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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 03)




Episode 03.

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A large magnificent Hall was arranged for a high and mighty party . Lisa could see that this party wasn’t just for ordinary people like her but people with class and money.

she thanked her stars for Mike sending her the dress, she wouldn’t have had anything to match this.

since everyone was on mask ,it was hard to identify anyone.

standing at the corner trying to identify Mike when she felt his cold husky deep voice from behind.
her heart skipped a beat as he whispered ” can I have this dance? ” leading her to the dance hall.

lucky for her, she had an idea on how to dance if not she would have disappointed him.

he pulled her close to him and she could feel his breath above him. he had a very intimidating aura and spoke like he own the world which he did.

After their dance, he took her to the elevator and they went up to a room.


the arrived at a suite, Lisa was stunned at the beauty of the room .

Do you like it? Mike asked with a grain.

yes I do, just that I have never been to a place like this she replied with a sad tone

but then her eyes brighten up and she replied when do I get to the sign a contract and be your girlfriend.

that is why youre here he replied

what!! .so my appearance wasn’t enough to get his attention, maybe he has met alot of girls she muttered.

unknown to her that Mike had his eyes on her all this while.

“Strip ” he commanded

Lisa stared at him and spaces out, she hasn’t been naked in front of any man before.

” Don’t make me wait “he sounded upset and impatient.

she slowly took off her clothes revealing her milk skin and her beautiful curves.

Mike was going crazy just staring at her body, she is really beautiful he thought.

Mike handed an egg shaped black color vibrator

” put it in fast ” he authoritatively

Lisa was confused what she should do with it ,she had no idea what it was and she didn’t want to fail.

Is it clean ? she asked

very very clean was his replied

Still unsure of what she should do, Lisa hesitated and put it in her mouth .

To Be Continued… . . . 

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