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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 12)




Episode 12.

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Lisa decided to read a book she found in her room, while waiting for Mike so they can play the game, she was engrossed in the novel that she didn’t notice Mike’s presence in the room

“You still wanna play the game” Mike asked, startling Lisa

“Yes I do” she said with so much enthusiasm

Immediately Mike had an idea and a smirk appeared on his face

“You really wanna play this game so bad huh” , Lisa nodded and then he continued “how about a trade by barter, You make me feel good and I play any game of your choice with you” Mike said raising one of his brows as he sat on the bed.

Lisa smiled and agreed, so long as she gets to accomplish something today, she stood up from chair and went to him on the bed and started massaging him but so far Mike wasn’t impressed, with a frown on his face he stopped her

“what’s wrong” Lisa asked

“Your massage is not making me feel good” Mike said

Determined Lisa stood up, picked up her phone and googled how to give a good massage and signs to know if a massage is good

After arming herself with the right informations she set to work, making sure Mike was shirtless, she took her body oil and applied it on his body

She kept running her hands around Mike’s body especially his waist line, he kept releasing funny sounds, Lisa knew she was doing a great job


Mike on the other hand enjoyed the massage so well that he had a hard on, so he asked Lisa to tame his beast and when she looked lost, he knew he had to teach

He went for her lips kissing her while tracing his hand all over her body, left one at her ass while the other fondled with her breast, he made her run her hands on his chest down to his boxers briefs, he told her to kneel,her hand stroking his d**k it was obvious she is a novice but he also noticed she is a fast learner

He let out a small moan when her mouth came in contact with his d**k, for a first time she was doing such a great job with her mouth, Mike couldn’t hold his orgasm anymore so he spilled his fluid all over her face and with a smile on his face he agreed to play the game

Lisa quickly ran to the bathroom to wash her face, she had no idea of what she just did but she loved it and was looking forward to doing it again

They sat in the game room playing save the princess, Mike didn’t like the game but seeing the Lisa beaming with smiles he played the game without complaining, Lisa won the game and did her victory dance which made Mike laugh

“That was a good game” Mike said

Relaxing in his arms she gave him a kiss on the cheek saying “thank you” and drifting off to sleep….

To Be Continued…

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