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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 11)




Episode 11.

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“Keep your explanations to yourself, it ain’t needed anymore. Am here for Mel, to help with her unjust punishment, so if you don’t mind, please excuse me” Tasha said, walking away into the school.
I stood there, watching her disappear into the school building, sighing out of desperation, frustration and confusion.
There were two things left to do, take steps forward into the school and stop these nonsense or take steps backwards, out of the school to my house.
A cross road, confusion was an understatement as to what I really felt at this moment. My head told me to go home but my heart refused to listen, as I found myself still standing at the same spot Tasha left me.
Since I couldn’t go home because my heart won’t let me, I decided to stay but away from sight. I just loitered around and watched them attend to the washing of the toilets as they gisted. Mel smiled and she looked really beautiful whilst smiling, in fact both of them looked really beautiful whilst they smile.
Whilst they worked at the toilets, I found my way to the empty class on the third floor (that would be opened by September) where Mel would be serving her detention hours and installed a camera there.
Natasha left school after she had helped Mel with the washing of the toilets, leaving Mel in her detention hours. I kept a close watch at her, as she did her assignments and read her notes. She had this funny habit of talking out loud, like she was teaching or talking to someone in the room but that funny habit of hers made us study together. Not really study together, she didn’t know I was studying along with her but I actually was.
Three hours felt as if it were thirty minutes to me. She was so close but yet so far. All I wanted was to reach out to her and touch her face and feel her skin and…
Wait! She’s getting up. Oh! Right, its time to go home now.
The sky seemed to want to answer my prayers as it displayed signs of a possible rain. She had no options, she would have to stay back in school with me.
Where is she going? You have got to be kidding me right now.
Quickly, I dashed out of the classroom I was in, running up to catch up with her but I needed an umbrella. I ran back to the principal’s office to borrow one.
Knocking gently on the door, I heard his hoarse voice telling me to come in.
“Good evening Sir” I greeted politely
“Jason!” He sounded and looked genuinely surprised “what are you still doing in school by this time? Don’t tell me you didn’t go home after close of school”
“Yes sir, I didn’t go home. I decided to stay back to study ahead for exams”
“Study? Isn’t your home conducive enough for studying” he questioned further
At this point, I was getting irritated by his questioning. Just hand me the damn umbrella Mister.
“Of course it is Sir. Just that, I really wanted to experiment studying outside home”
“Oh!” He sighed in defeat.
“Sir, I would like to go home now. Was wondering if you could lend me an umbrella please”
“You want to walk?”
Seriously Mr Brooke!! How can I walk home? Are you kidding me right now? Just give me the umbrella and stop asking unnecessary questions.
“No sir! I brought my bike. I just need the umbrella so I won’t get too drenched” my voice was surprisingly calm
“Just wait a bit let me finish, I’ll drop you off with my car”
This man is sure getting on my nerves and its getting very annoying as well.
“Thank you sir but I really really have to go now” I said pleadingly
“Okay son. Take one from the shelf and be on your way”
Finally, the reply I sought.
“Thank you sir” I replied, taking the umbrella and leaving the office.
If you have ever played temple run, then you’d understand how I ran out of school, headed to meet Mel. I saw her at a distance, soaking wet, clutching onto herself for some heat and warmth. She was shivering whilst she walked but she didn’t stop. I ran up to her and placed the umbrella above her head, shielding her from the rain. She shivered as her face had turned pale and blue from cold.
Slowly, I saw her head turn towards me. I smiled at her hoping to get one back at least.
“What!” Her weak voice came out
I saw her grow weak from standing as she collapsed into my arms. One hand holding her firmly, preventing her from falling to the ground, another still holding onto the umbrella.
How I managed to get her to my bike was a pure miracle, I must confess. I made her sit at the back, her head resting on my body, as I took off my jacket and covered her head with it, the umbrella was something I couldn’t handle anymore, so I let it go.
I increased the speed and headed for our other mansion in the outskirts of town, going home was not even an option. This mansion was occupied by maids and servants, and the family only come here to escape stress or for some alone time.
