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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 11)




Episode 11.

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Lisa woke up the next morning, brushed her teeth and rushed down to meet with Mike and tell him about her 31 days plan. She ran into the butler on her way who informed her about breakfast been ready.
The dinner room was enormous and had it’s own chandelier ,with beautiful wooden chairs. Breakfast was set for two but Mike was no way to be found.

“Master is still asleep and he gave instructions that you eat without him” the butler explain .

Lisa just nodded and sat down to eat.
She wasn’t use to eating alone ,she usually ate with her family.
” Was that why Mike always ask his girlfriends to stay with him ? was he lonely. Lisa head was filled with thoughts .
She finished eating and left wondering around the house.

She stumbled upon a room with a piano laying alone in a room with only sunlight it’s companion . It was taken care of but she was sure it hasn’t been played in a while. Just as she was about to play, she noticed Mike standing at the door .

” Well well, someone is interested in piano ” he said with a smile.

“Yes, I love it ” a big grin appeared on her face.

“Play for me ” he requested

“Should we discuss about something important, like your ground rules or something ” Lisa pouted like a spoiled girl .

” well I got just three rules.
1. Be home before twilight ”

” Don’t you think my curfew is a little bit early ”

” My house , my rules ” was all Mike said .

” 2. You listen to only what I say and only me and lastly…. ”

” I don’t ask for your love ” Lisa took the words out of his mouth .

Mike smiled.

“since you have told me your rules, can I make a request. I had a wish list that I wish to do with my boyfriend ” She said with a smile.

” A wish list ” Mike sounded surprise. most girls are too scared to even talk to him but here she is making a wish list and being persistent.

“Well if it’s not about money, you will have to work extra hard to make me do it” a smirk appeared on his face.

“Work?. okay got it ” she replied enthusiastically.

” I could give you a massage “and quickly placed her hands on his shoulders and started massaging him.

It felt good but suddenly she stopped

” Can you play a video game with me? ” her eyes lifted

“Are you a gamer ?” Mike asked

” No but I think it’s romantic playing with your boyfriend ” she replied with a kiss on his cheeks .

To Be Continued…

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