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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 17)




Episode 17.

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As i stood speechless and scared before my accusers, i heard a light knock on the door as the principal ushered the person in.
I saw Alicia walk in, avoiding my interrogating eyes. I already suspected Isabella and her crew but Alicia walking in to the office at this point in time, made me cast all my suspicion at her. We have never been on good terms but if she had done this, forgiving her would be next to impossible.
“Good day sirs” i heard her greet them politely as they nodded a response
“How can we be of help to you Miss” the vice principal asked
“My name is Alicia Bradson sir” Alicia introduced herself
“Another Bradson?” I heard Mr Jeff exclaim loudly
“Yes sir. I am Mellisa’s sister”
I don’t know what she’s up to right now, but i am getting very scared at everything.
“Why are you here Miss Alicia Bradson?” The Principal asked
“I just got into school this morning and i was made to understand that there had been an act of vandalization committed by a student of this great school”
“And that student happens to be your sister standing right besides you” the principal said, obviously irritated by Alicia’s boldness.
“With all due respect sirs, that student has not been found yet” Alicia stated boldly
“What are you talking about young lady?” The vice principal sounded very angry. I was becoming scared for Alicia now.
“A last name was given and information said the student is in the final year. We have two Bradson in Art department and one in science. My question to you sirs, is this; Why is Mellisa the one chosen at random to bear the punishment of a crime she might or might not know anything of?”
The elders were silent for a minute, as if thinking about the logic behind what Alicia just said.
“With all due respect sirs, Mellisa cannot and should not be the only one accused here. I, myself should stand before trial and Isabella Bradson in the Art department, should also be here standing trial for this allegation until valid prove has been provided, nailing the culprit by the first name and not the last, except you would have to punish the three Bradson in the final year class” Alicia’s voice sounded soft but yet strong, without fear of the unknown. I looked at her, a smile curving on my lips, my heart filled with joy; MY SISTER JUST SAVED MY NECK
“How did you both get into this school” Mr Jefferson asked softly
“Mellisa got into this school through the scholarship scheme and I got in with my parent’s hard work and sweat. So you see sirs, Mel can’t possibly think of ruining her chances of graduating at this point in time, she’s not that kind of girl”
The room was silent, as I looked at Alicia, defend me with all courage and determination.
Getting the hospital Mellisa’s mother was admitted in, wasn’t really an issue, after all am the son of a multibillionaire, I should exercise my power a bit.
I didn’t go to school, but headed straight for the hospital as I saw Mellisa walk out of the building looking beautiful as ever. I avoided her as much as I could, sneaking behind her into the hospital building.
“Good morning” I greeted the receptionist
“Good morning” she responded, her head bowed, working on her computer.
She soon raised her head to get a better view of who was standing in front of her, when she suddenly gasped.
“Jason Smith!!” She exclaimed excitedly, causing me to smile at her “OH! MY GOODNESS! Is this really you!” She asked excitedly as I nodded with a smiling face.
Well, here I was at the door to the room Mrs Bradson was. Pushing it gently, I saw her lying tired and weak, eyes closed as the instruments placed on her body continued beeping non stop. I left the room after about two minutes, headed for the doctor’s office to know exactly what was wrong with her.
I made sure the bills were cleared and she was moved into the theatre before I left the hospital.
It was already 9am, so I decided to head home instead of going to school as it was already late when my phone beeped; IT WAS A CALL FROM RED
Hi Tasha
Hey Jason
What’s up?
You are not in school yet, Why?
(laughs) I can’t come to school today
Why? Are you sick? Is something wrong?
Am perfectly fine Tasha. Don’t worry too much about me
Can I come see you at home after close of school? Just to be double sure you are okay.
I will text you my home address so you can confirm for yourself that I am perfectly okay
Much better. See you later
Yeah! Bye dear
Natasha is a very cheerful and caring soul. She’s really sweet and I like her a whole lot. She is a good friend to both Mellisa and I. I think I need to do something for her, specially and specifically for her.
I immediately called Jason because I knew quite well that he’s the only one that can save Mel from this mess, and just like the universe were on my side, he wasn’t coming to school today and the best part is that, I am going to visit Jason in his house. This day cannot just get any better.
I lingered around the office, patiently waiting for the principal’s announcement. One thing I know is, Isabella is a mean girl and she’d get every detail to make the expulsion go smoothly, can’t wait to celebrate.
