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Episode 08.

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Noticing the disharmony within Chinedu’s family, Rosa secretly allied with Chinedu without his own knowledge . She hatched a plan to deal with Chidinma and her children who had made the house too hostile for her and her secret ally, her master Chinedu.

Sonwa and Obinna soon started suffering incessantly and inexplicably from typhoid fever. After treatment , it would recur. This consistently happened for twelve months and finally , one Sunday morning, Chidinma got up early, around 5am to wake up her children for Sunday Mass. She stood at their door, knocked and called out their names to wake up, but there was no answer. She called them repeatedly and then went into their room . what she saw made her stand transfixed.

There, were the children lying in different positions, holding on to their stomachs and foaming from the mouth!

The grotesque look on their faces left nothing to the imagination about their painful deaths. Chidinma gave a heart rending wail and fainted .

When nobody saw Rosa despite all the noise , shouts and wailings by neighbors who were trooping in after the discovery of the dead bodies , they searched the whole house but to no avail. She was nowhere to found. And so, it took no soothsayer to make every one believe that Rosa knew the cause of their deaths.

A massive manhunt was therefore organized for Rosa and within three days , she was traced to her maternal cousins house at the village .

“Why, Rosa?” Chinedu had sobbed when Rosa was dragged in handcuffs, into the police station.

“How could you do this to me after all my kindness to you?

“But, Oga, I did if for you. They hated you and always conspired with madam against you” she had said crying.

“They were my children, my own blood and you poisoned them”, Chinedu had sobbed.

“I am so sorry Oga, I just wanted to teach madam a lesson, for making my life. miserable and for turning the children against you. please, Oga, I thought you would be happy but I didn’t know you would be angry with me. she had said naively, bursting into tears and begging for forgiveness .


Rosa was taken to juvenile court from where she was taken to a remand home where she was sentenced to because of her young age. She was only fifteen years at the time

It was eight months later that Mrs. perpetual, wife of the Governor of the state , visited the remand home and a very young and beautiful girl, seemingly well mannered , who happened to be Rosa, Had come to present the bouquet of flowers to her. She was taken aback to find such an innocent looking girl in such a home. She had expected the remand home to be completely populated by wild cats with scars all over their haggard bodies.

She was curious about what could have brought such a girl to a place like that.

She promptly made enquires, saw the scars on Rosa’s made body, especially where Chidinma had burnt her back with hot iron, saw the razor marks and the crisscrossing cane marks all over her body. she heard all the verbal abuses Rosa was subjected. to anud understood. what could have unhooked Rosa’s mind to have perpetrated the kind of crime she was said to have committed and for which she was paying at the remand home. She believed that if she were properly rehabilitated, she might still turn out a better person. She decided to do something about it .

Discussing with his Excellency, her husband , she had wondered aloud how some women could mete out cruelty to other people’s children while exhibiting inordinate love for theirs.

Oftentimes, she had told her husband, that women claimed that house helps were possessed when in actual fact, their wickedness and maltreatment to those maids had actually bewitched these makes and made them. commit heinous crimes against the children they were supposed to look after.

Mrs. perpetual the Governor’s wife promptly pleaded on Rosa’s behalf And through the advocacy of the members of the prerogative of mercy, Rosa was released to the Governor’s wife who adopted her and took over her education.


She educated her to the university level , found a good job for her and thereby completely turning her life around

To Be Continued…… . . .

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