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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 10)




Episode 10.

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The sudden closeness between Jason and Isabella became Melissa’s nightmare, as she was constantly their victim.
Red and Mellisa too became best of friends, as they shared a similar fate of being bullied.
Jason however was nice to Red and treated her as a friend of his, protecting her from Isabella’s bullying most times.
It was another school week at dreamlanders High School. Everything was as it should be; students in class taking lectures, tutors teaching their classes, the hall was quiet and calm.
“Now, guys! You are aware of the play we are going to be acting in three weeks time?” The female tutor taking the final year class spoke, her tone sounding more like a statement than a question.
A nerdy looking guy pulled his hand up, in a bid to get the tutor’s attention.
“Yes Patrick”
The whole class turned their eyes towards the guy called Patrick who stood up, looking very confident.
“Mrs Betty, What play if I may ask?” He voiced out gaining murmurs of approval from his fellow students who turned looking at the tutor, to get the answer they all sought.
“Didn’t the principal inform you guys on your first day, of all your activities that are lined up for this session?” She asked, removing her glasses from her eyes and placing them on the table.
The door to the classroom creaked open as Mellisa came walking in, looking down at her feet, afraid of the thousand of eyes staring holes into her.
“Miss Bradson!” Mrs Betty exclaimed
“Good morning ma’am” she greeted gently, her voice almost coming out in a whisper
“Why are you just coming to school? Its already some minutes before 9”
“Am sorry ma’am”
“Saying am sorry doesn’t answer my question, young lady. Why are you just coming to school?” She asked, looking visibly angry as she spoke
Mellisa kept her gaze on the floor all through, her lips failed to form the needed words at the moment.
” Two hours at Detention is the penalty for coming late to school, you know that right?”
Mellisa nodded, her eyes still fixed on the floor.
“Words Mellisa!” She yelled
“Yes ma’am” her voice was getting crowded by tears, as a tear drop fell on the floor as well
“Go sit down, we will discuss the detention hours later”
Mellisa found her way to her seat, sitting down but her face still bowed down.
“As I was saying, we are going to be acting a play in the school’s public hall in three weeks time and we need to get ready and prepared for it as well. We would be acting THE TWELFTH NIGHT by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE” She said with a tone of finality in her voice, not giving room to any further questions.
The whole class was filled with murmurings but Mrs Betty cared less as she went to the board, writing something on it. Turning to face the class, the murmurings ceased.
“Well, for today’s class, we are going to be talking about the Twelfth Night. Everything we need to know to put up a good act that day. Twelfth night is a play centered on Viola and Sebastian, twins, who were separated in a shipwreck. Viola who is disguised as Cesario falls in love with Duke Orsino, who in turn is in love with Countess Olivia. Upon meeting Viola, Countess Olivia falls in love with her thinking she is a man, Interesting right?”
The students suddenly looked interested in the story as Mrs Betty smiled at their expressions.
She was about speaking, when her phone beeped.
“Excuse me for a moment class. I have to take this” she said walking out of the class with her phone in hand.
The rowdiness of the class soon returned as everybody seemed busy in their own private discussions, except for Mellisa who still stayed sitted quiet on her chair.
Isabella got up from her seat, walking gently towards the door. She pushed the door opened, stared outside, like a child about to steal, before closing back the door. She walked towards the table, gently unzipping Mrs Betty’s handbag, she brought out some wraps of chocolate, taking them back to her seat, smiling.
Mrs Betty soon walked in to continue with her class.
“Am sorry class but I have to go now. We shall continue when next we meet, okay”
“Okay ma’am” everyone chorused.
Taking her bag from the table, she noticed it was unzipped. Out of mere curiosity, she decided to check, not that she had had any record of stolen item in the class, but she just thought it as a safety measure.
“Who took the chocolate wraps in my bag?”
Silence swept the whole class, as everyone looked on.
“Am I talking to deaf and dumbs now? I said who took the chocolate wraps from my bag?”
Everyone remained silent, not because they didn’t know who did it, but because of the person who did it. Could they possibly report her to the teacher? And ruin their life in the process? As well as the life of their families? Hell no!! Silence was precious and golden.
