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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 04)




Episode 04.

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Mike was stunned to the point that his jaw dropped, Lisa realized that she wasnt doing the right thing stop.
wait, you haven’t seen or used any of this before he asked surprised.
yes, she replied slowly but I can any other thing .
he flashed a wicked smile and replied
touch yourself and slowly went to take a seat.
Touch myself where she asked naively
” Don’t test me Lisa ” he snapped back
“Please don’t tell me to touch myself I don’t know how to do it ” she begged
” So you saying I do it for you ” he replied walking towards her ,once he was closed to her .His scent intoxicated her, she couldn’t breath, her heart was pounding as she could feel his hands at the edge of her lace panties.
slowly he had pushed her panties one side and slowly he kissed her neck.
Lisa couldn’t help but moan, she has never felt this way with before .The tension was building up in her.
Mike stopped ,stared at her with his icy eyes.
You….you are a virgin ? he said
what if I am Lisa replied shyly .
Mike wasn’t a fan of Virgin, he loved the wild women but there was something in this girl that turned him on.
*after pacing back and front *
” We are from worlds apart , you can’t deal with hell, it will consume you little pumpkin ” he finally said not sounding upset but pitiful .
Lisa didn’t know what to say,images of her first erotic moment flashed her face.
Are you saying this cause I’m a virgin she muttered.
If I gain more experience will you still avoid me she asked with sadness in her eyes
he couldn’t believe his eyes, most women would get upset and go far away yet she was so determine .
with that they went out of the room and she was escorted home .
Kate was waiting for her, when she dropped she held her tears till she was inside and busted it on Kate’s shoulders
” He rejected me “
Kate got so mad, how will he reject you.

” well his loss” she tried comforting her friends.

To Be Continued…. . . . 

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