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[STORY] DEATH WISH (Episode 02)




Episode 02.

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After work, driving home in her bettles (a car her dad gave her since she started working to help her move around without stress).

she drove to Kate’s house. Kate and Lisa have been best friend for like forever. Kate is a rich Motherfucker, who has all the money, dresses and all of that. but that never affected her relationship with Lisa. several times Lisa has turned her offer down when Kate wanted to do a make over with her. she felt if she’s unattractive she wouldn’t get men attention and that was good .

At Kate’s house, the girls were catching up on the gist the missed out. When Lisa told Kate about Mike, Kate has been protecting Lisa ever since they were best friends for bullies, stalkers and anyone who dares speak to her friend anyhow.

Kate could see the determination in her friends eyes .

what do you want me to do??

I want a make over .I’m going to have to look good if I’m supposed to impress him and also I would want you to cover up for me to avoid dad worrying about me .

Kate was happy, despite her fears she was happy that her friend decided to open up.

Lisa went home, nervous about how to message Mike.
He is definitely high class she thought .
after so much debate. she just sent a good night and collapsed and fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning she woke up to a text from Mike
” Get yourself ready for Saturday, if you change your mind tell me before time. ”
she couldn’t believe it. he was so confident that she would.. she smiled.

Days went flying and finally Saturday arrived. Kate came over to Lisa’s house to pick her up .

after all the advice about drugs and drinking . The way finally on their way to Kelly’s luxurious house .

soon as the got there, a gentleman man arrived with a parcel for Lisa.
once signed, the ladies decided to open it up.

a beautiful V neck maiden dress adorned with beautiful stones, a shoe and a beautiful mask.

” Wow ” was all Kate could say.
this man is definitely richer than me. who is this your mystery man.

Lisa Just stared at the dress. maybe he didn’t want me to embarrass him. she thanked him in her heart

while Kate did the magic on her face getting her ready for her date. By 7pm Lisa had been transformed into a goddess .

Kate started praising how beautiful she looked and lucky the Bastard taking her out was.

all she did was smile. it was overwhelming looking at how beautiful she was .

outside the house, a beautiful black car was parked outside with orders to pick up lisa.

Kate escorted her to the door, teasing and telling Lisa how good looking she was. At the door, Kate watched as she got into the car and disappear out of her sight.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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