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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 07)




Episode 07.

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Ron dropped the ladies at home and Lisa apologised and thank him for driving them home that late at night .

Lisa had no idea who Ron was, she could see how the nurses back at the hospital were staring at him but she couldn’t place it, now Kate was staring at him that way. She just couldn’t understand.

“You know, you could have apologized to him ” Lisa spoke up after he left.

“Is he the one, the mystery guy you told me about? ” Kate asked like a little baby shown an ice cream

“No, Ron is Mike’s friends

why you asking? Lisa asked with curiosity

Don’t you know him, He is the biggest model in the country

Lisa stared at Kate and suddenly it dawn on her why the nurses were staring at them that way.


Mike was a prince of a kingdom in Saudi Arabia . A secluded kingdom far away from civilization, the are known to be so rich they fear the world would try to steal their riches. Only the king and Queen showed their face to the public, their princes and princesses were kept away from public eyes.

Mike wasnt someone who loves royalty, he wanted to be free so he left to start life afresh. despite that he still had this pride and this aura of royalty all over him. He was irresistible….

She is home safe and sound Ron replied

” Oh yeah I got kicked on the balls cause of your girlfriend ” he added

Mike gave a stare to see if he was lying

Ron noticed and decided to give him the full gist.

“Apparently, Her friend got mad that we kidnapped her best friend and attacked me ” he added still nursing his pains.

” Well you don’t expect me to say sorry” Mike cut in

Well I don’t, I expect you to tell me what’s your deal with his girl, you rejected her and now you stalking her.
High and mighty Mike now stalking a little girl ” Ron laughed.

Mike Just looked up thinking of why he is doing this
” I just feel it’s my responsibility to watch out for her ”

Ron’s jaw dropped!!


Kate was busy checking the internet for who Mike could be, asking around and yet no one knew.

” Could he be some underground cartel boss ” she thought.

” Maybe I should get close to Ron to find out ” she said patting herself at her suggestion.

To Be Continued… . . .

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