Nobody had the guts to ask me any questions, as I was the boss. I carried Mel in my arms to my large room, placing her on the bed. Undressing her was the next thing to do as she needed to leave those wet clothes and get into something dry.
“Nicole!!” I yelled into the lobby, after opening my door and then closing it back.
Nicole was the chief maid here.
“You called sir” she said immediately she entered, after knocking on the door.
“Yes. She is a guest of mine and as you can see would be needing a change of clothes before meeting with a doctor”
“I understand sir but to what should I change her in?”
“Here” I handed her some feminine clothes “they are sis’. I am sure it would fit”
I left the room, after picking up a change of clothes for myself. I headed for a spare bathroom, had a hot bath and changed into my dry clothes. I felt much warmer now. I headed to the kitchen and saw the chef already at work.
“What’s cooking?” I asked from the door
“Oh! Young master! Am making soup for you and your guest. The weather is very cold tonight and you guys got drenched, so this soup would help in warming the body and getting rid of any fever that might come later”
“That sounds interesting” I teased as she smiled at me
“But this is just soup. I also made some pancakes and toasted bread but am going to heat them up immediately am done with this soup. For drinks, I have freshly squeezed orange juice and I have also made smoothie as well”
“Mrs Flourish, do you honestly want to overfeed me tonight?” I asked laughing
“Of course dear. You hardly ever visit and today, you came with a very special kind of guest” she said, a naughty smirk appearing on her face.
“You are not serious I swear” couldn’t hold onto the laughter anymore, as I laughed whilst walking away.
I headed upstairs to my room. Thought of badging in, but then again, won’t I be invading their privacy?
Reluctantly, I knocked on my own door, waiting patiently for an answer. The door pushed open as Nicole stepped out, head bowed in respect.
“How is she?”
“Her temperature is very high but I have given her some first aid treatment and changed the clothes as you asked. I gave her a cold bath before changing her clothes”
“Okay. But wait! Did I just hear that you gave her a cold bath?”
“Yes sir. Its a first aid treatment. You give a cold bath to someone that’s extremely cold to make them feel better quicker. Giving her a hot or warm bath will worsen things”
Jason nodded in understanding before walking in to see Mel on the bed.
But what happens if she wakes up and realized I helped her out? She hates me already and might hurt herself, what do I do now?
First things first; I texted my mum telling her I was at the other mansion, studying for exams and she shouldn’t worry. Once that level was crossed, I called our personal doctor to come over to the mansion, which he gave me the assurance that he would be here in thirty minutes. Next, I called Tasha and she proved to be the hardest level to cross as she refused picking my calls. I had to settle for texting.
My phone vibrated as Tasha’s call came in. I picked up immediately.
Hi Tasha. How you doing?
Where is Mel? What have you done to her, you jerk?
Tasha please don’t call me that…
Go to the point Jason. Please I have lots to do before school tomorrow.
(sighs deeply) its Mel. She fainted in my arms…
What are you talking about? What did you do to my friend? If you hurt her, I swear to god am going to kill you
(smirks) kill me? Can you honestly kill me?
(yell) Jason!!
Okay fine. I saw her going home in the rain, then she collapsed when I met her, I only wanted to help
Help indeed
I actually meant no harm, I swear
I don’t want to hear it. Where’s my friend?
she’s still unconscious but I have called a doctor and he’ll be here any time now.
sounds like you got the situation perfectly under control. Don’t see the need for this call
why are you being this hard on me Tasha? I actually called because I need your help
with what exactly?
You know Mel and I are not really…well she hates me
wow! Am so shocked right now. Why would you say she hates you?
(sighs) you can stop the sarcasm now Tasha.
you still haven’t said what you need from me
Just in case things get out of control, I just need someone to call that will put things in order
Your head deserves some breaking but anyways I’ve heard you. If things go wrong, call me on video call. Am studying online for the next two hours
You are a darling Tasha. I don’t know…
(ends call)
“Sir! She’s awake now” Nicole said
I rushed back in to see a very angry looking Mellisa
“What have you done to me, you stupid monster” she screamed, rising from the bed
“Hey Mel please just calm down and let me explain”
Honestly speaking, I was getting scared of her eyes. She looked dangerous; too dangerous.
The maids had left the room immediately they saw the scary looking Mel display her anger.

“Am going to kill you if you don’t let me out of this godforsaken prison of a house!!” She yelled almost deafening me in the process.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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