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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 08)




Episode 08.

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Two days has past since I saw Jason after he fainted. To say i was worried sick was an understatement but i had to endure the torture. Isabella’s constant taunts didn’t really get to me that much, it was her lifestyle and i was kind of used to watching her do it to other students, even red suffered her bullying. All that was on my mind was just to see Jason and know how he’s faring. The Principal already told us that he was fine and not in any form of danger whatsoever and that he would be resuming anytime soon, but that was not enough for me, i needed to call and see this guy.

But how would i get his number or house address?


Why didn’t my mind go to her from the onset. Am just going to see her immediately and get the number and possible the house address as well, I can’t wait for school to be over.

Our history tutor was going on and on about something i had no idea about, wasn’t really paying attention. All my focus was on the huge wall clock hanging above the long white board.

“Mellisa!” I thought I heard my voice, wasn’t too sure though so I didn’t pay attention.

“Mellisa Bradson!” The voice was louder and firmer this time around. It was our history tutor, i smell trouble.

“Yes sir” i said as gently as i possibly can, standing to my feet slowly.

“You seem lost Miss Mellisa Bradson” his voice filled the room, as all eyes suddenly turned at me. Gosh! I hated sudden attention, being the center of attraction has always been my most feared fear.

“Miss Mellisa” Gosh i must have zoomed out on him again, focus Mellisa!

“Yes sir”

“Is everything okay with you?” He sounded genuinely worried

I nodded my response as he looked at me, doubting my answer.

“Are you sure Mellisa?” He asked, his eyes still searching my expression for a clue as to what was going on in my mind

Again, i nodded. I just want to sit my ass back down and avoid these eyes.

“Its really not easy being an adopted bastard, you know. I feel for her a whole lot” Isabella’s voice came out from the class, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“That’s pretty rude Isabella. You should apologize to Mellisa” his voice was firm

Isabella’s expression spoke of sudden anger and disgust at the thought of apologizing to Mellisa.

“Sit down Mellisa and settle down guys. Let’s continue with what we were doing”

The bell suddenly rang as i was about sitting down.

“Guess that will be all for today guys, see you next time and don’t forget to turn in those assignments on Monday” he said packing his books into his briefcase.

Murmurs filled the class immediately.

“Remember to add those pages to the file you will be submitting on Monday, pages 10, 15, 30 and 35 and that makes the assignment pages to round up to 10”

The murmuring continued but the tutor didn’t mind at all, as everybody gradually filed out of the class.

“I want a cold soda Red” i heard Isabella’s high pitched voice.

“We can get it when we are going out of the school Bella” Red’s soft voice spoke out.

“Let me rephrase, Red i want cold soda, so get me one now” she smiled into her face.

At least, an opportunity to meet Red alone has come, picking my bag, i was hurrying to catch up with Red when the history tutor called me back.

“Mellisa is everything okay with you?”

“Yes sir. I am fine”

“If you ever need somebody to talk to, you know you can always come to me”

I nodded and smiled reassuringly.

Walking out of the classroom, i walked, or rather half ran towards the vending machine to catch up with Red when i saw her almost there.

“Red!” I called out, she turned around, smiling her beautiful smile, causing me to smile back.

“Hi Mel. Is everything okay?”

“Yes it is. I was just wondering if you can help me with Jason’s number. You know he has not been in school since and…”

“I understand but i can’t help you there, am sorry” Red said, turning to leave

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?” Mel asked walking besides her too

“I actually don’t have his number, only Isabella does and she got it from her mum. Isabella refused giving it to anybody, so you see i can’t help. Am sorry but i have to go now” Red said walking away from Mel

Mellisa stood confused, her little hope just vanished from her grip as she continued her journey out of the school, back home.

****** Mel’s Room ******

I heard a knock on my door, as i was at the table attending to my assignments.

“Come in”

The door creaked open, as Alicia came walking in, looking so angry. I wonder what she was angry about now.

“I can’t continue coming up to this place every single time to call you for mum or dad” she said, her voice spoke of anger and irritation.

“I have a phone, they can always call me on it so you don’t have to stress yourself next time” i replied as sarcastically as i possibly could.

She must have sensed my sarcasm, as she scoffed, folding her arms across her breast. “Check your phone your royal annoyiness and come down because i ain’t coming up here again” she said stomping out of my room.

I picked up my phone, and i saw it; five missed calls, but how and when?


Getting up from my table, i headed downstairs for dinner, though i don’t have appetite for food.


Morning came as soon as i closed my eyes. I was up and ready to get Jason’s phone number from the principal if all students won’t give it to me.

I reached school on time and headed for my class. Pushing the door and stepping into the classroom, i saw him; JASON


To say I was elated was an understatement. I was extremely happy and excited, as my face unconsciously curved into a smile. He suddenly turned towards my direction, with the same look he had on the first day but the eyes were different this time, it was scary to look at but I was determined to talk to him.

Isabella glared at me as I headed towards his table, a smile on my face but his expression was blank.

“Hi Jason” i greeted but he didn’t reply, just kept his gaze at the board before him. But i won’t let this discourage me.

“How are you feeling now, do you feel better?” I asked, trying to touch his forehead to confirm if he was fine but got the shock of my life.

Jason held my hand in mid air, throwing it aside roughly, looking at me with sudden hate and disgust.

“Are you stupid? Or are you trying to be stupid?” His cold voice came out. The whole class was silent as all eyes were on the scene taking place; I felt their gazes but Jason’s coldness was worse.

But why was I feeling heartbroken? I don’t know this guy and he’s most definitely not my type, I must be stupid to even think he would…think? What exactly was I even thinking? Gosh! I am so dumb.

“Hey!” I saw his fingers twitched in my face, bringing me back to reality “you can leave now, am gradually getting suffocated by the stench coming out from your body. Gosh its so annoying”

A tear drop slid down my cheeks. I felt betrayed and heartbroken. But why was I even crying? I don’t really know, all I know is that it hurts so much and my heart was suddenly aching.

I wiped my eyes off the tears as I walked back to my seat sadly. Isabella and her group were laughing out their stomachs as they watched the drama unfold.

“Ignore her stupidity Jason, she’s just a stupid adopted bastard who doesn’t know her place in the society” Isabella’s voice was audible and it echoed through the class.

The tears dropped more as I sat quietly, ignoring their taunts.

“Settle down class!” A tutor who had just walked in said, calming the atmosphere of the class.

What’s happening to Jason? Is he crazy? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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