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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 18)




Episode 18.

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I just couldn’t believe it. How can she escape my well thought out and well mapped out plan, how the hell did she get around my trap and not only that, she entangled me as well.

I looked over at Gabriella and Jake who sat on the sofa in my room, not saying a word, face flushed with fear of what I might do to them.

“This is all your fault, both of you are just useless to me” I yelled, roughening my hair to show my frustration, as I sat on my bed, anger boiling inside of me.

“Come on Bella, this ain’t our fault. The girl is just cunning, even more cunning than we thought her to be” Jake said defensively.

“Cunning? Or you both are just straight up stupid?”I fired back

“I wouldn’t stand you insult us Isabella” Gabriella said, getting up from the couch angrily.

“Or else what? (Standing up from my bed, walking towards her, as I stood metres away from her) tell me, or else what? I’d advice you sit that stupid dumb ass of yours back on that couch and stuff your silly brain down your damn throat, understood?” I fired back at her, as she sat back down.

“Let’s think of what to do because once the school starts investigation, we would be exposed” Jake said calmly

“Thanks for the observation Jake but right now, its obvious that you two dumb heads are useless to me and I’d have to fix things myself from here on”

“Hey Bella, I understand you are mad and all, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are your friends, best friends in fact, and we deserve to be treated with some form of respect from you” Gabriella said softly

“I don’t make friends with useless dumbheads so shove your friendship in ur damn ass and leave my room this instant, I don’t wish to see your ridiculous faces anymore”

“Bella!” Gabriella yelled out my name, obviously shocked at what I just said

“Yeah! That’s my name, now please leave. I wouldn’t be nice in the next two minutes”

They both sighed deeply before walking out of my room, leaving me to think of a way out of this mess I, unfortunately brought myself into.


At the end of school, I saw Alicia and Mellisa leave the school compound together, what exactly is going on? When did this two suddenly become best of sisters? How?

These were questions running through my mind that needed answers, but I am not ready to distract myself with another ‘Mellisa drama’; AM GOING TO MEET JASON

Just like promised, he had since sent me the address to his house and I couldn’t wait for school to close, thankfully, Isabella was not in school.

I got into a taxi and headed for the Smith’s mansion.

Knocking gently on the door, it opened as a beautifully dressed young lady stood in front of me

“Good afternoon ma’am”I greeted as politely I could

“Good afternoon. How can I help you?” She replied politely

“Am here to see Jason” I said as she looked at me with a look that says ‘how true is that?’ “He invited me over” I added but she remained unmoved, doubting my words

“She’s my guest, Nicole” I heard Jason’s voice from inside, as I sighed in relief.

She nodded, giving way for me to walk in.

The house was big and extremely beautiful, and I was just in the reception. I couldn’t hold myself as I gasp loudly at the expensive and beautiful decorations.

And there he was, in the midst of all these perfections, outshining them all with his flawless stature. I couldn’t help but run into his arms as he held me, laughing at my actions. His firm grip on me sent shivers down my spine, I just wanted us to be like this forever but then, I can’t make it that obvious as I pulled away from the hug, smiling at his handsome face.

“Welcome to my humble abode! Come in” I heard him say with a chuckle, he doesn’t have dimples but his smile was more than amazing.

“Come in? You mean we are outside right now?” I asked sarcastically, causing him to laugh


“Of course not Tasha but we are not yet inside” he said with a smirk on his face

“Are your parents home?”

“This is not our family house(he paused, looking at me as he smiled, taking my hand in his, as we walked inside) Allow me rephrase that, this is our house but its like a getaway something. Our main house where I was born and we live together as a family is in town, but dad bought this place because it was away from noise and distractions, perfect for relaxation and escape from life and its stress” he explained as we climbed the stairs.

We walked into his room, as I sat on the bed. He left me there to get some drinks and food as I used the opportunity to look around the room, and admire its decorations.

“So, this is your room?” I asked as he entered with a tray in hand

“Yep. Hope you are hungry because food is here and I hate wasting food”

I chuckled as I helped myself with a bowl of fried chicken on the table.


Alicia and I went home together for the first time in a really long time. We cooked and ate together, of course dishing out mum’s portion separately, before heading for the hospital.

I already knew mum’s room, so I led Alicia there but she wasn’t in the room and I got really scared immediately.

“What’s wrong Mel” I heard Alicia’s voice

“This is mum’s room” I replied with my shaking voice

“But she is not here”

“I need to see the doctor” I said rushing out of the room, Alicia following closely behind as well.

