother would at a child she loved so much, taking my hands in hers, tilting my chin upwards, as she looked me in the eyes

“You are beautiful, smart, kindhearted, loving and caring, the best any guy can ever ask for, be it Jason Smith or whoever. If he doesn’t see what i see when i look at you, then he doesn’t deserve you and he’s the one who’s below your class and status. You need to put your head up high, know what you want and pursue what you want with all of your heart. Never settle for less because you are worth more than gold and diamonds. If you, as a young woman, think small of yourself, reducing your worth to fit a man’s status, whether financially or otherwise, you make yourself extremely cheap”

“Wow Alicia! Are you the one speaking or someone just spoke through you”

“And as for what you said, yes, you don’t stand a chance with him” she said, as we both held our mouth, trying so hard to laugh quietly

“So can i go and see him?”

“Do you know his house address”


“Are you coming back tonight?”

“Do you want mum to kill me?” I asked causing her to chuckle lightly

“Keep your phone close as I would call you. Stay safe and come back on time. I won’t cover up for you for long”

“Thanks sister. Love you so very much” i replied hugging her tightly


Tonight happened to be one of my best nights ever; Spending some alone time with Jason was a dream come true for me.

I wanted to sleep over at Jason’s so I texted mum immediately; AM AT MEL’S PLACE. WOULD BE SLEEPING OVER. LOVE YOU


As expected, my mum’s call came in two minutes later, as i rushed into the bathroom to answer it.

Hi mum

Why are you not home yet?

Its Mellisa. She’s very sad and disoriented. Am afraid she might hurt herself, thats why I decided to stay with her after close of school

How is her mum doing?

To be honest, not too good. We were at the hospital earlier today

You know what? Just bring Mel home okay

I already suggested that to her but she refused, saying she needs to be with her sister right now and wait for her dad

Her sister can come along also

Her sister won’t mum. She’s a very rude girl and she might report to their father and that would be bad for Mel

So sleeping over is the best option we have, right?

Yes mum

Then you girls should take good care of yourselves okay

Thank you mum. Love you so very much. You are the best

Love you much more. Stay safe. Goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow.

Bye mum

(hangs up)

I got out of the bathroom, to meet Jason seated comfortably on the bed, looking at me. My heart jumped into my mouth. Could it be that he overheard my conversation? If that be the case,then am done for, its literally game over for me. I need to come up with a convincing defense and fast too.

“Why are you standing there like that?” His voice came out, jolting me out of my world of thoughts.

“I…” I started but my voice suddenly trailed off, i was too afraid to speak. I thought of kneeling before him and begging for his mercies but i decided against that.

“When did you get in here?” I managed to ask with a very firm voice

“About two or three minutes ago, you were in the bathroom making a call” He answered, much to my relief.

“So you didn’t hear my conversation?” I asked to be double sure

“I was raised to know that eavesdropping on a person’s conversation, especially a lady’s, is extremely rude”

I smiled at him to ease the tension that i was already building up in the room. I walked to the bed and sat besides him.

“So who was it?” He asked, tilting his head to look me in the face

“Who was what?” I asked, trying to hide the blush already appearing on my face

“The person that made you answer a call in the bathroom. Your boyfriend?”

OMG! Is Jason Jealous?

“Are you jealous?” I asked with a grin on my face

“Just curious” he said with a shrug

“My mum and no, i don’t have a boyfriend”i replied amidst a chuckle

“Oh! I even forgot, i need to take you home before your mum arrests and kills me for kidnapping her little princess”

“Mum travelled. That was why she called me”


“Yeah. She said it was an emergency and she had to leave town immediately”

“Hope she is okay?”

“Yeah she is”

“And your younger ones?”

“She took them with her, am here alone”

“That’s sad but if its okay by you, you can sleep over tonight”

“Are you sure?”

“I would appreciate the company”

“Thank you Jason” i said hugging him happily.

We soon disengaged from the hug, as his eyes remained fix on mine. His gaze was different and time literally froze for a minute. I felt his head move towards mine, our lips getting really close; Could this be the moment i have been dreaming of?

A knock was heard on the door, interrupting our little moment, as i cursed the person inside of me. Jason stood up to get the door.

“A call from your mum, young master”

Jason took the phone and left the room with the maid as i looked around the room more. I decided to get changed into one of Jason’s Red T-shirt and it fitted me perfectly.


“You like it?” He asked, after getting inside the room and seeing me on his shirt.

I nodded with a smile.

I walked seductively towards him as i stood very close to him. He looked at me with unsure eyes; Was he scared?

I wrapped my hands round his neck, after making him hold my waist, my smile still on my face, keeping eye contact with him. He seemed unmoved, unwilling to make the first move, he was holding back, i could sense he was. He removed his hands from my waist, dropping my arms from around his neck, still gazing at me.

“Let’s stop this Natasha” His voice came out sounding sad and low. With one last look, he turned to walk out of the room.

Almost at the door, i ran up to him, pulling his arm to make him look at me, which he did, as i forced my lips on his. He tried getting me off him but my lips were purely irresistible as i felt his arm on my waist, pulling me into his chest, as he took charge of the kiss, savouring my lips like a hungry beast. He lifted me up as i crossed my legs around his waist, as his kisses trailed down my neckline.

He placed me gently on the bed, as he continued kissing me, his hands finding their way underneath the polo, locating my tits as he caressed them, a moan escaping my lips.

I thought i heard a knock but what i was feeling right now was out of this world, so I ignored whatever it was, as Jason continued exploring my body.

I heard the sound of a bag falling, as Jason suddenly stopped, we both looked towards the door and there she stood; PARTY SPOILER

“Mellisa!” I heard Jason said softly, like a child caught doing something bad.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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