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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 06)




Episode 06.

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Mike Came in as soon as he got the text . He had been worried she might do something stupid so he sent someone to keep an eye on her.
once his informant sent the text, he rushed quickly.

His eyes got a glimpse of Lisa talking to the stranger . A sudden anger flashed his face , eyes still fixed on them when they suddenly made their way to the women restroom.

Kate on the other hand was frustrated standing on the line, she didn’t wanna use her power to get to the front. she love being treated as an ordinary person.
once she got the drink, Mr gentleman had sent his boys to stalk her so he could have his way with Lisa.

Lisa was still in shocked how a nice gentleman who offered to help was now a demon right infront of her.

just when the man was about making a move a loud thud was heard at the door.
The man was about to deal whosoever was disturbing his show when he froze .

The door was laying on the floor and the monstrous rage in the eyes of mike .
before the man could say a word ,a large fist punched his face making him to swallow his words. blood all over the floor as Mike sent him crashing to the hard cold floor.

” Did you touch her? ” he yelled still filled with rage

” No, just her shoulders I swear ” the man begged with blood flowing down his mouth .

Mike went to Lisa, accessing her body for any scratches and then went to the man and gave him a hard punch that sent him unconscious.

Lisa was trying to understand that situation, one moment she was about to be raped only to be saved by Mike.
she hugged him so tight and tears rolled down her eyes.

Mike was moved, he held her so tight and whispered this is only half of what hell is.


Mike picked her up and signed his friend to get their things (Kate and Lisa’s things) as they left.

Kate got back and couldn’t see her friend and her properties.
She was so worried she got a phone from someone at the pub to call Lisa.

They phone rang and Mike picked

” Who are you and what are you doing with Lisa phone ” Kate was already running rage thinking of where Lisa could be

” Answer me before I make your life a living hell” she added

Come to St. John memorial hospital was all he said before hanging up.

By the time she got to the hospital Mike was gone and his best friend Ron was taking care of the bills with Lisa seated waiting for her friend to come .

Kate rushed in like a demon possessed person and gave Ron a low blow that sent him to the ground.

” What are you doing? ” Lisa yelled at Kate while she rushed to help Ron up.

” I thought he was trying to kidnap you, what happened why did you leave without telling me ” Kate sounded upset

Lisa narrated everything to Kate..

just as Ron lifted his face up, Kate was stunned
Ron wasn’t just anyone but one of the hottest model in the country.

but how can one of the hottest model in the country be an errand boy for someone ?
Who is Mike?
what’s his deal with Lisa?

To Be Continued…. . . .

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