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Episode 07.

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Ugochukwu, their neighbor’s son, recounted what sonwa, Chidinma’s daughter once said one day all the compound kids were playing downstairs and Chinedu had come in from work. His two kids had run past him without greeting him and when he got upstairs, he had called both of them to come up and Sonwa had exploded in anger, ” This our daddy is a very stupid and wicked old man. Ugo had recounted this to his mother, laughing but his mother scolded him for finding such flippancy and disrespect amusing.

One day Chidinma had a serious confrontation with her son’s teacher. It happened that a child by name, Godswill, had come crying to their teacher that his money for snacks was missing from his bad.

“Did I not tell you children not to come to school with cash? We had even told your parents during the P.T.A meeting to buy snacks for you and not to give you money.What if something happens to you on your way to buy snacks? Let this be the last time somebody will come to school with money for snacks”, The class teacher had warned them. ” Meanwhile how much is the money” She asked.

“N100,” he said, and whispering into the teacher’s ear, he told her that he had written ‘stolen’ at the end of the money.

The teacher scolded him in a low voice for defacing the money and told him never to do such again.

“This information will come handy in solving the problem at hand now” the teacher said “but it should not justify the defacing of our currency, If everyone should write as they liked on the currency, it would have become an exercise book and not money anymore”,

“Everybody line up!” The teacher had turned to the rest of the class and commanded.

She ran her hands in their pockets as they go out of the class. while they were outside, She started methodically to search their bags. it was at the 10th bag that she saw a crumpled N100 note. She spread it and beheld it! There, at the left end of the note is the inscription, ‘stolen’.


Mrs. Okwuora the teacher looked at the name on the books in the bag and then read of the name, Obinna Chinedu Okolo

Obinna Chinedu Okolo!” thundered the teacher. “come in here immediately”

“How did this money get into your bag?” Mrs. Okwuora asked.

“it is my money. My mother gave it to me

“That is a big lie,” she said showing him the inscription, ‘stolen’ but he still kept denying.

When Chidinma was invited she came, spitting fire.

“How dare you accuse my son of stealing! Do you know how wealthy we are ! Do you know that my husband, Chinedu Rolex Watch, is the wealthiest man in this town , We have five Jeeps, Five duplexes, etc How can my son steal ordinary N100! You must apologize to me for this insult ”

She completely refused to listen to what the teacher had to say, in a flash, she removed one of her High heeled shoes and would have drilled a hole in the teacher’s head if Mrs Okwuora hadn’t run out of the class

The class teacher reported Chidinma to the headmaster who invited her husband, Chinedu to come to school immediately

when he arrived and heard what happened, he was so embarrassed that he wished the earth could just open and swallow him up, He apologized profusely to the headmaster and the teacher and practically dragged his wife and son home

He so tongue lashed Chidinma that if she were a sane human being , she would never have made trouble again , but as a proverb said, – ‘a dog that is about to die does not perceive the smell of faeces’.

However , after severely flogging Obinna, Chinedu had warned him never to try such again.

After he left, Chidinma as usual, cuddled her son, petting him while cursing her husband aloud for his wickedness tp his own children

“How could he side with other people against his own family?” she said

“Even if you had taken the money, so what! Is it not just N100?, just look at my son’s body ” she complained touching the cane stripes on his body.

Meanwhile Rosa who had been witnessing all the conspiracies between Chidinma and her children against Chinedu, hated all of them with passion and was bidding her time and making her plans.

As far as she was concern, it is Chidinma with her children against Chinedu and herself ………

what do you think Rosa is planning to do ?

To Be Continued…… . . .

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