As I walked down the hall, I hoped and prayed that nothing bad has happened, I just couldn’t bear the thought of loosing my mom right now.

Knocking on the doctor’s door, I heard his voice telling me to come in as I immediately walked in with Alicia

“Ah! Miss Mellisa” he exclaimed excitedly

“Where is my mum?” I asked, forgetting my manners for a minute

“Calm down Mel” he said softly

“Good afternoon sir” Alicia greeted

“Good afternoon. Who is this?”

“My sister” I replied sharply

“Okay. Your mum is doing very well. She was out of the theatre three hours ago and all her vitals are responding very fine. She’s out of danger now, so you can relax” the doctor said

“Relax? Did you just say theatre? Has the surgery been done already? How come about that? I mean who paid for it?” I asked all in a breath

“Sit down please”

Alicia and I both sat down, staring at the doctor, confusion written on our face.

“Well, a young man came today and he paid for everything”

“Who was that?” Alicia asked

“Well, he said he was a friend of yours”

“A friend of mine? Who?” I asked, trying to think of who it possibly could be.

“That I can’t say. He asked me to keep his identity secret and I’m sorry, I can’t do otherwise. Come with me, let me take you to your mum” the doctor said, getting up from his seat as he led the way to see my mum.

Mum was still asleep but she looked better and more brighter, tears of joy dropped down my cheeks as I put the flask of food down. The doctor soon left for his office, leaving Alicia and I in the room with sleeping mum.

“I’ll be right back” I heard Alicia say before walking out of the room.

Ten minutes passed and she walked back in with a smile on her face.

“What are you grinning about now?” I asked, as my own face curved in a smile of my own

“I found out who paid the bills” she said excitedly

“The doctor told you?”

“Don’t be naive. He wouldn’t even if I begged and cried my eyes out” she said, squeezing her face in a funny manner making me laugh lightly

“So how did you find out” I asked rolling my eyes

“How I found out isn’t really important, what is important here is the fact that I found out”

“So what did you find out Alicia?” I asked amidst a laugh

“Jason smith” she said almost in a whisper

“Which Jason Smith are you talking about?”

“How many do you know? The very one in your class of course”

“That’s impossible”

“I don’t carry fake informations”

“This one surely is fake”

“But tell me something, be honest with me, are you guys dating?”

“Hell no! We are not dating. He’s just a big time jerk”


“Jerk? You are the first person to call him that. Jason is rich, handsome, friendly, humble and quiet. Jerk is a no-no for me”

“Well he’s a jerk and he couldn’t pay mum’s bills because he doesn’t know mum is here in the first place”

“Maybe someone told him”

“I didn’t tell anyone about mum except Tasha and Tasha wouldn’t bail out on me, she’s a good friend”

“Well, how he found out isn’t also important”

“Just like your source of information”

“Exactly. What is important here is the fact that…”

“He found out and he paid the bills”

“Am so glad you are getting the point”

“But on a serious note, Jason couldn’t possibly pay the bills, I mean why would he”

“Because he likes you a whole lot, maybe that’s why he’s being a jerk and am pretty sure you like him too”

“I don’t know Alicia”

“What do you mean by you don’t know? Just date the guy. He’s perfect for you. Who knows how many girls are out there fighting for his attention”

“If he wants me, he’s going to come to me and not the other way around. If he allows another girl win his heart, then he’s was never mine from the beginning”


Mum’s coughs interrupted Alicia as we both ran to her side

“Mum!” We both yelled into her ears

“Are you girls trying to deaf me or what?” Mum replied, eyes still closed, a smile on her lips

“I missed you mum” I said as I squeezed her hand in mine

“I missed you more mum” Alicia said, holding onto the other hand

“No! I missed you more, don’t mind Ali” I replied

“I missed you both so much” she said, opening her arms wide enough for us to hug her, as we both dived into her warm embrace, smiling and laughing as a family….

Tasha and Jason in one room, alone Things are going to get down oh

Girls and women in the house, do you think you can be like Tasha. I mean, you like a guy so very much and wish to have him by your side, can you be that desperate to want to pull all strings to get his attention?
What if it doesn’t involve betraying any friend, can you walk up to a guy and say you love him? Is it right for a woman to shoot the first shot?

Guys in the house, if a lady professes her love for you, how do you see her? I mean, if she makes obvious signs that she’s so into you, how do you see her? Cheap or brave?

To Be Continued….. . . .

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