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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 08)




Episode 08.

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Ron was shocked, he and Mike have been best friends for a better part of Five years and not for once has Mike ever acted this way towards a woman.

He liked it ,if this lady is gonna break Mike. Then he was okay with it.

The next morning, Ron and Mike went to visit Lisa to see how she’s doing.

When they got to the house, Kate was doing her exercise and Lisa was sleeping.

Kate was stunned, the two men looked like the morning sun, with their black shinning hair and their beautiful smile, her legs were wobbling already.

Kate ushered them in, knowing fully well Lisa was the reason, she pointed to the room Lisa slept in .Mike thanked her went up to see her.

meanwhile downstairs Kate was just staring at him making Ron uncomfortable.

“So How are your balls? Kate muttered knowing that will make him talk

” perfectly fine thank you ” was all Ron replied

” Look I’m sorry ,you would have done the same if you were in my shoes ” she tried defending herself

” No, cause I’m not a hoodlum that goes around hitting people ”

with that Ron stormed out of the room waiting for Mike to come out.

Mike sat on a chair as he watched Lisa sleep so peacefully .

” How can she be so naive yet so brave ” he thought

Lisa opened her eyes to the watchful gaze of Mike’s eyes.
Her heartbeat increased ……
“Good morning ” she said with a beautiful smile

“Morning, hope you don’t have any headaches? ” Mike replied

Lisa sat up straight, the fact that Mike rejected her hurt her so bad.

She has been a good girl all her life, all she wanted was to experience what love is.
She wouldn’t leave forever, she just wanted to die knowing that she had loved but it seems like a balloon heading into a forest of thorns .

“Why did you save me Mike? ” Lisa asked with so much sadness .

The was a moment of silence

” You have seen the outside world and you have seen that there is no good in it ” Mike replied with his cold husky tone.

“There is a good out there, you!! ” Lisa cut in staring into his jellyfish eyes
beautiful yet poisonous.

” I’m more dangerous than you think ” Mike responded with a smirk

“Give me one month, if after that one month I can’t cope I will run ” Lisa was determined not to give up.

Mike laughed, cupped her cheek and softly whispered ” Why don’t you start with a day or a week?”

Lisa was still adamant about it.

” Okay, fine… I agree but ”

“But what? ”

” I like my girlfriend to stay with me so she can make me happy ”

To Be Continued….. . . .

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