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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 12)




Episode 12.

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The heavens seems to b smiling on me as Jason and I was suddenly becoming very close and Mellisa, whom I saw as my strongest rival is hated by Jason. The way Jason hates Mel is mysterious and confusing, as if they had crossed paths before somewhere but how can a nobody like Mel cross path with Jason of all people, its impossible.
Soon enough, Jason is going to ask me out and we will start our sweet and beautiful relationship, I just can’t wait any longer.
But what if he doesn’t ask me out? What if he feels am going to turn him down? What if he’s scared of saying how he truly feels towards me because he’s shy? But can Jason be a shy guy? Its impossible, but not completely impossible though. Am a beauty queen and as such, he should be afraid to tell me he wants to date me. I’ll just have to make the first move then.
Mel should be in school now, attending to her punishments; this feeling is just divine and amazing.
Picking up my phone from the table, I decided to call my soon-to-be boyfriend but he wasn’t picking. Maybe, he’s busy with something.
I’ll just wait and call him later in the evening then. Or I should just pay him a friendly visit (smiles). That’s exactly what I will do. I will pay him a visit by late evening so I can sleep over. He’s bound to fall in love with me after tonight and everything am going to do to and for him (a naughty smirk appearing on her face). But first, I need to eat something.
Walking downstairs to the dinning, I made myself comfortable as the maids starts dishing out the food. I dug in immediately, enjoying the delicacy before me as I heard footsteps coming downstairs. Twitching my head a bit to catch a glimpse of who was coming downstairs, I saw my mum, looking beautiful and rich. Her driver was behind her, carrying a small travelling bag.
“Going somewhere?” I asked, with my mouth extra full
“I have told you a million times that’s its unlady like to eat with food in your mouth, it makes you look like an uncultured monkey” she scolded, standing at the foot of the staircase
“Yea-yea but I asked a question mum. What is with the bag?” Pointing at the bag with my spoon in hand, my mouth less full now
“I have to go on a very important business trip within the country. Your dad ought to be the one attending but he’s out of the country right now, I have to oversee things till he returns”
Wow! Everything is just falling in place for me. Happiness is an understatement of how I feel right now but I can’t show it, to avoid suspicion.
“Mum!” I called out softly, my voice sounding teary, dropping the spoon gently
“Baby am so sorry” she said walking towards my seat, kissing and caressing my hair
“Ma’am you will miss your flight” her driver said interrupting our emotional, heart to heart moment.
I saw my mum nod, showing she heard and would soon be out
“I have already transferred some money into your account. Go shopping tomorrow and have fun okay. Whatever you need or want, the maids are at your service. If things go beyond your control, just text me okay”
“Whatever mum” I said, feigning anger and sadness but deep down inside I was too happy.
“Am sorry baby but I have to go now. I trust you can handle yourself and things very well. Love you” she said, all in one breath, kissing my forehead before rushing out behind the driver.
The moment the door closed, I jumped up out of extreme excitement and joy. Quickly rushing my food, I drank the milk and dashed upstairs to my room to look for something sexy and hot to wear. I really need to look extremely beautiful for Jason.
Should I call him? No! Visit is better. I packed my bumshorts into my small bag pack, I’ll wear Jason’s polo on it. I also placed books on the top, so he would think I came to study. I can not possible forget my contraceptive pills, just in case he likes it raw and also a pack of condoms, just incase he doesn’t like it raw; AM GOING PREPARED
Once I got my bag arranged and ready, I needed to pick out the best dress which proved to be the hardest job ever. After all the stress, I finally settled for one, a white with green striped short flared gown, with an open back and long sleeved hand. I selected a white heel to go along with it.
Dressing up, I let my hair fall into my face, sprayed perfume and looked myself in the mirror; I was too beautiful for Jason to reject, just too beautiful.
It was raining outside but am using a car, most definitely not an issue to me. And tonight is going to be cold, perfect for my mission; JASON MUST BE MINE
The drive to Jason’s mansion was long and tiring but I had a good feeling about it, am so close to getting the man of my dreams, I won’t give up now.
“Good evening ma” I greeted after being led to meet the mother of the house
“Good evening my dear. How may I be of help to you?” She replied politely
“Am Isabella, Jason’s friend from school” I answered as sweetly as I could
“Oh! How are you doing? Please sit down” her eyes were lighting up with excitement.
