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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 10)




Episode 10.

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Lisa arrived at the address , To her surprise what she saw wasn’t a house but a mansion.
Her jaw dropped as she slowly walked inside.

Ding dong!! on the door bell and an elderly man opened the door,

” You must be Lisa Edwards ” he asked politely.

” Yes I am ” she replied.

Mike had inform his household that Lisa would come later.

” Please follow me ” as the Butler lead the way.

The house was so huge, it had so many rooms. a huge fireplace , the white marble all over the wall.

Looks ancient but it’s so exquisite. Her jaw dropped when she saw the gigantic chandelier hanging over her head.
This was surreal ,she had read about such things in books but didn’t know that it really exist.

Her eyes were still staring at the huge chandelier when Mike appeared staring at her .

She was taken by surprise when she saw Mike in a light blue trouser and a tight white shirt hugging him so tight.
you can see his physique showing. He had this aura of looking so good even not dressed sophisticated.

” You are already here, did you even think about it ”

” Yes I did ,and I Came cause it’s the first day of the month ”

“So what if it’s the first day ” he asked with a smirk.

” well, it will be easy to count since i will be here for a month ”


Mike was shocked, what kind of lady is this. why would she give such childish reply

Mike laughed and instructed the Butler to take her to her room
but before he could leave She asked “Are your family around ?”

” l stay alone ”

“Alone? ”

” Well, the Butler and the maids count if that’s what you mean.
get rested, we will discuss later ” he added before disappearing.

The butler showed her to her room, while she and the Butler were discussing she noticed her luggage were already here.

The butler noticed and quickly answered ” The is an elevator just Incase you get tired of using the stairs ”
Lisa mouth formed an ” O” before she nodded and watch the Butler take a leave.

Her room was huge, it had a velvet curtain and a beautiful view of the city, a fluffy blanket and two rooms which supposed to be the bathroom and toilet.

She decided to arrange her stuffs in the wardrobe and surprisingly it didn’t reach half of it.
” Well I’m not staying for long ” she said to herself.

Just then Kate called….

“Hope you settling well” Kate asked

“Yes, just a bit overwhelmed ” she replied honestly.

“What is wrong? ” Kate asked worried.

Lisa switched on the camera to show Kate the room and part of the house.

“woow, that mansion is huge. remember if you don’t feel like staying again call me” Kate sounded like a worried mother.

Giving lisa encouragement and support.

After the call ended, Lisa took her jotter she wrote things she wanted to do, read it and started smiling.
It look possible achieving it but making Mike do it was the big problem.


She didn’t come here to doubt herself.

tsunami or Earthquake she will accomplish what she came for.

To Be Continued…

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