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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 14)




Episode 14.

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My name is Natasha Jones, first daughter of my parents. I have an elder brother and a younger sister. My family is, what you can say, average, not rich and not poor as well, we are a bit comfortable.

Coming to dreamlanders high school has always been a dream but I knew I couldn’t get in, depending on my parents financial support alone. So, I studied very hard and pass the scholarship examination and became a bonafide student of dreamlanders high school.

On my first day of school, I met Mellisa. We had both written the exam together and were in the same class as well. We were warming up to becoming friends, when Isabella showed up. I was scared of being picked on all the time, I thought it would be better to work for her and be loyal than be against her and attract her wrath; I didn’t want any form of problem for me or my parents.

I became an obedient puppy to Isabella, doing her bidding whenever and however she wanted it.

I remained friends to Mellisa but from a distance though, we didn’t really become that close.

I got that name; RED, as a result of my hair color. My real name gradually faded as everybody knew me as Red. Only Mellisa calls me by my name in school.

Before Jason arrived in school, I have already known about him and saw his pictures too; From Isabella’s phone of course. I knew Isabella had a crazy crush on Jason and she was doing absolutely nothing to hide it; IT BECAME AN OPEN SECRET.

And when Jason arrived in dreamlanders high school, I saw her eyes lit up in excitement. Who wouldn’t be excited? Aside from the fact that he was stinkingly rich, he was too cute as well. His handsome face was enough to get any girl he sets his heart to. His body stature was just on point, am sure he spends a lot on his cosmetics. I couldn’t help but admire the handsome guy in front of me.

I was crushing on him, but I couldn’t hope for anything more or serious to happen between, us. The guy was handsome, its a known fact; I was just admiring the handwork of the creator.


“and lastly, Natasha but everyone knows her as Red, when I say everybody, I meant both her family members” I heard Isabella introduce me, as I waved at him shyly, my face turning red with blush. I was actually sitted in the same table with Jason Smith of all people.

“Am guessing its because of your hair color” I heard his voice and this time, it was directed at me, not anybody else but me. I couldn’t even form words at that moment, I could only smile at him.

“But I prefer Tasha” he smiled at me, my heart was racing as I couldn’t contain the excitement anymore.

“Then you would be the first to address me like that” I managed to say with a smile


Jason and I became friends, that wouldn’t have been possible if I had not being loyal to Isabella. Jason was extremely nice to me and he defended and protected me from Isabella’s bullying as much as he could and I was grateful for that.

But there was something off with Jason whenever Mellisa was around, he always acts different, was he having personality disorder? I doubt that because he only acts strange around Mellisa, nobody else. Could it be that he’s in love with her already? Could it be that he’s doing all of these to get her attention? But Jason doesn’t need to stress himself before he gets any girl.

There’s more to this, much more. And I must find out!

I think am in love with Jason! And my two rivals are Isabella and Mellisa, what do I do? I can’t beat them both but I can definitely outsmart them. I can sneak my way into Jason’s heart and without his knowing, he’ll be all over me.

But isn’t that betrayal? Backstabbing?

I don’t remember Jason asking either of them out in the first place, so he’s more than available. THE BEST GIRL GETS THE MAN!!

Being Mellisa’s friend was next on my agenda. It was pretty nice being her friend, she was sweet and good, would have really enjoyed being friends with her for a long time, but all of these is a means to an end; JASON

Just as I wanted, I got Jason’s number. He’d call me to check up on me and we would have hours of conversation, talking about nothing in particular, chatting was even more sweeter but he kept a boundary and was not crossing it; FRIENDSHIP

But I have grown to love him more than that, I didn’t want him as a friend but as my man, my lover.

On most occasions, I thought to myself that he is this close to me, purely because of Mellisa and this angers me. I have not yet seen Mel as a potential threat because I see the feeling is one-sided, Mel hates him and that was my happiness but to his face, I hated the fact that he treated her badly and treated me with love and care.

When I saw them walk into school together, my heart stopped for a split second but I was quick to recover, hugging her like I had missed her so much, but in actual fact I wasn’t too happy seeing them together. She, spending the night at his place was enough torture for me, and now coming to school together is killing me from the inside.