“Am doing fine ma” I replied, making myself comfortable
“What would you like to drink or eat so I can get it for you” she asked
“Nothing ma. Am fine” my smile was so wide that my cheeks were hurting already.
“Uhmm ma’am, is Jason home? I came so we could do the assignment we were given in school together. I have already tried working on them but its like an impossible mission for me”
“Oh! I can see a very serious student before me” she teased, a smile on her face, making me blush. If only she knew my real motives of coming here today.
“But unfortunately, Jason is not here. He’s at our other mansion and when he’s there he doesn’t like being disturbed”
My whole happiness vanished, as my smile turned into a frown.
“You can call him however, and he will give you the address himself, sounds better right?” I nodded a response as my lips were itching to curse
“Thank you ma’am. I’ll have to be on my way now. I’ll make the call in the car” I said, getting up from the seat
She got up as well, expression showing she wanted to walk me out to make me feel welcomed.
“Why not video call him, he works and studies online most of the time” she suggested while we were at the door.
Why have I not thought about that before? Am so stupid!
“Thank you ma’am” I said as my driver pulled out the umbrella, walking me to the car, ensuring that I don’t get wet.
I immediately video called him but as usual, he wasn’t picking.
What exactly was wrong? This night turned out to be the worst night of my life!
Opening my eyes, I saw myself in a room that wasn’t mine and about three young ladies, standing besides me. From what they wore, they should be maids.
Where am I?
I tried thinking of what had happened and I remembered seeing Jason’s ugly godforsaken face before everything went blank. Did he bring me home?
I looked down at myself and I was not wearing my clothes. Tears dropped from my eyes as I knew immediately what had happened.
In that moment of anger, I saw the door to the huge bedroom open as the monster walked in.
“What have you done to me, you stupid monster” I screamed on top of my voice, rising from the bed immediately. This was his house after all and am defenceless if he tries to repeat what he had already done. Staying far away from the bed is the best option for me right now.
“Hey Mel please just calm down and let me explain” I hate his stupid voice
Unfortunately for me, the maids had scurried out immediately they saw their master. No way am I going to let him get an upper hand against me.
“Am going to kill you if you don’t let me out of this godforsaken prison of a house!!” I yelled even loudly throwing a pillow at him which of course had little or no effect on him.
I saw him take steps towards me, and that frightened me. I was scared because I was feeling weak, dizzy and hungry, and the monster continued walking towards me.
“Are you okay?” He asked, feigning care
“Don’t ask me questions. Just let me out” I yelled “please let me go. Don’t hurt me!” My voice was becoming softer as I felt strength slipping out of me gradually.
“Hurt you? I can never hurt you” he said in a soft voice, sending shivers down my spine as goosebumps pop up on my skin.
He was getting closer now as he touched my arms, he was pulling me to himself, he wants to repeat what he had done to me. Quickly, I pushed him off me as I ran into the bathroom and lock the door. Gently, I sat on the floor, my back on the locked door, as I cried out in fear of the unknown.
I heard his loud banging on the bathroom door, fear gripped me the more.
“Please don’t hurt me” I yelled in a teary voice
“Am sorry” I cried out, hot tears rushing down my cheeks
“Open up Mel!” He screamed through the door making me cry even louder.
Soon, the loud banging stopped and I think he went to bring his spare keys or something to force the door open. I listened for two minutes, crying softly this time.
“Tasha wants to speak to you” I heard him say
Tasha! Did he also kidnap Tasha? What is he up to?
“Mel!” I heard Tasha’s voice, sending peace all over my troubled body and mind.
“Tasha!” I called out
Mel looked so scared of me. I admit that I have been harsh and wicked but that doesn’t guarantee me being a monster, does it?
I tried my best in calming her down but she just wouldn’t. Her tears spoke of her immense fear. But then again, she looked weak and tired, she was exhausting her strength and she might collapse if she continued.
I saw her run into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. I could hear her sniffing and crying. I was scared she might decide to hurt herself, I needed to do something and fast too.
I went online to video call Tasha immediately; she would be able to help.
“Hey Tasha”
“Is Mel awake now?”
“She is but she locked herself in the bathroom. My bathroom is a bit dangerous for an emotionallly unstable person.
“Mel is not emotionally unstable”
“I know she isn’t but with the way I saw her act some minutes ago, she might decide to hurt herself”
“Get the phone to her”
Jason carried his laptop facing the door.
“Mel!” She called out
“Tasha” I smiled as I heard her voice from behind the door
“Open up Mel!”
