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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 06)




Episode 06.

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“Nnana” Jason’s voice came out but the old woman had her eyes closed, chanting some inaudible incantation.
“Nnana” he called again louder
“We don’t just happen” her voice came out for the first time since he entered the room, her eyes still closed.
“The universe is connected, everything comes from something and somethings are just meant to be” her eyes were opened now as she looked at Jason, a smile plastered on her pretty wrinkled face.
“I don’t understand Nnana”
“You seek answers, don’t you?”
“But don’t you think some things are better left untold and some knowledge, unknown?”
“You are speaking in riddles. I am but a child, please speak in a language that I can understand”
“Come sit son” she pointed at the chair directly opposite her
Jason walked over to the chair, taking his seat but his expression spoke of confusion.
“How are you doing son?”
“Nnana I need your help”
“Destiny is a very funny thing but its inevitable. We can only run from it, but can’t avert it, in the end; DESTINY ALWAYS WINS”
“Nnana, am confused. I came here confused, seeking to get things cleared and now am even more confused”
“What do you wish to have cleared?”
“For the past two years, I have been having a constant nightmare. She kept appearing and disturbing my sleep. I don’t know her but a part of me felt like I’ve known her forever. Coming to New York, I met the exact same face in my school. What is going on with me?”
“And you wish to know who she is?”
“Yes please”
“Do you believe in a past life?”
“Past life? That’s a myth, a fairytale, it doesn’t exist”
“You have not eaten, have you?”
“Am not hungry Nnana. Just tell me what I want to know”
“Or what you need to know?” She replied, getting up from her chair, walking towards the small kitchen at the corner of the room, behind her seat.
She turned on the cooker as she puts the kettle on it. She opened the cupboard above the cooker, taking out a loaf of bread, she placed it on a tray, cutting it into small triangles.
“We all have past lives.There is no such thing as a ‘new soul’. All of us have been reincarnating for millions of years; and in truth, there is no ‘death’, only that of the body” Nnana said, as she continued slicing the bread, preparing breakfast.
Jason gave his full attention to Nnana, not willing to lose any word that comes out from her mouth. Nnana, on the other hand, was enjoying torturing Jason’s curiosity. She spread honey on the sliced bread, made tea in two small teacups, placing everything on the tray, she carried it to the table.
“Eat, child”
Jason carried the small teacup with the saucer from the tray, taking a sliced trianglular shaped honey bread in his hand. He took a bite of the bread as the yummiciousness hit a nerve in his brain, his lips curving into a smile, as he sipped from the very creamy cup of tea before him. Nnana couldn’t help herself but chuckle at his cute behavior, sipping from her own cup of tea.
“All knowledge is stored deep in our subconscious mind but because we have not sufficiently developed our brain we are only able to access a very small part of our memory. However, this can be taken partly as a blessing in disguise and allows us to start each new life seemingly afresh”
“But what if knowing about those things could help us make right choices, probably undo certain decisions” Jason asked, dropping his cup of tea
“You can’t cheat destiny son”
“I need to know please Nnana. Do I have a past life? Is Mellisa a part of my past life?”
Nnana sighed deeply, getting up from her seat, she walked towards a bed, lying a few centimetres away from the table.
“Come here son”
Jason walked obediently towards Nnana, standing besides the bed.
“Lie down son”
Again, Jason obeyed.
“Now, we are going to access an extra percentage of your brain” she said, gently massaging his head “try to get to those hidden memories and unveil those events. The answer to all you seek is in you” she switched off the headlamps and dimmed the lights even more, her fingers gradually moving all over his head as his eyes became heavy. Nnana brought her face down to his head, her lips directly above his forehead as she whispered some inaudible things. “Sleep now child. Remember your past life now”
Jason’s eyes closed as he fell into a deep sleep. Nnana on the other hand, left the room for him to be in an extremely quiet environment.
“Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with that good for nothing Alliandro? C’mon Ceciliana” an older woman was screaming at a young lady, who looked exactly like Mellisa
