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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 09)




Episode 09.

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“Stay with you ?” she gulped as huge amount of saliva

“What’s the matter ? Scared now? ” A wicked smile flashed across his face.

” No, I’m not just that I didn’t expect that ”

” Well think about it ”

Brought out his phone and texted her his address.
“If you change your mind, let me know ”
With this he walked out of the room leaving her with mixed feelings .

Kate was at the door peeping at Ron when a cold voice said ” Are you just gonna stare at him? ”

Kate was taken by surprise

” He is upset with me, please can you help me talk to him. tell him I’m sorry ”

Mike smiled ” Will do, take care of Lisa will you? ”

Kate nodded.

Back at the room………..

Lisa was happy and sad at the same time .

“at least if I stay with him that will increase my chances of falling in love with him ” she thought.

She decided to go home…
When she got home, she could feel how peaceful it was. truly this was her world but she wouldn’t leave long.

She joined her dad at the balcony

“Dad, can I talk to you ? ”

Mr Edward knew that Lisa wasn’t much of a talker and whenever she asked she talk she was serious

” What is it my dear” he replied facing her

“I’m moving out, I will be at Kate’s for a month. I need to see the city, visit beautiful places before I’m unable to see it ”

tears ran down Mr Edward’s eyes. He knew this day will come.

He patted her back ” please be careful out there, and visit us on weekends and call if you need any help.

Lisa smiled and hugged her dad and headed to her room to pack up.

During her packing she came across a jotter she wrote “Things I want to do ”

She smiled and added it to her stuffs and fell asleep.
At Kate’s house

“What!!! ”
” You can’t just stay with him, what does he think this is.. Some marriage or what ?”
Kate was fuming when Lisa told her she would be staying with Mike.

“Kate, calm down. I know you upset and want the best for me. but lemme tell you why ”

Lisa explained the whole situation with the sickness and how she wanted to tick some things off her bucket list before she get hospitalized.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I did not want your pity friendship that was why”

Kate dropped to her knees and cried
She remembered all the time she escorted Lisa to the hospital and it dropped like a bombshell.

Both girls hugged each other so tight.

“Promise to call me once you reach there and if you are not comfortable, come back asap ”

Lisa chuckled ” Yes big sister ”

Kate helped her with her luggage as she boarded a taxi heading to Mike’s house……

To Be Continued….. . . .

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