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[STORY] FATED TO DIE (Episode 02)




Episode 02.

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“Okay! Settle down guys” A female teacher who walked in to see the rowdiness of the class spoke.

Everybody walked over to their respective seats and soon the class was quiet again.

Teacher: (clears her throat) Good morning class. My name is Mrs Betty and am going to be taking you on performing arts. Performing arts is a wide course but its really enjoyable if you put your hearts to it. We have orchestra, drama, dance,…

School was as normal as it should be, we had back to back classes, no space for any form of discussion or get together of any sort. The bell rang after about five hours of intense learning.

Slowly, everybody filed out of the classroom headed for the school cafeteria.

I was about getting up when I met Jason’s gaze again, this guy is sure becoming annoying.

“Hey Jason, won’t you go eat lunch?” Isabella asked Jason, whose eyes has still not left my body.

Isabella is an homecoming Queen. She is the only daughter of her rich parents. Her older brother is also very, as in very comfortable so you can say she’s proud a bit. I stay out of her path as much as possible to avoid any issues.

“Okay” I heard him say before they both walked out of the class.

Finally I can breathe some fresh air. Putting my books into my bag, I walked out of the classroom, headed for the cafeteria to eat my already packed lunch.


Gosh! I hate my life. I just can’t believe what my parents are making me face, most especially right now when am going through my own personal ordeal. So frustrating and annoying.

I am the last child and second son of Mr and Mrs George Smith and yes, my parents are fucking billionaires. Mind you, I said parents and not just dad. My parents were always on one sort of business trip or the other, travelling around the world.


Well, it wasn’t really planned, as Mum told me, but she kept me anyways. She already had two kids, a son and a daughter, the daughter being her last child then, until I came into the picture. My big brother, Damien was already 12 then and Mabel, my big sister was 9 and as the story went, she was psyched about my arrival.

Well, I finally joined the Smith’s family, I was received with so much love. My parents and siblings so pampered me, I had everything I ever wanted as a child but my sister became strict soon enough. It was because of this fact, that I didn’t actually turn out to be a spoilt brat. She did not hesitate in correcting me with whatever means she deemed necessary. I learnt the value of people irrespective of their positions in life, in other words, I learnt respect, in a not so friendly way I guess.

Damien, my big brother was, I guess exactly a big brother. He was hardly ever around, though I don’t blame him as he had to attend to the family businesses whilst mum and dad were away on their trips, but when he was around, I had so much fun with him. He got me a car as a gift when I turned 12 and as expected, Mabel seized the car keys claiming I was too young for a car but she did hand it over when I turned 16.

Mabel was the mother I knew, as she was always there for me, with an open arm and a listening ear, I love her so very much. She gets me to do things even after when everyone else has failed to convince me to do it, most especially if it was against my wish; SHE HAD THE SECRET TOUCH.

She was the reason am transferring out of my school in California to come school in New York as my parents wanted.

“Mum and dad are getting old and needs you around now more than ever. Damien and I can only visit and maybe spend a day with them but we can’t stay a weekend and you know why” I could still hear her voice in my head and that cute face looking me in the eyes, gosh! So annoying.

“I know you love your school here in California but New York still has good schools and the school you are being transfered into, is one of the best, I assure you”

She had a way of getting into my head, making me do as she wishes, most times I call her a witch because no one has such effects on me like her.

“Please baby. C’mon do this for me and your little niece” she was making those annoying eyes again, pointing at her protruded tummy, weakening my strict expression.

Did I tell you my siblings are already married?

Well yes, they actually are. Damien is happily married with three wonderful kids, two girls and a boy; I don’t really get to see them that much. My lovely sis, Mabel is already married too, expecting her first child, my little niece; I see her all the time and I don’t get tired of talking to her.

Well, here I was; AT THE AIRPORT.

I was going back to New York to start a new life close to my parents.

“Passengers headed for New York, please board the plane right now!” The voice on the speaker jolted me out of my own world of thoughts.

Pulling my luggage behind me, I entered the plane and after some hours, I was on New York’s soil, warmly received by my mum.

“Oh! Baby thank you so very much” she said squeezing me into her arms.

“I missed you mum” I said kissing her cheeks.

“Miss you too honey” Mum said, squeezing my cheeks lovingly.

“Where is dad?” I asked after I gave up the search with my eyes.

“He had an impromptu business meeting to attend to but not too worry, he would be at home for dinner” she flashed her heartwarming smile.

Sure! One thing with my dad, if you were dying and he had a business meeting at that exact same time, he would choose the meeting over you. Mum is different though, she balances everything and I love her for that, Mabel takes after her.

We got home, the mansion I grew up in and the only thing that has changed is the fact that Mabel wasn’t here with me anymore, she had a family of her own to look after now.

Monday came, the start of my new life, as I got dressed, not really giving a hoot about my look. Mum had her driver take me to school that morning, and instructed him to pick me up at the close of day, as if that was necessary but I had to agree not to give my mum too much stress, her health is not too good at the moment, so Mabel said.

Getting to school, I stepped out of the car into the huge empty compound and I must admit I was pretty impressed. It was indeed beautiful, befitting my status I guess. Mum told me the school has already been informed of my arrival, so I had no issues.

I saw a woman walking towards me, smiling into my face, that I had no choice but to smile back.

“Hi Jason.”


“Am Mrs Trish and I’m here to take you to the principal, that is if you don’t mind” okay this woman had a beautiful smile and she didn’t hesitate in flaunting it.

“Okay Ma” I replied politely.

She led the way into the school, as we stepped into the empty lobby, everybody must be in class by now.

“Uhmm Jason, the principal is not in his office. He’s in your class right now, so let’s just head there, shall we?” She said after talking with a much younger lady in front of an office, without of course flaunting her beautiful smile.

We walked for about five minutes, getting to the front of a door, as Mrs Trish pushed the door opened, poking her head inside, probably talking to the principal before pulling her head back out, looking at me.

“Let’s go inside dear” I just nodded as a response.

Walking behind her, I found myself in front of a class, I felt all eyes on me, as the principal started introducing me.


I couldn’t remove my gaze from her, not even for a minute. This was beyond the fact that she was beautiful, there was more to it. Her face had always been in my dreams for the past two years, causing me sleepless nights, I couldn’t possibly be mistaking. I felt a flutter in my heart, I felt numb and my eyes were lost in her.

The principal’s voice jerked me out of my world of confusion as I found my way to seat behind her. As expected, everybody was all over me but I was more concerned about her; WHO WAS SHE?

Concentrating in class became a problem to me and I was determined to get answers by all means possible.

“Hey Jason, won’t you go eat lunch?” I heard a feminine voice besides me.

I guess luck is my best friend, I’ll just ask this girl about the mysterious girl, problem solved.

“Okay” I replied and together we left the class.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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