All through the class, I saw Jason’s gaze fixed on Mel and I felt like killing her there and then but my eyes caught something else; ISABELLA

Maybe I should just relax and let Isabella handle the ugly part of this fight, I should still remain anonymous and observe things. I need to hatch this plan carefully, winning Jason’s heart and love is not easy but I know I would succeed. I just need wisdom and lots of patience. Time is my strong point here.

Lunch bell rang, I was behind Isabella when I saw the two walk out, Isabella was fuming with rage, as she picked up her phone to call her driver.

“Come pick me up from school now (silence) are you stupid? Come pick me up right now dumbass” she yelled into her phone.

I carried her bag outside as she stepped into the car and drove off without a single word said to anyone.

Feel more heartbroken dear and get rid of Mel for the both of us!

Walking back inside the cafeteria, I met them sitted at a corner, Jason’s hand on Mel’s, eyes locked in each other. This was very bad news, I had to do something quick.

“What’s going on here” I said immediately I got to their table.

“What do you mean?” Mel asked in a very low voice, removing her hand from underneath his palm. I smiled into her face, pretending as though I didn’t see anything.

“Everything! Just yesterday, you both hated each other and today, you both came to school together, walked into school together and now you both are eating lunch together. What am I missing here?” I asked, trying to get either of them talking, to pry a bit and know more about this sudden closeness.

“Is it bad if we are seen together? Can’t we make friends again?” I heard Jason say.

Shock was an understatement of what I felt but I quickly gained control of my expression and acted as though I didn’t feel hurt.

“OMG!! Is this Jason talking right now? Am so surprised. Baby girl what did you do to him? Wait! Don’t tell me (gasps) no! You didn’t (chuckles) you guys did it right?” I needed to know everything, I just hot to ask the right questions.

“Did what?” Mel asked looking annoyingly innocent

“Natasha!” Jason half yelled my name

“That’s my name” i said, a false grin plastered on my face “so tell me the gist Mel. How was he? Was he, you know, up to the task?”

“You guys know that am sitted right opposite you both” Jason asked in a funny manner.

“You are very silly Tasha. I just can’t believe you right now. Gosh! And no we didn’t do anything of such. You need to have your mind washed thoroughly” Mel responded as a friend would.

“Whatever! But like seriously, what really happened?” I still needed to know but this two are refusing to talk and its annoying me from the inside.

“Eat your food young lady” Jason said firmly as I took the cue and decided to not push the issue further to avoid suspicion.

“The phone” Mel’s voice came out, making me raise my head and look at them suspiciously.

Jason handed her his phone, as she excused herself from the table. What exactly is going on here?

After close of school, I decided to call Mel and check up on her, if possible get some firsthand information from her.

Hi Mel. How you doing

(sighs deeply) Hey Tasha. Am fine and you

You don’t sound fine to me Mel. What is wrong? Is it Jason? Did he start misbehaving with you? (I was genuinely worried for Mel. I like her a whole lot. She was a great person and an awesome friend, my only problem with her is the fact that she’s the only one standing in the way between Jason and I)

Jason didn’t do anything to me and he can’t possibly make me this sad. But not too worry, I’ll be fine in no time.

Talk to me dear

It’s my mum. Can you please meet me up at the address am about to send to you?

what about your mum? You know what, send the address, I’ll be there in ten minutes

Thanks Tasha and please don’t let anybody know about this

of course dear. Just hang in there for me

I dropped the phone, as I hurriedly dressed up. My phone beeped, it was a call from Jason but I couldn’t pick right now, I needed to get to Mel. Dressing up, I picked my small handbag, tucking my phone inside, I got ready to leave the house.

“Mum! I have to go meet Mellisa, will be back in a hour” I said to my mum who was in the kitchen.

“What happened to Mel?” Mum asked, genuinely worried.

Mum knows Mellisa well enough, as she (Mel) had paid friendly visits to the house, studying and even sleeping over as well. Mel had become a family member to us.

“Don’t really know mum. She asked me to come meet her up somewhere. She sounded really down and sad”

“Alrite dear but be carefully and come back home on time. If anything goes beyond your control, just place a call across to me immediately”

“Okay mum. Love you” I said hugging her from behind before rushing out of the house

“It’s my mum. Can you please meet me up at the address am about to send to you?” I heard Mel’s voice again, as I hastened my footsteps towards the bus stop.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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