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– Epilogue –

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Jason was finally out off danger, as all his vitals were back to normal. He had a new healthy heart and it was a miracle the Smiths’ would forever cherish. Anna tried reaching out to Mel but she wasn’t picking and that made Anna very worried, she decided to go to her house. Since she had been there before, going again won’t be a problem, she just hoped to recognize the exact building. As she left the hospital building into the parking lot, she heard someone crying. The person was seated on one of the benches in the garden.

“Tasha right?” She asked as she approached the person crying in the open

“Anna!” Tasha replied, obviously shocked to see Anna here

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying here? What happened?” She asked with concern in her voice, as she sat besides her on the bench

“Nothing. I’m fine” Tasha replied, wiping her tears with the back of her hand

“Don’t tell me you are fine when you don’t look fine”

“I will be. How is Jason doing?”

“A donor showed up. The operation was successful and Jason is officially out of danger”

“That’s great news”

“Yeah, it is. I tried reaching out to Mel, but she is not picking up her phone. Am on my way to her house to check up on her and give her the goodnews myself”

Tasha placed her hand into her small bag and brought out a phone which she raised up for Anna to see.

“Why is Mel’s phone with you?” She asked, fear in her eyes


“Mum, I can’t see Mel anywhere” Jason said as he scanned the room.

“Mel is… Mel is… ” Mrs Smith stammered as she spoke

“Mel had to run some family errands. Her uncle needs some help and her dad sent her to him. He lives in another town. Alicia also went with her and that’s why she’s not here”



Jason spent one week at the hospital and was discharged afterwards. All through the one week, there was no call or text from Mellisa and even when he called, the number was not going through. Jason looked and sounded very worried

“Its probably network. I was told the town is in a remote area and network is hardly available there. Just concentrate on getting stronger and better for her” Mabel said calmly

Three days after he was discharged, he made his intentions known; HE WAS GOING TO MEL’S HOUSE.

Everyone spoke against his going and advised him to take care of his health first.

However, he sneaked out at night to see Mel, as he was beginning to feel uncomfortable with everything.

“Good evening mum” he greeted Mrs Bradson as he stepped into the warm house.

“What are you doing here Jason? You should be resting at home” Mrs Bradson who looked shocked at his visit, said trying to hide the tears in her voice

“What’s wrong? Have you been crying?” Jason asked, noticing the teary voice and eyes.

“Who’s there?” Alicia asked from upstairs

“Alicia! You guys are back” Jason said with a wide smile on his face

“Jason!?” Alicia looked shocked

“Where’s Mel? I haven’t seen her ever since my operation. I was told you both traveled”

“You have to go now” Alicia said, as her mum walked upstairs

“Why!? Where’s my Mellisa?”

“Leave please” Alicia said softly, trying to push him outside

“Why is no one answering me? Just tell me where she is, I’ll go meet her myself”

“You can’t”

“And why is that?” He asked, this time holding her arm as she looked at him. Her tears betraying her, as they fell

“Because… Because She’s dead” Alicia replied sadly, looking away from him

“Dead? How!?”

“She was your donor”

“No! That can’t be true. It can’t be. I told her not to. She promised she wouldn’t do anything stupid for me”

“Well she did. I don’t know if it was stupid but for her, it was the ultimate sacrifice of love. She left you a recording and I think you should listen to it alone”


“Alicia” he called out softly, too weak to even shout

“I need to meet mum. She has not been fine ever since we found out”

“Found out?”

“Yeah. She made the decision entirely on her own and when we got to know about it, it was already too late to do anything about it”

“Am so sorry about everything, its all my fault”

“Its nobody’s fault. Mel was a great person with a heart of pure gold. I must confess am going to miss her a whole lot (sighs) I’ll see you around Jace” she said before walking upstairs to find her mum.


“It happened again, didn’t it?” Nnana asked, the moment he saw Jason walk into the shack

“I feel so guilty” Jason said softly

“You should. You killed her and this time, its all your fault”

“I just wanted… ”

“You played a very dangerous game with fate, placing a high bet and unfortunately, you lost and you would have to live the rest of your life in guilt. I warned you, I did but you didn’t listen. You chose to be selfish”

“Am sorry Nnana. I truly am”

“Its a bit late for that but I guess, the blame is not entirely on you. She was fated to die in the end if you both continued your love affair, that’s why the universe placed obstacles in your path and you both are always in different social class. Sometimes, loving someone unconditionally means letting them go for their own happiness”

Jason finally had the courage to play the recording as he listened to Mellisa’s voice for the last time.

