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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 09)




Episode 09.

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Seeing her beautiful face walk into the class, i couldn’t help but stare at her; I WAS LOST IN HER ENCHANTING BEAUTY.
But i had to get a control of myself, i can’t allow Mel to die because of me, i just can’t let it happen again, not when i can do something about it; YES I AM GOING TO SAVE HER THIS TIME.
“How are you feeling now, do you feel better?” I heard her soft, calm voice, soothing my troubled mind instantly but i needed to remain focus, the mission at hand is bigger and more important than anything else.
I ignored her, avoiding her eyes, afraid that i might get lost in them again.
I saw her innocently attempt to touch me, i would give everything to feel her touch, but not in this lifetime. Grabbing her hand roughly, i shoved it aside. I saw shock visibly written on her beautiful face.
“Are you stupid? or trying to be stupid?” I tried sounding as harsh and cold as i possibly could. All eyes were on us immediately, i could see her eyes already getting wet, the tear drop that broke my heart into a million pieces, fell down her cheeks. There and then, i wanted to fall at her feet and beg for her forgiveness and tell her how much I have loved and still love her but then again i couldn’t do that. For her sake, i shouldn’t do that.
Isabella and Ella were urging me on; Stupid girls, they have no idea what was really going on.
Looking at Mel, she looked lost and sad, I had to convince myself that i was doing this for us.
“Hey!” I twitched my fingers in her face, jerking her out of her world of thoughts. “You can leave now, am gradually getting suffocated by the stench coming out from your body. Gosh its so annoying” i watched her go back to her seat, sitting sadly and Isabella and her gang laughing annoyingly.
I needed to make Mel hate me, she shouldn’t even like me one bit. Yes, I have to prevent any form of friendship or closeness that would birth her loving me, she won’t die for my love again, NEVER!!
“Ignore her stupidity Jason, she’s just a stupid adopted bastard who doesn’t know her place in the society” I heard Isabella say. What do i have to do to convince this girl that she’s an annoying spoilt brat. I guess I just have to tolerate her excesses for the time being
“Settle down!” A tutor who just entered the class spoke.
I threw a quick glance at Mel, she was quiet, extremely quiet, gently wiping off the tears that refused to stop flowing.
The bell rang, signifying the end of the day, as students arranged their books into their bags, gisting with friends as they filed out gently and quietly.
I was getting myself ready slowly. I wasn’t in a rush to leave, at least not yet. I want to see Mel leave for home before going out as well.
“Hey Jason, aren’t you going home?” The voice I have grown to hate spoke besides me
I sighed deeply to avoid yelling at her “I’m getting ready to leave as you can see” i replied casually, hoping the conversation would end but I was wrong.
“Do you want coffee or soda or coca cola ? I already sent Red to get us one” she said smiling
Mel got up, walking out of the class, with her bag behind her.
“Red is not your maid, you know?” I said getting up from the seat
“We are not in the same level, so…”
“That doesn’t justify treating her the way you do”
I walked out of the class, leaving her behind but she soon ran out of the class, catching up with me. We both walked out of the school into the compound. A car was parked in front of the compound.
“It seems your driver is not yet here. I could give you a lift home” she said with a smile
“No, thanks. I have my ride already” i said pointing at the motorbike parked at a distance
“Wow Jason! It’s beautiful. Hope you would give me a lift oneday?” She said flirtatiously
“Your driver is waiting Bella”
“I’ll call you Jace” she said, entering the car which sped off immediately.
No sooner had the car left that Red came running out, a can of coca cola in hand.
“Where’s Isabella?” She asked breathlessly
“Hey! Calm down Tasha, she just left. What happened?” I held her by the shoulder, trying to calm her down
“She sent me this” showing me the coke in her hand “i was going to get it when i met Mellisa, i had to talk to her and when i got back to class, you guys were nowhere to be found. I went to the cafeteria also before deciding to check outside” she said all in a breath
“You spoke to Mel?” I heard myself ask
“Yes!” Her panting had reduced as she shoved my hands away from her body “but why did you do that Jason? I thought you were different from those other rich kids…” Her voice was becoming sad as her eyes were locked in mine.
“Tasha, its not what you think. I…” My own voice chose to fail me at this important point in time
“I don’t care. Do you know how worried she was when you didn’t come to school for two days? She even asked for your number from me and other students. But you decided to humiliate and embarrass her like that. To say am disappointed in you, is an understatement. Hope you feel fulfilled now?”
“Tasha!” I managed to call out softly, almost in a whisper
“See you tomorrow. I guess this drink is now mine” Red said, walking away from me, without even looking back.
Sighing deeply, i walked towards my bike, climbed on it and drove away.
I guess the big man above finally smiled down at me. To say I was happy to see Jason treat Mel like that, was an understatement. I was more than elated, it was a dream come true for me.
But what suddenly made Jason hate her all of a sudden; that’s the big question on my mind. But getting an answer is not really a big deal for me.
As long as he hates her and her guts, am super cool with it. Just can’t wait to start dating my cute crush. We would make the best couple ever.
Lying on my bed, i picked up my phone to check my facebook account, to see if there are any new happenings.
Wait! He’s online. Today is just simply perfect.
‘Hey Cutie’ i sent the message and waited for his reply which came abt two mins later
‘Hru doing love’ i typed and sent
‘Tired and you’ he replied
‘Am good, just missing you a whole lot babe’ i typed and sent but his reply didn’t come through again as he went offline.
‘I understand you are tired. Sleep well my love. See you tomorrow. Xoxo ❣️’ i typed and sent before continuing with my online surfing.
I hate him so much. I hate JASON SMITH with every strenght in me. How dare he? Is it because he’s rich? I just don’t blame him and his girlfriend, they both can go to hell for all i care. Spoilt rich kids!
But what am saying right now? HATE? Can i really hate Jason? Why do i feel strange with him? What is happening with me? Because am very sure this can’t be Love, Or can it ?
The likes and comments on the last chapter was not all that good. Don’t tell me we now have ghost readers among us? Please if you are a ghost reader, pity me small and leave a like pls, i beg of you. We can reach 100 likes in 24 hours, i believe in us.

Like i said I would, i already created an fb group for stories also and I’ll be writing there as well. Don’t get it wrong, am not abandoning my page, both will be running side by side. I would appreciate it if you guys joined the group as am about starting a new story over there; SHE’S MINE

To Be Continued. .. . .

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