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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 15)




Episode 15.

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The address Mel texted was that of a coffee shop I know. We both loved the shop because it sells the best drinks you could possibly taste, their hot chocolate is a bomb.

Pushing the door open, I could see Mel sitted at the extreme of the shop, her head bowed, as though she were deep in thoughts.

“Hey Mel” I said the moment I reached her side. She lifted her head, and nodded to show she was still alive. Her face tried curving into a fake smile but it was virtually impossible to do so. Her heart was so heavy and she was trying so hard to put up a strong face.

I helped myself to a seat opposite her, as I ordered two hot chocolate drinks. The drinks soon came to the table, as I sipped on mine and urged Mel to do same.

“What’s wrong Mellisa?” I was becoming scared right now. “What is wrong with your mum?” I asked as calmly as I could, but the fear in my voice could not be suppressed.

“She was admitted into the hospital two nights ago” she said bluntly causing me to gasp.

“Admitted? For what? What is wrong with her? Was that why you looked down when you came to school yesterday?” I asked all in one breathe

She nodded an answer, the tears gradually forming at the corner of her eyes “Mum is diabetic, we have been managing it for sometime now and everything seem to be okay. She collapsed two nights ago. The doctor said she has kidney failure”

“But it can be managed right? Its not too serious right?”

“He’s our family doctor. He had told my parents about it earlier, to get the ailment treated and place her on dialysis but they couldn’t afford it or they could afford it but they needed the money for something else at the time”

“I don’t understand” my voice coming out almost as a whisper

Mel took a long sip of her drink as she wiped her tears with her handkerchief.

“I got into dreamlanders high school by scholarship, you know that right? (I nodded to show I was following) My sister, Alicia also wanted to attend dreamlanders high school, although she had failed the exam. My parents told her that it was too expensive for their budget at the time, and that they had already found a school that’s very good for her, this was when the first test was conducted” she said calmly

“So what happened next?” I asked, curiosity getting the better part of me

“Alicia started throwing tantrums, saying our parents chose an orphan over their own biological child. Alicia stopped eating at the dining table, she talked to no one, she excluded herself from family games. She is our dad’s favorite and when she started acting this way, dad was hurt. He then thought it wise to let Alicia take my spot and me to take Alicia’s spot in her own school but mum was against it. According to her, everyone ought to eat the reward of their hard work. In the end though, mum decided she couldn’t afford to loose either of her children, so she chose to forgo the expensive treatment and use the money for Alicia. That was how Alicia started schooling in dreamlanders high school”

“Wow! Your mum sure has a heart of gold” I said, a smile curving on my lips, hoping to cheer her up a bit.

“All mothers do” she replied with a faint smile “but right now, the ailment has worsened and she wouldn’t be needing dialysis anymore, she needs transplant, and we are talking about a million US dollars right now (I couldn’t help but gasp) From where will I get that amount from? Dad travelled to see if he can ask friends and family for some help and support. Its just I and Alicia at home right now. The doctor said, she doesn’t have much time and the longer we delay, the more at risk she becomes. I don’t want to loose my mum, she’s all I have left in this cruel world” her tears poured down her cheeks

I placed my palm on her hand, gently caressing her as I felt genuine pity and sympathy for her.

“So what do we do now? Because I don’t see how crying is going to help us right now. Wait, why don’t we call Jason? He could help you know” I offered my suggestion

“The last thing I want in this life is to be financially indebted to Jason Smith. I don’t want to owe him favors” her voice was firm and clear, as though she had not been crying

“We are talking about your mum here, Mel” I said calmly, trying to make her see reasons with me.

“Guys like Jason, can and will take advantage of the slightest opportunity you give them. They are good at exploiting your weaknesses. How do I know? They are children of rich people. This attitude is inculcated in them right from a young age. I can’t show him my weakness”

Her points were strong but I don’t feel Jason would do such. I know Mrs Bradson very well, and she’s a woman with a good heart, I can’t afford to let anything bad happen to her; She’s my second mother.

“Pride is not something we should have right now” I said to her, my voice rising a bit above normal

“Its self worth and self esteem” her voice remained calm

“Its called pride” I raised my voice higher, hoping she would see reasons.

“Whose side are you on, Tasha? Mine, or his?” Her eyes were locked in mine, as she wouldn’t look away

“Yours of course. Am just saying…” My voice was becoming softer now

“We are not telling Jason anything about this okay”

I nodded in defeat as I looked at her sipping her drink. Taking my cup, I sipped mine too.

“Why don’t we take a loan from the bank?” I suggested again

“Who is going to give loan to 17 year old girls” she asked, eyes fixed on the table

“Not to us, but to someone older and more mature”

“Who?” She looked at me with some sort of suspicion

“We could disguise ourselves with makeup you know”

“And create fake ID cards and driver’s licence too”

I sighed in defeat again. It was a silly idea and its unachievable, what even made me think of that?

“I’ll ask my parents today, to see if they can help anyhow”

“Would really appreciate that, Tasha” she said after a deep sigh.