°Hi baby. If you are listening to this, that means we made it out of this alive. Yes, I said we because am already a part of you now (chuckles) I love you Jason, you know that right? And I don’t want you blaming yourself for whatever that has happened. It was my decision. It was my sacrifice so live your life regardless of what happened. Explore life, be happy, stay happy for us. I do have a favor to ask of you, please take good care of my parents, I owe them a whole lot, and also Alicia. Keep her safe for me please. Most importantly, keep yourself safe. I hope you find love again and have a happy family. Destroy this recording after you have listened to it. I love you and even if our paths cross again in another lifetime, I would sacrifice myself again without thinking twice. Bye Jason. Stay safe. I love you°

He broke down in uncontrollable tears, not minding the fact that he was a man and that men don’t cry. He cried so loudly, his heart was in pains and he wouldn’t let anybody console him.


Tasha was all alone in her room, tears walking slowly and majestically down her cheeks as she recalled her last moments with Mellisa.

She recalled how they went to the doctor’s office and the test was conducted. How the doctor tried talking Mel out of it but she was adamant. She recalled their last conversation before she was finally rolled into the theater.

•”I know my Jason would be very safe with you” Mel said, holding onto Tasha’s hand

“Safe with me? What are you talking about?” Tasha replied, already crying

“Take care of Jason for me, Tasha. Promise me you would?”

“I promise Mel. I promise.”••

More tears flowed, as her grip on Mel’s bracelet tightened.


It’s been over a month since Mellisa was laid to rest. Life has continued, as everyone involved with her had to move on somehow.

The Smiths’ became a family friend of the Bradsons’, supporting them as much as they could. Jason became an adopted son to Mrs Bradson as he refused leaving her side. Alicia enjoyed his pampering and love, and although she did not bear Alicia Smith, she was a part of Smith’s family.

Natasha and Jason became friends and although, they were not in the same college, they maintained their friendship which soon grew into a relationship. They later got married after their years in college.

Isabella Bradson found love and was happy when the love was returned as well. She is happily married to Christopher Drews.


Everyone seemed to be happy even without Mel in their life, though some still shed silent tears and mourned, they knew their lives would never remain the same.


In a very huge office, the big boss lady sat comfortably, as she flipped through the files on the table. Her beautiful face radiated in the sunlight, though she looked stressed but her beauty could not be covered.

“Boss, the new driver is here” A young lady who just walked into the room said

“Okay good. Let him in” the boss said as the lady walked out and returned almost immediately.

“His name is Peter” she introduced the young man besides her

“Peter! Show him to the car Anna and ask Morris to hand him my schedule for the day. I’ll be down in a minute” The boss said, without looking up at them

“Mellisa!” Peter called out

“Am sorry, is there a problem?” The boss replied, looking at him for the first time

“No ma’am” he replied, recollecting himself

“Read what is inscribed on the table” she ordered

“Miss Nicole Lutherson. CEO of Lutherson group of companies”

“Now, that I know you can read very well, leave my office and locate your duty post. I hate lazy brats” she said calmly but also sounding harsh to the ears.

“Okay Miss Nicole” he said, causing Nicole to give him an eye

“I mean Boss” he immediately said

“You are excused” she said, her eyes back at her computer screen

Anna and Peter walked out of the room immediately, closing the door gently behind her.

“What’s up with you?” Anna asked as she noticed the change in his expression

“I just feel like I have known her” he replied absentmindedly

“Like you met her somewhere before?”

“Yeah. I know Mel”

“That’s not Mel and you can’t just meet Nicole. She’s not somebody you just bump into. She’s hot headed, harsh, rude and wicked at most times, so tread carefully so you don’t loose this job over mere feelings” Anna said, walking out immediately

“Why do I feel like I have known her before? What’s going on??” Peter said to himself, as he stood on a spot

“Are you coming or not?” She screamed at him, as he scurried to meet her.

•• THE END ••

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