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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 03)




Episode 03.

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My new found crush wouldn’t just stop talking as you blabbered on and on without stopping. Her name, I soon got to know as Isabella, due to her non-stop chatter, it was indeed unbearable. Seriously, I had much important things on my mind and I don’t want this kind of noise but I needed answers, that was top on my list.

She led the way to the cafeteria, as we stood in front of the chef, who dished out our lunch on a tray.

“This is the cool kids’ area” Isabella said as she stood besides a table, dropping her tray.

“Hey Bella!” A girl squirked from across the table, she had red beautiful hair and a baby face, she was cute.

“Hey Jason” her little voice came out again, but her eyes were fixed on the plate before her, I must have stared at her cute face for too long, causing her to feel shy. I just smiled in response to her greeting as Isabella gestured me to sit down besides her.

“Well, this is my little team” Isabella was on her talking spree again

“Friends you mean” I said trying to correct her whilst sipping from my juice box.

“My team” she said, looking deep into my eyes, sending shivers down my spine for a minute but I was quick to get a grip of my expression.

“This is Jake” she was pointing at a guy with dark hair and a full eyebrow, who did not even look at me or gave me any regards. I, however, nodded to show i was following the introduction “and that is Gabriella, Ella for short” I looked over at the girl whose hair was dyed pink, deeply engrossed in whatever she was up to on her phone “and lastly, Natasha but everyone knows her as Red, when I say everybody, I meant both her family members” she smiled at me and waved shyly

“Am guessing its because of your hair color” I said, trying to pry a little but got a smile as a response. Is this school cursed or what? How can everybody be having beautiful and cute smile?

“But I prefer Tasha” I smiled genuinely at her

“Then you would be the first to address me like that” she said returning the smile

I was enjoying my conversation with Tasha, momentarily forgetting my mission in the first place, when my eyes involuntarily wandered to the far end of the cafeteria, seated alone, eating from a lunch box.

“Who are you!” I said to myself in a whisper

“What!” Isabella asked. She was seated close to me and I might have said it a bit louder than I thought.

“Who is she?” I asked pointing at her direction

Everyone turned and looked her way, scoffing to my amazement and going back to what they were doing. Now I was becoming confused.

“What is up? Why did you guys react that way? Who is she?” I needed answers urgently.

“She’s a nobody!” Ella said looking at me for a minute before looking back down at her phone’s screen.

“What do you mean by she’s a nobody?”

“Look here Jason, not everyone deserves to be in this great school. Look at the facilities, the compound, the school itself is expensive befitting our statuses as children from a rich background and not for any nobody to enter” Isabella said, grinning and get nods of approval from Jake and Ella.

Well, Jake, Ella and Bella were, let’s say, they are me. Fortunate kids to be born into a rich family, but Red is not from a rich background. She was from an humble background, parents did not have their names on the map yet.

“What do you mean?” I need clarification

“Red, why don’t you tell Jason here how your kind gets into this school?” Isabella said, her voice sounded scornful

I looked at Red whose expression spoke of sadness but she still smiled at me, clearing her throat from whatever was causing a blockage.

“Well, there’s a bi annual scholarship scheme the school organizes and five lucky students would be given admission into the school, at an all expense paid rate. I was part of that scheme and I got into the school, alongsides Melissa”

“Mellisa” I echoed the name looking at her direction, meeting with her angry gaze. Why was she angry?

I saw her hit her hands on the table, picking her bag, she was walking towards me.

That’s when it started;

I started seeing flashes of images, the same face but her hair was let loose, falling across her shoulders, smiling, walking on the beach.

All of a sudden, am seeing Mellisa, charged towards me in anger, her pony tail pouncing behind her.

“I will love you forever” who was saying that in my head

Echoes of laughters filled my head.

The image of my lips on someone flashed through my mind

What’s happening to me? What is wrong?

I held my head trying to shake away the feeling, but its only getting worse. Am I dying or what? Who is she?


I saw them both walk out of the class, they would make a good couple, after all they are from the same background. I walked slowly out of my class, headed for the cafeteria to eat my lunch. On getting to the cafeteria, I saw them sitted at the ‘Cool Kids’ Area’, I just found my way to my designated seat at the far end of the cafeteria, ready to devour my lunch, specially prepared by my beautiful mum. Thinking about her brings smiles to my lips, she’s my strength.

As I was eating, I felt it again; His intense gaze. He pointed at me, causing the others to turn and they all stared at me for a minute before looking away but his eyes was still fixed on me.

What the hell is wrong with this dude? Even if he was crushing on me, which is impossible, but if he really was, at least he shouldn’t be this forward.

I decided to ignore him and continue eating until I heard him call my name, his eyes fixed on me. I guess its time I talked some sense into his head.

I picked my bag, headed to talk to him, if possible yell at him. My expression spoke of anger, I was really angry.

I was just meters away from him, when I saw his expression turn pale, was he pretending?

“Jason, are you okay?” I heard Isabella’s voice but my eyes were on Jason. For some reason I was worried for his safety, why the hell would I be worried about his safety?

His hands were on his head, as he let out a loud scream, falling on the floor.

“Get him some water Red” Bella screamed

All the other kids were already surrounding the table, trying to help as some ran to call the principal.

“Let’s take him to the infirmary” Red’s voice came out

My eyes were already filled with tears, as I looked at the unconscious Jason.

“I’ll love you forever” a voice whispered in my head

Am I going insane or what?

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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