“Let’s go see your mum before I go home” I said with a smile

“Okay, let me just buy her some muffins and bread”

We headed to the hospital to meet Mrs Bradson, who laid weak on the bed. She opened her eyes and gave a weak smile, the moment she saw us.

“My beauties” she called out softly

“Hi Mum” I greeted, walking towards her, sitting on the bed “how are you feeling?”

“I am good dear. How are you and how is school?”

“Fine ma. Hope you are hungry because we got you something”

“My angels! Just put it over there, I’ll eat it up later. You guys should head home now, its already getting late”

“Am sleeping over” Mel said

“And what about school tomorrow? I’ll be fine, I promise. Just go home, have some rest and come back tomorrow after close of school, okay?”

We nodded at her, smiling to give her strength, as I held Mel’s hand firmly. Together we left the hospital, both headed to our different homes.

I really wanted to help but what can I do?

Strolling down from the bus stop, I can already see our roof, because the road was hilly in nature. The street lights were already lighting the road, as the sun had gone to rest for the day. I was humming softly to myself as I saw a male figure approaching me. He was on black trousers and a black hoodie, his face was covered and his hands were in his pocket. I stopped on my tracks, hoping he would continue walking or something, but he didn’t, he stood directly opposite me, looking, watching, waiting for me to make a move, any move at all.

Should I ignore him? Who was he?

I reached for my phone in my bag, as my eyes caught his intense gaze, as if sending a message to me not to touch my phone. My heart was racing, my legs felt numb, my brain couldn’t process what next to do. Fear embraced my legs and mouth as my tongue seemed to have been tied. He started moving towards me, in fast strides this time.

I immediately turned, as I began running towards the bus stop, not really thinking straight but I just needed to be out of his reach and sight, whoever he was.

As I ran, I heard his footsteps behind me, he was closing in on me. Tears started falling down my cheeks as I ran. The cold breeze was not helping at all. I felt cold and scared but I couldn’t stop running. My phone was still in my hand but I couldn’t punch in 911 to come to my rescue, not until I have covered a certain distance.


I headed home, after bading Tasha goodbye. Alicia was already at home, as I walked past her to my room

“Where have you been?” She asked in a rude voice

“I don’t have strength for your troubles this night. I just came to cook something for mum to eat, I’ll be out of your hair in no time” I said, not stopping, just climbing the stairs tiredly to my room.

I got into the shower, had a change of clothes and went to the kitchen to cook some pottage. I saw my phone beeped, it was a call from Jason but I ignored it. He called again and again and still I ignored it.

“Won’t you pick your boyfriend’s call?” I heard Alicia’s sarcastic voice behind me, but I choose to ignore her as well

“I won’t complain. After all, if you can ignore your boyfriend, who am I?” She said obviously irritated by my silence.

“Won’t you stop all these rubbish? For once in your life, grow up Alicia” my voice was pitch high, as I let frustration and sadness get to me “I am adopted and you are not, everyone knows already, what’s new? Can’t you sing another music for a change? I tried being your sister but you did not want that. I don’t have a mum but you do, I felt a mother’s love for the first time in my life and you tagged me your enemy, isn’t that so? I said nothing to you, even when you treat me like trash. Now, that woman that gave you life and gave me hope and a home, that woman that gave both of us love, care and attention is lying down there, struggling for life. She would have not been here if you had decided to go to the school she picked for you. She would have not been here if you had passed the scholarship examination. Money meant for her treatment is what she used in paying your tuition fee and other school expenses. What else do you want Alicia? What else? Go on, tell me, what? (She looked at me with shock and doubt in her eyes) instead of you to work with me, to see how we can raise this money or even make mum happy and less sad or worried, you choose to be you and pick fights with me (I noticed I was yelling too much, so I decided to calm down, sighing deeply) mum needs us both, her two children”

I looked away from her, as I continued cooking. I needed to finish on time and leave for the hospital as soon as possible. I heard her footsteps leave the kitchen and ascend the stairs.

After cooking, I served it into a flask, leaving Alicia’s own in the pot. Running up stairs, I packed my books and change of clothes for tomorrow inside my bag; I was going to school from the hospital.

I walked towards Alicia’s door. Knocking gently, I waited for her rude response but there was none, though I heard the beeping sound of phone notification; she was chatting online.

“Am going to meet mum now. Won’t be back tonight. I will go to school from there. Your food is in the pot. Don’t forget to lock up the house before you sleep” I said to her through the door. I am confident she heard me because my voice was really high.

Leaving the house, I headed for the hospital.


“So you mean to tell me that by tomorrow, Mellisa Bradson, would be out of Dreamlanders high school for good?” Isabella spoke out

She was in the room with Gabriella and Jake, who was sitted on her bed.

“Of course. I, for one, find that girl annoying” Gabriella spoke out.

“I already have everything planned out for tomorrow. I made sure to exclude you, Isabella from everything, to avoid suspicion. She can’t mess with you and be allowed to walk like a goddess, she deserves to pay” Jake said, his voice filled with hate for Mel

Isabella smiled evily as she looked into space, her smile growing wider

“CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!” Isabella said

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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