“I saw Mellisa walk towards your bag when you stepped out ma’am” Isabella’s voice came out, sounding so innocent and sweet, like an harmless angel
“What!?” Mrs Betty exclaimed unbelievably
Mellisa who had her head bowed all through, lifted up her face in shock. For all she knew, her butt hadn’t left that seat ever since she sat on it. What was Isabella talking about now?
“Mellisa Bradson”
Mellisa stood up quietly, her face was flushed with tears, she looked as if she had been crying for a really long time. Was that why her head was bowed down ever since she stepped into the class?
“I didn’t do it” her voice came almost in a whisper. The tears behind her voice could be felt, She was very sad on this day, but why?
“Isabella said she saw you walk towards my bag when I stepped out, is that true?”
“Its not true ma” she said, trying to raise her voice to prove her point but her eyes betrayed her as the tears came pouring down.
“She must have been so hungry to have done that, please forgive her ma’am” Isabella said in a soft tone, her innocent eyes pleading with Mrs Betty.
“There’s no excuse for what she did, Isabella” The tutor scolded, still looking sternly at Mellisa
“But if you are hungry, why can’t you come to me? You know I am always there for you, Mel” she was sounding so angelic and pure.
Mellisa rolled her eyes at Isabella’s sudden but yet not needed concern, but her little gesture did not escape Mrs Betty’s sharp eyes.
“And what is that supposed to mean?” Mrs Betty asked in an irritated voice
“I didn’t do anything ma” Mel defended herself
“I saw you Mellisa. So are you trying to say Isabella is lying against you? Even if she was, none of your classmate has said otherwise, or have they?”
A rhetorical question but true enough. None of the other students has opposed to anything Isabella said. Mellisa was drowning in her own tears now as she stood helplessly, accused in front of her own vindicators.
Treating Mellisa badly was indeed, the most hardest thing I ever had to do but I had no choice here, it was for her life.
I forced myself into being a bully and a monster but only to Mel, as for Tasha (Red), I took her under my wings, protecting her as much as I could but it turned out she didn’t really appreciate my gesture of kindness.
My new found friend Isabella derived pleasure in treating Mel badly. It hurt to watch her do hurtful things to her, but there was nothing more I could do, For Mel’s sake, I shouldn’t do anything.
A new school week and Mellisa wasn’t in school yet, now that was news. She was among the earlybirds, always punctual and neat. I was worried but decided to hold onto my emotions till the end of the day.
The door pushed opened while we were listening to Mrs Betty’s lesson, as Mellisa walked in with her head bowed.
I couldn’t remove my gaze from her, not even for a minute. She looked down and extremely sad, what exactly was wrong with her? Was it my bullying and taunting? Nah! I doubt that. My bullying can’t get her looking that way at this hour of the morning, something was definitely wrong somewhere.
“Yes ma’am” I heard her voice as my eyes caught a tear drop escape those beautiful eyelids of hers.
I watched her take her seat, her head still lowered, avoiding eye contacts with the world.
Mrs Betty tried her best in getting me interested with the proposed play, but my mind was far away from the class; WHY WAS MEL SAD?
Mrs Betty got a call that took her out of the class for a moment. I saw Isabella walk towards the teacher’s table; WHAT WAS SHE UP TO NOW?
OMG! She didn’t just take those from Mrs Betty’s bag. Everyone saw her but kept shut, I also kept my mouth close.
“Who took the chocolate wraps in my bag?” Mrs Betty was sounding angry already
“I saw Mellisa walk towards your bag when you stepped out ma’am” Isabella’s voice came out, sounding so innocent and sweet, like an harmless angel
Now I know why she did what she did. But what am I going to do now? Tell the truth, save Mel, get her to like me and see me as a good person and then make her fall in love with me and then what? Kill her! No way. Am just going to keep shut.
“I saw you Mellisa. So are you trying to say Isabella is lying against you? Even if she was, none of your classmate has said otherwise, or have they?”
At this point in my life, it took strong will to sit my butt down and keep my mouth shut. My eyes caught Tasha looking on at me with pleading eyes. I got her message loud and clear but I couldn’t do anything about it, I shouldn’t do anything about it.
“You have always been a good girl since your first day here, I honestly don’t know what is going on with you but it doesn’t mean I won’t punish you for stealing” Mrs Betty’s voice was becoming softer now, seeing her already tears flushed face.
