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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 04)




Episode 04.

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Jason laid on the floor, motionless, as other students found their way besides him, asking questions as to what had happened.
“Hey you!” Isabella said pointing at one of the guys standing closest to her “carry him up to the infirmary” she said, getting up from besides Jason’s body, dusting her clothes of the invisible dust and dirt. She looked up to see the guy still standing, her face squeezed in a frown.
“Are you waiting for a special invite?” She asked sarcastically, looking deep into his eyes “when I ask you to do something, you do it immediately, understood?” Her voice echoed in the cafeteria, as the young lad nodded in fear.
He looked over at his friends, who helped in carrying Jason to the infirmary, lunch was over for all students as it was; JASON SMITH FAINTED ON HIS FIRST DAY AT THE PRESTIGIOUS DREAMLANDERS HIGHSCHOOL.
*******At the Infirmary******
“How you feeling now Jason?” A young nurse asked Jason, who laid tired on the bed, a drip attached to his arms.
“I feel better already” his weak voice came out, with a weak smile curved on his lips.
“Nurse, can I ask for a favour?” He said, trying to get up from the bed
“Sure dear” she replied, looking up from the file in her hand
“Can you please not call my mum about this? The truth is I don’t…”
The door to the room suddenly flew open as a worried and scared Mrs Smith half walked and half ran inside.
“Oh great!” Jason sighed to himself
“Oh! My little angel” Mrs Smith said, running towards Jason, squeezing him into her arms, caressing his cheeks and checking his body to see if there was any bruises.
“Am fine mum” he said, trying to escape from his mum’s firm grip
“What happened?” She asked finally letting go, her eyes locked into her son’s
“It was nothing mum” he replied, trying to avert his mum’s intense gaze
“I wasn’t talking to you Jason. In fact, I’ll go see the doctor right away and have you transferred to a hospital”
“Mum am perfectly fine. I am no longer a child and I can handle myself now” his expression spoke of embarrassment
“Handle yourself well by fainting? You really must be great at that aspect” her voice laced with sarcasm “it couldn’t possibly be malnutrition because you eat very well. I am going to ask the doctor some questions. I’ll be right back” she said picking up her purse, as she found her way to the doctor’s office.
“What a caring mum” the nurse said, smiling widely
“Annoying, you mean” he said lying back down on the bed.
Well, Mum’s curiosity was finally quenched as she got to meet with the doctor and ask a billion questions about my health. Of a fact, I too wanted to know what was wrong with me and I eagerly awaited my mum’s return from the doctor’s office.
She soon came back, telling me that the doctor said all my tests results came out normal and I was very healthy. The cause of my fainting, was then hypothesized as stress and anxiety. Of a fact, I don’t remember when I had a good night rest or sleep, so the doctor might be right. Mum also said it could be as a result of anxiety and fear; a new school, surrounded by new faces, but I was not a twelve year old that cries when bullied, that option is definitely ruled out, but wait a minute; HER
Everything began when she started walking towards me, was she my source of anxiety?
“Let’s go Jason” I heard my mum yell, I must have zoomed out on her.
“Are you okay?” She asked with deep concern, I nodded and smiled in response
“Then let’s go home dear, the doctor already discharged you”
Again, I nodded, standing up from the bed and walking towards her. Together, we walked out of the school, headed for home.
The drive home felt longer than usual, but the car finally stopped. I just ran up the stairs to my room to get a good rest, I felt really tired. Lying on the bed, I felt my eyelids closed, sleep finally gaining control over my tired self.
Jason was on his bed, sleeping peacefully when a light knock was heard on the door. The door was pushed open as his mum stepped into the room, looking at him sleep so cutely, she smiled, kissing his cheeks before leaving the room.
No sooner had she left, than Jason started jerking on the bed, he was probably having the usual nightmare but this one seems worse, as tears were dropping from his eyes. He suddenly jerked out of sleep, panting heavily, looking at his room, searching for nothing in particular.
