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Episode 10.

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One year after her divorce , Chidinma had practically finished all the money she made from selling off Chinedu properties which she had made away with. she was back to square one. as they say, ‘what goes around comes around’. She was desperately in need of resources to keep body and soul together.

Chidinma never finished school nor learnt. any skill and so she didn’t have any means of livelihood. it did not take her long to resort to prostitution as an option.

Two years into the illicit business, she became pregnant. She tried pinning it to one of her lovers but the poor man listed to her at list four other men he had seen her with and whose pictures he had taken with his phone when he had seen them holding hands or kissing in a restaurant he owned without her knowledge.

This shut Chidinma up and she ended up having her child all by herself.

By this time, she was desperately wretched as she was no longer as attractive as she used to be and so found it difficult to attract rich men

It was the female child she had, whom she named gift, had to bear the brunt of her mother’s reckless life. She was only eight years old when Chidinma started sending her out as house help to people after collecting money for upfront.

After some time in one household, Chidinma would concoct one story or another to go collect her from the house and take her to another household for more money and gifts.

This was how the poor girl started so early in life to see first hand, different kinds of animals walking around , calling themselves human beings. Poor. helpless gift suffered all kinds of abuses.

The first person she was sent to was Madam. Uju who promised to send her. to. school but ended up keeping her at home for two years, hawking groundnuts for her in the mornings when other children of her age were at school. When eventually she registered her into afternoon school , she would ensure she didn’t have a moment of rest before it was time for school. She made sure she never bought her any text book. She only had two exercise books for writing all assignments. To make matters worst , she was constantly sent out. of school for non payment of school fees.



her mother took her away three years later and. sent her to a woman running a restaurant. This woman called Madam Hoo-ha did not even remember that a girl of her age was supposed to be in school. She would make her work from morning till night preparing food for her and her customers. Whenever she mention school, her. madam would. shut her up with slaps and curses. “after all the. money I paid your mother , you expect me to send u to school” She shouted at her

one day a customer came to their shop and asked gift to served him some drinks, while she was doing so the guy pressed her and started. smiling. expecting the girl to smile back but he was short of. words when the girl slapped him

“How dare you slap me gift”! he thundered “just because I touched this two decayed oranges you are carrying around ” ,

While he. was shouting madam heard. him and came out to find out what was happening , “customer please what is the problem ” she asked

“is it not this stupid girl called gift that just raised. her filthy. hands and slapped me ” he said

“What!!!! did you do. that gift” she asked

“yes aunty, I did because he pressed my b.reast ” she replied almost crying

“so they have sent you. to come and chase my customers away, you. enemy of. progress ! come here immediately before I. roast you alive. she shouted.

“Customer please don’t be annoyed, you want the front right? oya press any how you want ” she said pushing the poor girl to the customer.


“Madam I. don’t want the front again, the back will do ” he said Happily

“turn your back now before I kill you , stupid girl” she said to gift which she did while crying. the man pressed her butto.cks till. he was satisfied and left her.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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