“I love him, mum. I love Alliandro so very much and I know he loves me too”
“He’s a poor man and you are the daughter of the chief of this great clan. Ceciliana, he has no choice but to profess his love for you. He’s nothing but a gold digger and you, my dearest daughter is just being a stupid foolish naive girl”
Ceciliana was already crying, as she collapsed on her knees. Her mum looked down at her with scorn on her face, as she walked out of the room, leaving the crying girl behind.
Jason was jerking in his sleep, as Nnana poured some oil on his hair, chanting some inaudible spells, the smell of incence becoming stronger.
“I think its better this way. We can’t be together Ceci” A guy who looked exactly like Jason but with blonde hair, spoke, avoiding her eyes as much as he could.
“And what are you talking about now Alliandro? You are giving up right? This is the forever you promised me right? This is the future you dreamt about for us right? My mum is right, you are not worth this. I blame myself for everything” Ceciliana said, with tears already dropping from her eyes.
Sniffing, she removed the strands of hair falling on her crying face, tucking them behind her ears, as she wiped the tears from her eyes, looking deep into Alliandro’s eyes, she turned to leave.
A rather rough but firm grip pulled her back, sending her crashing into Alliandro’s chest. His arms caressing her long brown hair, as she cried more into his arms.
“Am not letting go of you, Ceci. I never will and that’s because I love you too much, you are my life and I’ll do everything to keep you happy”
Nnana was chanting louder this time around, holding a saucer with a burning candle above his head, as he continued jerking in his sleep
“You are not marrying him. I am your father and you have got to obey me”
“I love him father and am sorry, I would have to disobey you this time. I am choosing my happiness over everything else”
“Ceciliana!” His thick voice screamed behind her but she already walked out of the room.
“Are you sure about this?” Alliandro asked, his palms on her cheeks
“Marrying you is what I need to live. I love you too much Alliandro”
Alliandro brought his face closer to hers,his lips centimetres away from hers, as they were both exchanging breaths, their eyes searching for answers from each other’s.
“My love for you is more than this lifetime” he whispered into her lips before capturing them in his mouth.
His arms around her waist, pushing her into himself, giving him more access into her mouth, her arms around his neck as he lifted her up, legs wrapped around his waist, his lips not letting go of hers, as he carried her and placed her gently on the bed. Releasing her lips for a minute, he looked deep into her eyes, laying on top her, he gently removed the gown that hugged her body, sending kisses down her neckline…
“He’s very sick and am not sure if he would make it out alive” an old man who dressed like a physician said
“And there’s nothing that can be done? Is that what you are telling me?” Ceci asked, her eyes already wet with tears
“Am afraid not, but there’s a certain plant in the heart of the Penilia Cave, its said to hold all power to heal any kind of ailment”
“Then let’s go get it”
“It doesn’t work like that. The myth says, a life for a life”
“What does that mean?”
“For you to get the plant, a life has to be given in exchange for the gift”
“Mummy!” A little girl walked into the room, holding a butterfly “isn’t she beautiful?”
“Yes honey. Its very beautiful”
“Am going to show it to daddy when he wakes up” the little girl replied smiling
“Daddy would love that Annie”
“Forget the plant Ceci” Alliandro said weakly from the bed
“You can’t be like this forever”
“And I can’t afford to lose you, Ceci neither Annie. You both are my reason to live and if I die, I want you guys to be alive for me”
Love for love,
And a heart for a heart.
I don’t think I can do this without you, I don’t think I can live. Leaving you in this present state, looking so helpless, am dead anyways. I can’t stand to watch my world crumble before my very eyes.
I might as well change the heading to; A Life for a life.
You are my life Mark.
I’d die a thousand times for you.
Forgive me.
I’ll love you forever
Signed: Ceciliana Morgan”
Jason suddenly jerked out of sleep, sweating profusely, as Nnana calmed him down by massaging his shoulders.
“Did you find answers?”

The likes on the previous chapter was somewhat disheartening, and the comment section is not pleasing at all. Its almost as if this story ain’t interesting, if it’s not I can stop and start a new one immediately.


To Be Continued…. . . .

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