“Just to serve as a deterrent to others, You are going to clean the toilets and serve three hours of detention today and that’s final” she said, taking her belongings and leaving the class.
Isabella and her crew erupted in an unending laughter as Mellisa sat back down, resuming her sad sitting position, the rest students were quiet and calm.
“Who cares for some chocolates?” Isabella asked rhetorically, laughing as she spoke.
Of course, nobody dared reply or question her. Everyone focused on his or her own personal activity.
School ended as usual, and everyone found their way home but I couldn’t go home just yet, I just couldn’t.
I saw Tasha returning back to school as I stood at the entrance into the compound, my helmet in my hand.
“Hey Beautiful. Why are you back in school? Forgot something?” I asked with a very wide smile, hoping to get one in return from her.
Surprisingly enough, Red just strolled past me, like I was invincible or a spirit. She strolled into the compound, singing softly to herself. I stood, lost for a minute.
“Tasha wait up!” I yelled after her, running a bit to catch up, pulling her arms a little roughly, causing her to turn, facing me, her red hair crashing on her beautiful face.
“What’s up!” I asked again, letting go of her arms.
A frown answered my greetings as she folded her arms across her chest.
“Tasha talk to me please”
“What’s up with you Jason? Seriously what’s really up with you? Do you have any psychological problem? Or a sort of personality disorder? Because from the way things are, you honestly need a psychiatrist and you need one as soon as possible”
“I don’t understand what you mean Tasha”
“You don’t understand? (Scoffs) Explain to me why one minute you are all nice, the next you are a monster because I can’t seem to understand it anymore. Why on earth would you decide to be nice to me but cruel to Mel? Is that how much you hate her?”
“You won’t understand Tasha” I said calmly
“That’s what you keep telling me but I don’t wish to understand why you would treat a lady such as Mel with so much hatred. It ain’t fair one bit. And today, she’s serving punishment for a crime she didn’t commit and you, who ought to vindicate her, sat there quietly”
“Tasha!” I half yelled her name. What does she know? She has no right to judge me, she doesn’t and would never understand.
“Keep your explanations to yourself, it ain’t needed anymore. Am here for Mel, to help with her unjust punishment, so if you don’t mind, please excuse me” she said, walking away into the school.
I stood there, watching her disappear into the school building, sighing out of desperation, frustration and confusion.
Today was definitely a bad day for me, it was just my worst day in the histories of worst days.
Being accused of stealing in broad daylight in front of so many people, was the worst feeling ever.
Money sure stops nonsense and money also makes you do nonsense. Money is good and lack of it is a huge sin and crime.
I now had to clean all the toilets in the whole school and also serve three hours of detention, Gosh! So annoying. I better get to it then.
I found my way to the toilet at the kindergarten section when my phone beeped, a message had come in
It was from Natasha, popularly known as Red. I texted back;
Her message popped back in, not up to thirty seconds later;
Natasha did come to meet me up, with a very delicious homemade delicacy which we are together. We cleaned the toilets together as well, as the workload reduced. I was done in no time, because of her immense help but she couldn’t stay in school any further as she went home and I went to serve my detention hours. I was faithful to the rules, which involves me giving my phone.
Three hours were really long but it finally came and I was done with my punishment.
Looking at my time, I saw it was 6pm already. The sky was acting funny as it threatened to pour anytime soon but I couldn’t stay in school any longer, I had no choice but to head out. On getting to the entrance, the rain started. I had two choices; Go back to the school and take shelter or continue walking in the rain and get drenched.
Going back to school was definitely not an option, as I continued walking in the rain. I was already a little distance from the school but my body was soaked with water, my books and phone are probably ruined by now but I continued. Even though, I don’t do well in the rain, I continued walking.
All of a sudden I wasn’t feeling the rain hit my body anymore. Has it stopped raining? I looked in front of me and saw the water dropping from the sky. Then how am I not getting wet?
I felt very cold as I was clutching my body with my arms. Walking was now becoming a problem, as I forced one leg after the other. Still I struggled to look up just to know why I wasn’t getting wet and I saw an umbrella. Who is holding up an umbrella for me? Did Natasha come back to school?
Slowly, I turned to my side, shivering, just to meet his eyes and smiling face.

“What!!” I managed to voice out before collapsing into his arms.

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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