The speakers soon came alive with the principal’s voice as every student stood still.
“Good morning Students. We apologize for the rowdiness and disorderliness you met this morning. We would appreciate every student to walk back to their classrooms as classes are kick starting immediately. Thank you”
The speaker died as everyone scurried back to their classroom, for the principal everyone knew, was not a man of please and soft words.
I walked back into class, looking as innocent, naive and unaware of the latest happenings.
“Is Isabella not coming to school today?” I asked Gabriella who waved her head in the negative, chewing her bubble gum and filing her nails.
Sitting comfortably on my chair, I awaited the good news that the principal is going to fill my ears with.
Our French tutor walked in and started the French class immediately, without sparing a minute. My mind was immediately distracted, as I focused more on the lesson when the door to the classroom pushed open and Mellisa stepped in.
“Good morning sir!” She greeted the French tutor, who nodded and gave her permission to go sit down.
I glanced over at Gabriella and Jake who looked as shock as I was, if not more shocked.
I soon realised that it was pointless being against Mellisa all the time. She was not a threat as my mum chose to see me happy rather than take care of her health when she still could. It was my fault that she was in the hospital, fighting for her life. I needed to make things right and I needed to start now.
I knew in my heart of hearts that Mel couldn’t have possibly done all what she was accused of and I already knew of the rivalry between Isabella and her; IT WAS AN OPEN SECRET.
Walking into that office, took more out of me than I had imagined but I had to do this for my sister. I know by now, she would be crying and not defend herself as much as she needed to, so right now she needed me.
As I spoke out, my lips quaked with fear but my hearing picked up a bold and courageous voice, I was shocked at myself.
“How did you both get into this school” I heard Mr Jefferson ask, his tone was soft and calm
“Mellisa got into this school through the scholarship scheme and I got in with my parent’s hard work and sweat. So you see sirs, Mel can’t possibly think of ruining her chances of graduating at this point in time, she’s not that kind of girl” I replied, still shocked at how I sounded.
“What prove can you provide here and now that you both (points at the two of us) two sisters, are not in cahort to vandalize the school, defend and protect each other” Mr Jefferson asked, still maintaining his calm composure as the principal and vice principal looked on with interest.
“Sorry to say this sir, but what you just said isn’t logical enough (his face turning into a frown) If really we planned this together, we would never get caught and even if she did get caught, I won’t risk exposing myself or getting involved” I said boldly, my eyes refusing to shed a single tear as Mel stood besides me, weeping gently, as she looked on.
“And you are in science department?” He asked, raising an eyebrow
“Yes sir” I replied
“I thought science students are the shy ones” his face was curving in a smile, as if impressed by my boldness
“That law stopped at me” I replied, smiling at him also
“Your sister is very fragile” he said, looking directly at her, I, also turning to see my sister, as her face turned red from blush.
“Yes sir, she is and I just realized she needs me to look after her, all the time” I replied in a way that showed deep sadness as our eyes sent a message to each other.
“That’s nice (his voice bringing me back to the issue on ground) but what you said makes logical sense. We would investigate this matter properly and thoroughly (I smiled widely as I looked at Mel, in a way that spoke, We Won Sis) Miss Mellisa, we apologize for any inconvenience caused”
“Thank you sir” Was Mel’s response as she couldn’t hold the joy anymore
“You may both leave for your classrooms” he said smiling at us
“Thank you sir” we both replied walking out of the office into the empty lobby.
I couldn’t help myself as I hugged Mel tightly, a hug which she reciprocated as I felt a tear drop on my back.
“Hey Sis, you’ve been crying since. Its time you stop now. They are going to find the real culprits now”
“But why did you help me” her eyes were locked in mine as she spoke
“Mum always told us to be on each other’s side. We should be a team always and am sorry I have been inconsiderate and unnecessarily stupid and…” Her hug cut my words short as she held me in a warm, comforting embrace
“I love you Alicia!” I heard her say, my heart immediately warming up as I felt happiness from within.
“I love you Mel” I replied as we laughed and walked towards our classroom together
“How is mum doing?” I asked
“Not good. We really need to get her into surgery soonest. Did you call dad?”
“He would be here by tomorrow. Once school closes, we would go see mum together”
“She would be so happy” She replied with a smile

“I can’t wait for that” I replied with a smile, as I waved her bye, walking further down the hallway towards my classroom.


To Be Continued….. . . .

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