“Is he threatening you? Did he kidnap you too?”
“Kidnap? I didn’t kidnap anybody” I said defending myself
“Keep shut Jason” Tasha yelled from the screen “Mel I wasn’t kidnapped, neither were you. You fainted under the rain and Jason brought you home, you were very sick”
“But he took advantage of me and raped me” she broke down in fresh tears
“What!” Tasha yelled out angrily
“I didn’t do it. I couldn’t possibly do such a wicked thing to any girl”
“Then ask him to explain how I got out of my dress into this one”
“Nicole had you changed. I wasn’t even here”
“Who is Nicole?” Tasha asked
“She’s the chief maid here” I replied my accusers
“You see Mel, he didn’t do that. So just open the door and let’s talk better”
Mel was silent for a while, until the door creaked open and she came out with a swollen face and eyes.
“Hey bbe” Tasha smiled at her as Mel returned a weak smile. “He couldn’t possibly video call me if he kidnapped me and look (she raised her phone higher to get a clearer view of the room she was in) this is my room in my parents’ house (Mel nodded in understanding) now eat and rest. The doctor will be here any minute from now, to give you your medication. See you tomorrow hun. I got to go now, am attending to some school work right now. You will be fine right?”
“Yes I will be. Thanks for always being you!” She smiled brightly
“Yes ma”
“Take care of my friend. See you guys tomorrow”
The call ended as Mellisa walked to the bed and sat down. I stepped out of the room to get Mrs Flourish, so we could eat.
The maids brought in different meals, just as Mrs Flourish promised.
I saw Mel dig into her food with so much smiles on her face, she was enjoying the meal in front of her. Watching her eat was enough to fill my tummy.
“Is there someone I should call that you won’t be coming home today?” I offered or rather asked
“No!” Was her short and simple answer before she resumed eating.
I didn’t push further to avoid more issues.
After eating, the family doctor came and checked on her. He gave her some drugs and asked her to rest in order to regain her strength.
After he left, we watched movies and later slept. I had to sleep in a different room to make her feel more comfortable.
Morning came quite early, as the rain from last night has since stopped, although the weather was still chilly. I picked out some clothes from my sister’s room for her.
Walking up to my room, I knocked gently, waiting for the ‘come in’ order which I got after about five minutes.
“Hey Mel. How are you and how was your night?” I asked, with a bright smile on my face.
“Fine” came her short reply, as though she was being charged for using more words.
“Do you like the dress? Or should I get you another one?” I asked, hoping to get her to talk more but she just nodded, tying her hair in a rough ponytail.
“Your bag” I said stretching her already dried bag to her
A smile curved on her lips as she mouthed a thank you
“We will go get your phone after school today, if that’s okay by you”
“Its perfect by me. Thank you so much for what you did yesterday, I really appreciate” her voice was soothing and calm
“Shall we” I asked bowing in a funny way, pointing at the door
She laughed lightly, as she nodded and walked past me outside the door, I followed behind closely, headed for my motorbike.
“Don’t tell me you brought me here with this?” She asked, the smile still on her face
“Yes and its very fun. You’ll see” I said, giving her my hand. She hesitated a bit before taking them as I helped her sit on it. “Helmet” I handed one to her
She removed the band on her hair, loosing the ponytail before wearing the helmet “Checked” she replied laughing
“You’d have to put your arms around my waist, just so you don’t fall off”
She hesitated again but did it. Her face on my back, arms tightly wrapped around me.
I brought the motorbike to life, as I felt her grip tightened, causing me to smile more.
My whole night was ruined but I still have hope. I’ll see Jason in school tomorrow and invite him to my place for lunch and studying.
I got to school as usual and stood outside the building, but inside the compound, waiting for Jason so we both would walk into school together. As I waited, I heard Jason’s motorbike drive into the compound, a bright smile appeared on my face.
As I took a step forward, my eyes caught something. Behind Jason on the bike was Mellisa, but how? How are they coming to school together? Did he sleep in her house? Impossible! Did she sleep in his house? But what did I miss? How did this two become close overnight? Is this a fairytale? Did her fairy godmother come to the rescue?
Mellisa came down from the bike, handing over the helmet to Jason who kept it. Locking the bike, they both started walking towards my direction. I was so shocked that I couldn’t even move.

“Hi Bella” I heard Jason say with a smirk before walking past me into the school building.

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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