These dreams, voices i keep hearing and flashes of images, looks and feels so real, it’s almost as if i’m experiencing it, or something I was a part of. I need to do something about this and fast too, I can’t just sit back and do nothing, but what can I do?
“How can I be so stupid” he said out loud, smacking his forehead in the process.
Jason walked over to his laptop, opened it and went to Google.
“Google answers everything” he said smiling
After several hours of digging and surfing through the internet, his only plausible explanation for the symptoms to his illness was; having to do with a past life.
Surfing the net wasn’t all that helpful, past life is a myth, it doesn’t exist and it ain’t true as well. What next?
I think its high time I paid old Nnana a visit, she always has an answer to every question, if you can ask it, she will answer you. Yes! I’ll go see her tomorrow.
“Young master, are you up?” A voice I immediately recognised as Aunt Mary’s, spoke outside my door.
Mary is one of the old staff of the family, she’s a part of family now.
“Yes aunt Mary. I’ll be done in a sec”
My night was horrible, but the thought of getting answers this morning was as much relaxing and comforting as any news whatsoever.
Getting up from bed, I dashed into the bathroom to get myself ready for my outing.
“Hellooo!!” A voice I can never forget called from downstairs.
No! This can’t be happening! Not today of all days! Why do you have to come today?
“Hellloooooo! Anybody hooome!” I could hear her footsteps ascending the staircase, gently and steadily.
“Where’s my favorite brother in the world?” She was just standing outside my door and I can bet my life, that she was smiling right now.
I guess, today wasn’t just the day. I saw myself smiling as I walked towards the door to welcome my favorite big sister, the only one I have though.
Did he really faint because of me? But I did nothing, or did I?
I just can’t bring myself to rest after the incidence at the cafeteria. What did I even do to him? I was only going to give him a piece of my mind before but I couldn’t, or was he acting up?
“Relax Mel! Relax! its not your fault one bit”
Can’t believe I am talking to myself again.
I’ll probably get answers in school tomorrow, I’ll just have to be patient then, tomorrow is just some hours away.
******** IN SCHOOL**********
I made sure I was extra early to school, to at least have a conversation with him before classes start, just to get some stuff cleared.
Walking into the class, I met with the usual rowdiness, but to my surprise all eyes were suddenly on me, It was like everybody held a meeting which i didn’t and I hated being the center of attraction. Quietly, I found my way to my seat, but I could still feel their intense gaze. It was then I noticed; HE WASN’T IN SCHOOL
But why? Could it be because of me? Or what I did? No, what did I even do?
I just managed to sit and ignore the gazes when I saw Isabella walk towards me.
“Oh just perfect” I tried not looking her way
“Hope you are happy now?” I could sense her sarcasm
“I don’t know what you are talking about Isabella” I tried keeping my cool
“Your plans were to kill Jason but unfortunately for you, you failed completely”
“Am not ready for your rubbish this Early morning please” I was ready to stand up for myself
“Oh shut up” Bella scolded from behind Mellisa, pushing her head forcefully
“Don’t you know Jason doesn’t handle some kind of smell?” Isabella said, sniffing in the air
“If you don’t have anything to say, please excuse me” Mel said trying to walk away
“Let me break it down to your level” Isabella was standing right in front of her, it was obvious she wanted trouble
“Please do” Bella urged on
“Smell of orphans irritates him”
Mellisa’s expression spoke of genuine shock, her eyes were already welling up with tears
“Smell of bastards and homeless children irritates him and unfortunately for all of us, you my dear happen to be all of them. Or do you know your biological parents? (Bella nodded in the negative, smiling at the effect they were having on Mel) You are just a stupid homeless bastard so stay away from us, legitimate kids of our parents” she said, laughing at her own scornful remarks. Bella applauding her, as they both smiled, looking at Mel.
At this point Mellisa couldn’t hold back the tears, as she ran out of the class crying, leaving Isabella and Bella laughing their hearts out…
“Foolish girl,you think you can drag Jason with me, never” Isabella said softly to herself.

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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