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Episode 09.

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Meanwhile, Chinedu had promptly divorced Chidinma for indirectly causing the death of their children through her wickedness which unhinged the mind of their maid, Rosa leading to her poisoning her ill bred children , supposedly to make her go through misery , forgetting that the. children equally belonged to her ‘friend ‘ Chinedu, and that murder should never be a means of settling of scores.

Chidinma had pleaded on her knees, promising to change, to become a better wife and to give him more children but all her pleadings had fallen on deaf ears. Chinedu had had enough!

“please woman, take whatever you. want and leave my house before I come back tomorrow night” Chinedu had said to her with finality.

He had left his house and by the time. he came back the next day, Chidinma who had understood that it was really over, had stripped the whole house bare, taking everything of value: The chairs, the televisions, video. players, tables, beds, water dispenser, fridges, kitchen cabinet, name them.

Even though Chinedu had known Chidinma to be greedy , he didn’t realize just now greedy she really was up till that day.

“How could she have taken everything? He wondered aloud. The only furniture she had. left was the one she couldn’t get access to.

“Wow”, he marveled “some mother’s really do have ’em…. well, good riddance to bad rubbish,” he said to him self.

Chinedu had left his house like that for six months, mourning his children .

One year later, he remarried and moved on. His wife , Uche, later had five children and Chinedu, right from the outset, stamped his. authority in his house as the head of the family and did not let his. wife toy with the total welfare of every member of his household: house helps inclusive. He insisted that nobody in his house ate anything that was not shared to every member, house helps inclusive: No discipline was carried out that was punitive.

It was however not difficult for him to instill this into his wife, Uche because she was a very good person, naturally. She was the daughter of a former diplomat, Ambassador Tam Ebelendu, former Nigerian ambassador to Switzerland and she was a lawyer by profession.

Imagine the irony of life! Chinedu would always smile to himself whenever he juxtaposed Chidinma’s background against Uche’s . This was the case of someone who never knew he could take the Ozo title wearing the title rope up to his neck, Chinedu would muse to himself , referring to Chidinma’s antecedent.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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